How To Download A Digital Copy Of Aadhaar



A digital Aadhaar card can be downloaded using the UIDAI website ( or mobile app mAadhaar.

How to check if Aadhaar card number is genuine or fake



Aadhaar card is one of the important documents for every Indian citizen.

Aadhaar card is one of the important documents for every Indian citizen. Keeping an Aadhaar card up-to-date is crucial as it is the most sought-after and trusted identity and address proof document.

To update your Aadhaar card, either you can visit the Aadhaar Enrollment center (Aadhaar Seva Kendra) or utilise the online services. Registered mobile number is very essential to obtain online services related to Aadhaar.

It is very important to know if your Aadhaar card number is genuine one or not. Aadhaar submitted to you is a genuine one or not can be checked by using Aadhaar Verify services. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) says that residents are also using this service to verify the identity of their workers.

The UIDAI in its website said “You can verify your email address and mobile number that has been declared at the time of enrolment or during the latest Aadhaar detail update. Registered Mobile Number is essential to avail Aadhaar Online services. In case your mobile number is not registered with your Aadhaar, visit the nearest Permanent Aadhaar Centre(PAC)”.

Here is how you can check whether your Aadhaar card is genuine or fake:

– Visit UIDAI official portal

– Enter your Aadhaar Number or VID and mention the Security Code on screen.

– Now click on Send OTP or Enter TOTP.

– The OTP will be sent to the registered Mobile Number for the given Aadhaar number or VID.

– If your Aadhaar Number is correct then a new page will open wherein you will get the message stating your Aadhaar number (For eg 1907XXXXXXXX).

– It will also state below your specifics like your name, state, age, gender etc.

– This is how you can verify your Aadhaar card number.



How to download Aadhaar card without registered mobile number? Learn the easiest way



If your Aadhaar card is lost or ripped and you want to download it again but you are not able to download because of the mobile number being lost or the Aadhaar card is not recorded at the time the mobile number is not recorded. So today we are going to tell you a way in which you can get your Aadhaar card without a mobile number.

How to download Aadhaar card without mobile number

In fact, OTP is required to get the Aadhaar card again on the registered mobile number. But now there is no mobile, how will OTP get? You can download your Aadhaar card with the help of your face. Aadhaar card agency UIDAI has launched a new service. If you did not register any mobile number while creating your Aadhaar card. So now you can download the base card very easily without a mobile number by showing your face.


First of all, you need to use this website ( ) will go on.

After going to the website, you now enter your Aadhaar card number. Then you have to fill in the Captcha code. Then click on the face Auth option and enter the consent.

Now you have to show your face on camera. You can download your Aadhaar card after getting the face.

During this approach, note that your laptop or mobile camera is turned on. With this your photo is clear and clear.

Moreover, the most important thing is to sit in front of the camera as you have a photograph on your base.

Here’s also a way

If you do not have the facility of the camera, they can avail the reprint facility of uidai. However, you have to spend Rs. 50. First of all, go to Then click on the order base reprint option of the first tab my base. You will then be asked for your 12 digit Aadhaar card number or 16-digit virtual identification number. Fill in the security code after filling it. Then there will be a box below which says that my mobile number is not registered. Here you enter another number that you have at that time. Then now click on the send OTP and complete the verification process by registering the OTP on mobile. These OTP will come to your new number. Which you have entered. Your aadhaar will then be downloaded



New Aadhaar notifications issued,,,,,,,,,



Aadhaar card is an important document for every Indian citizen. It is not only a document, but an identity card. Aadhaar is very important for availing any financial transactions and government schemes. Now, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has framed some new rules on Aadhaar, which have also been issued a notification. According to this, biometric data of Aadhaar card can now be used to provide some online services to citizens. These include building a learning licence, getting a driving licence, registering a train and changing the address in these documents.

How will you benefit? In fact, the Ministry of Road Traffic had requested the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to bring the online services related to driving licences and train registrations under the ambit of Aadhaar. This will help in preventing bogus driving licences and other documents and enable people to get facilities without going to office.



Notice: Govt Sets New Rules To Update Aadhaar Details, No Documents Required



You can simply visit your nearby Aadhaar Enrollment Center (Aadhaar Seva Kendra) or use online services on UIDAI app and website to update your Aadhaar card details.

Aadhaar Card Update: Now that the Aadhaar Card is nationally accepted as the primary and the most sought-after identity and address proof of an Indian citizen, it is crucial to keep it updated. The UIDAI on Thursday informed in a tweet that whether you update one field or many, the charges for updating biometrics on your Aadhaar card will be Rs 100. Meanwhile, to update your demographic details, the charges will be Rs 50, as they are currently.

In a series of tweets, the UIDAI prepared an updated checklist for Aadhaar cardholders seeking to upgrade their identity proofs. The agency has made the process much simpler to avoid difficulties, especially amid the challenging coronavirus pandemic.

You can simply visit your nearby Aadhaar Enrollment Center (Aadhaar Seva Kendra) or use online services on UIDAI app and website to update your details. You can locate the nearest centre on

Here’s the new Aadhaar Card checklist:

1. Registered candidates no longer need any documents other than the Aadhaar card itself to update their biometric details like photograph, biometrics (iris and fingerprint scan) gender, mobile number and email ID.

2. To change your address or date of birth, you need to carry a valid address proof and proof of DOB. UIDAI accepts 45 documents as an address proof and 15 documents for date of birth. Click here for the complete list of documents.

3. The fees for updating any number of biometric details have been revised to Rs 100, whereas to change your demographic details, the charges are Rs 50.

4. You need to book an appointment with the nearby Aadhaar Seva Kendra for availing services including new Aadhaar enrollment, changing or updating details. You can book your appointment on the UIDAI website:

5. There are restrictions to the number of times you can make changes on your Aadhaar card. So be careful while updating it. The UIDAI permits to update your name only twice, while date of birth and gender can be updated only once during the lifetime of the user.



Paytm Payments Bank enables banking services through Aadhar Cards



Hyderabad : India’s home-grown Paytm Payments Bank Ltd (PPBL) has enabled banking services through Aadhar Cards by integrating Aadhaar enabled Payment System (AePS). PPBL’s customers can now access to basic banking services such as cash withdrawal, balance enquiry and obtain a mini statement through the business correspondent of any banking & financial institution in the country. Soon, features like cash deposit, interbank fund transfer, etc. will also be made live. This will benefit people in rural & semi-urban areas who have limited access to the physical bank branch and ATM.

AePS is an NPCI-led model which allows online interoperable financial inclusion transaction at PoS (Micro ATM) through the Business correspondent of any bank using the Aadhaar authentication. The only inputs required for a customer to do a transaction under AePS mode are IIN (identification of the customer’s bank), Aadhaar number and fingerprint. It is also used for disbursements of Government entitlements like NREGA, social security pension, handicapped/ old-age pension, etc. AePS has seen tremendous growth in recent times.

PPBL has also partnered with over 10,000 business correspondents, who will have access to BC App for facilitating AePS transactions. The bank plans to add more correspondents to its network, who will soon serve customers of other banks also. The maximum amount is limited to Rs. 10,000/- per transaction. For cash withdrawal, the monthly limit is Rs. 50,000 or 10 transactions, whichever is reached earlier. AePS is absolutely free for all PPBL customers.

Satish Kumar Gupta, CEO & Managing Director, Paytm Payments Bank said, “We have continued with our efforts to expand the digital banking network in the country and benefit millions of our customers with innovative features & unmatched service. With AePS, we are aiming to accelerate the financial inclusion in our country and ensure that people in the remotest part of India are able to access complete banking services.”

PPBL has brought millions of under-served masses into the fold of the formal banking system. AePS is the latest among the services that the bank has launched to make the banking experience more convenient and accessible for its customers. Recently, PPBL launched ‘Cash at Home’ facility, enabling them to raise cash withdrawal requests through a helpline number and the requested amount is delivered at their home. The bank has also launched the Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) facility where it enabled customers to receive the benefits of over 400 government subsidies directly into their PPBL Savings Account.




Whether your Aadhaar is reprinted or not, you can check the status online, know the process



New Delhi, Business Desk . Through Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) you can avail services related to Aadhaar card online. Apart from this, there are many such facilities related to Aadhaar which can be availed online. These include many information regarding updates, name, change of address in Aadhaar card. Apart from this, users can check the status of their Aadhaar reprint online. Aadhaar-registered persons can access this facility online through the UIDAI website,, or through the mobile app mAadhaar. Using this service, the user can check the status of their Aadhaar by entering a 28-digit service request number along with the Aadhaar number.

Please tell that a fee of Rs 50 is charged for each Aadhaar Reprint and it is sent to the user’s home through speed post.

How to check the status of Aadhaar Reprint

Go to UIDAI portal and select “Check Aadhaar reprint status” option under “My Aadhaar” section.

For further processing, users have to enter the 12 digit Aadhaar number and 28 digit service request number after entering the details.

After filling the required information properly, click on the “check status” button.

After this you will go to the next page, where you can see the Aadhaar reprint status.

If you want, you can also take advantage of this service through the mAadhaar app.

After the wrong address is printed on the Aadhaar card, the card holder needs to change the address in his Aadhaar card. A new address has to be updated in the Aadhar card even after changing the house. Cardholders can update the address in their Aadhaar card through online, right from their home. However, it requires an active mobile number to be registered with Aadhaar.

Apart from this, you can lock or unlock the Aadhaar number if you want. This facility is very important according to the privacy and security of an individual’s Aadhaar number.



Aadhaar does not have to provide documents for updating photos, emails, mobile numbers, know the important things related to it ..



Aadhaar Update: If you have to update your photo, mobile number, gender, email, biometric etc. in the Aadhaar number issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), then you do not have to provide any type of documents for this. However, often people do not update their Aadhaar even after changing their home address, phone number etc. In such a situation, whenever they need to use the Aadhaar number, it is not accepted. To use Aadhaar number, it is also important to keep it updated.

Let us tell you that Unique Identification Authority of India i.e. UIDAI provides Aadhaar card holders the facility to update information. Often, people wonder whether Aadhaar requires some kind of documents to update photos, biometric, gender, mobile number and email?

According to UIDAI, card holders do not need any type of documents to update these details. Cardholders can easily update these information without going to the Aadhaar center without any documents.

However, if you want to update your home address and date of birth, then you need to submit documents related to it. In Aadhaar, 45 documents are accepted for changing the address of the house and 15 documents for birth certificate are accepted. These include passport, bank passbook, post office account passbook, ration card, voter ID card, driving license etc.



Have Requested For An Aadhaar Reprint? Here’s How To Check Status



A UIDAI facility allows Aadhaar-registered users to check the status of their request for an Aadhaar card reprint. It is available on the UIDAI website,, and mobile app mAadhaar.

Aadhaar card is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India, which manages the Aadhaar biometric ID programme, provides a range of services online through its website. It enables users to order a reprint of their Aadhaar card through a paid service, wherein a printed copy of the Aadhaar identity card is sent to the user’s registered address. Another facility allows users to check the status of their request for a reprint. Aadhaar-registered users can use this facility through the UIDAI website,, or mobile app mAadhaar. Through this service, a user gets information on the current status of the request.

How To Check Status Of Aadhaar Reprint
Here’s a step-by-step guide to know the status of an Aadhaar reprint request:

Go to the UIDAI website (, and select the “check Aadhaar reprint status” option under the “My Aadhaar” section. Here is the direct link.


Select the “check status” option to proceed.

The UIDAI facility displays the status on the next page

A similar process can be followed on mobile app mAadhaar to know the status of an Aadhaar reprint request. (Also Read: Government’s Aadhaar-Based Instant PAN Facility)

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Aadhaar linking deprives pensioners of entitlements in Odisha



The Municipal Commissioner, however, said the beneficiaries can submit their documents at their nearest ward office instead of moving to Bikash Bhawan.

The Municipal Commissioner, however, said the beneficiaries can submit their documents at their nearest ward office instead of moving to Bikash Bhawan.
By Express News Service

CUTTACK: Over 9,000 beneficiaries under social security schemes in the city are facing difficulties in getting the pension in the absence of Aadhaar linkage with their bank accounts.

Several beneficiaries returned empty-handed on Tuesday when the Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) started ward level distribution of pension for this month.

Sources said acting on a direction of the State Government, the civic body had issued a notice on July 21 instructing the beneficiaries to submit copies of their Aadhaar card and bank passbook and mobile phone number within four days in its project office at Bikash Bhawan here to avail pension for the month of August. The CMC will distribute the pension till August 21.

Around 27,000 beneficiaries, including 20,848 under Madhu Babu Pension Yojana (MBPY) and 5,570 under National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP), have been availing the social security benefits in 59 wards of the CMC. While the Aadhaar linkage of about 17,900 beneficiaries has been verified so far, the rest are yet to be linked raising apprehension in availing their pension.

“When the leprosy patients and blind persons are yet to be provided with Aadhaar cards due to non-execution of the biometric process, how can they submit their documents,” questioned former corporator of Ward no.-48 Nirod Chandra Panda.

Protesting the decision, former corporators on Wednesday submitted a memorandum to the Commissioner over the matter and sought more time for the beneficiaries to submit their documents.

“It is a matter of concern that when the elderly persons are more vulnerable to infection, how far it is justified to ask them to submit copies of their documents in CMC office during the Covid-19 pandemic situation,” they questioned.

The Municipal Commissioner, however, said the beneficiaries can submit their documents at their nearest ward office instead of moving to Bikash Bhawan.



Paid UIDAI Service: How To Order An Aadhaar Card Reprint Online



An online facility provided by UIDAI enables Aadhaar-registered users to order a printed copy of their Aadhaar card online.

The UIDAI provides each Aadhaar reprint at Rs 50

The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India – which manages the Aadhaar biometric ID programme – provides a range of services online. One such online facility enables an Aadhaar-registered person to order a print or reprint of a copy of Aadhaar card. This is a paid facility. After the user places the order online, the UIDAI sends the Aadhaar card to the registered address of the user by speed post. The UIDAI provides each Aadhaar reprint at Rs 50, it said on Twitter.

Those already enrolled under the Aadhaar programme can apply for a print or reprint using MAadhaar. A user can book an order online using the UIDAI’s website,, or mobile app mAadhaar.

How To Apply For An Aadhaar Print

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can apply for an Aadhaar print or reprint online using the UIDAI portal:
Go to the UIDAI website, and select the “Order Aadhaar Reprint” option under the Get Aadhaar section.
Choose any one of these to proceed: the Aadhaar number (UID), the virtual ID (VID) or enrolment ID (EID) to proceed.
Make the online payment. Four options are available to do this: credit card, debit card, net banking and Unified Payments Interface (UPI)
Save the acknowledgement receipt.
The UIDAI dispatches the Aadhaar card to the given address.


A similar process can be followed on the mAadhaar app to use the service. mAadhaar is available for Android and iPhone platforms.

The UIDAI engages with social media users from time to time to spread awareness about Aadhaar-related services.

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5 Easy Steps To Verify Your Mobile Number In Aadhaar:



Aadhaar card is playing a major role as identity proof and address proof in India, The Aadhaar card consist of the most popular 12-digit unique identification number issued by the UIDAI-Unique Identification Authority of India to Indian residents.

Keep your mobile phone number up to date in Aadhaar. This has been said by the UIDAI or the Unique Identification Authority of India – the issuer of the 12 digit Unique Identification Number. With the Aadhaar number or UID now required for many essential services and government schemes. It is important to keep your Aadhaar contact details and mobile phone number up to date. UIDAI provides many online tools to provide assistance to Aadhaar holders. One of these tools allows an Aadhaar holder to verify their mobile number registered with Aadhaar.

Regardless of gender and age, anyone can register for an Aadhaar number as a resident of India. The person must provide their demographic and biometric data during the registration process in Aadhaar enrollment centre and is completely free. Applying for and obtaining an Aadhaar is a one-time activity that will remain valid for a lifetime.

Aadhaar has become a handy authentication tool to validate your identity. It allows you to select biometric justifications like your fingerprint or your iris scan, which is an innovative and transparent technique of identity verification.

It is the easiest and most secure link to register a financial transaction in our country. When registering for Aadhaar, you will be asked to provide a valid contact number that belongs to you or your email id. These will be saved as your permanent contact details linked to your Aadhaar card. Therefore, verifying these details is also a vital step, as all applicable messages and important notifications regarding your Aadhaar card will be delivered to these contacts and are especially important in helping you complete the KYC authentication process, enabled by most banks and insurance companies.

Now that you understand the importance of Aadhaar mobile number verification, we will take you through the process of Aadhaar mobile number verification so that you understand the same.

The step by step process of verifying Aadhaar mobile number through UIDAI website:
UIDAI has provided many online facilities through which you can do various activities in your Aadhaar. One of these options is Aadhaar mobile number verification, through which you can easily verify your mobile number.
An important point to note that you should keep in mind is that before verifying your mobile number, the same mobile number should be recorded in your Aadhaar records. Now let’s see the steps below:

Step1: Visit the official UIDAI website, Click on My Aadhaar section in the home page and select Aadhaar Services, then choose Verify Email Address / Mobile Number.
Step 2: You must fill your 12 digit Aadhaar number in the appropriate space and You must enter your mobile number.
Step 3: After that enter the security captcha code and complete the captcha verification process.
Step 4: You will receive an OTP(One Time Password) which you will need to fill out inappropriately.
Step 5: After the above step, click on Check OTP then submit
Upon successful verification, you will receive a message stating Your mobile number has been verified successfully. In the same way, you can also verify your email address.

NOTE: If you are not linked your mobile number with aadhaar card you must visit any nearest aadhaar enrollment centre to complete the linking process.

The entire Aadhaar mobile number verification process is free from human interference, reducing its complication and making the procedure instant and fast. The interface provided by UIDAI Gateway is user-friendly and specially designed to allow individuals to get the full experience regardless of whether they are comfortable with the computer or not because the process is so simple.

Why is Aadhaar mobile number verification is important?
As we discussed in the above steps, The mobile number verification in the Aadhaar is a must and you must follow this rule. Aadhaar allows various financial and non-financial services such as opening a bank account, filing your IT returns or Income Tax return, Investing in a mutual fund, requesting a PAN(Permanent account number) card or even several savings plans like the PPF (Public provident fund), or apply for your passport or maybe a driving license and e.t.c.

Most of the service providers including banks and other financial institutions need your Aadhaar number as well as your mobile phone number to perform many vital transactions and if you don’t verify it can become very difficult to benefit from many services and get benefits. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to do the Aadhaar mobile number verification for you to enjoy all these benefits.

Understanding the importance of holding an Aadhaar card and the importance of verifying Aadhaar mobile number is very necessary, you need to go ahead and do all these critical activities if you have not done. Be careful and make the most of the benefits of having an Aadhaar.



ALERT: 180 Million PAN Cards May Become INVALID If You Do Not Follow This Rule



Earlier this month, the government had said that 32.71 crore PANs have been linked with biometric ID Aadhaar.  “Over 32.71 crore PANs linked with the Aadhaar,” MyGovIndia said in a tweet, adding that the total PAN allotment as on June 29 stood at 50.95 crore.

New Delhi: At least 180 million PAN (permanent account number) could become ‘inoperative’ if they are not linked with Aadhaar before March 31, 2021 ( the deadline to link PAN with Aadhaar card), said a report. Notably, once one’s PAN becomes inoperative, one will not be able to undergo several financial transactions where PAN is required to be quoted mandatorily.

Earlier this month, the government had said that 32.71 crore PANs have been linked with biometric ID Aadhaar. “Over 32.71 crore PANs linked with the Aadhaar,” MyGovIndia said in a tweet, adding that the total PAN allotment as on June 29 stood at 50.95 crore.

If reports are to be believed, the Income Tax department has planned a massive crackdown against tax evaders who have been using multiple PANs and conducting high-value transactions. Besides, in a bid to keep an eye on expenditure patterns of unscrupulous people, the Centre may expand the list of high value transactions.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, one of the officials asserted that available data suggest that there is an urgent need to expand the tax base. ““It is surprising that in a population of 1.3 billion only 15 million contribute to the I-T”, he claimed.

A few days back, the government had given a graphic of income distribution of people who file IT returns. As many as 57 per cent of the income tax returns filed is by entities with income below Rs 2.5 lakh. Eighteen per cent is of those with an income between Rs 2.5 and Rs 5 lakh; 17 per cent is for income between Rs 5 and Rs 10 lakh; and 7 per cent is filed by those with income between Rs 10 and Rs 50 lakh. One per cent of the IT return filers are of income above Rs 50 lakh.



These documents are required to update name, address, date of birth in Aadhaar Card, see full list



New Delhi, Business Desk. Aadhaar Number issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has become the main basis of our identity in today’s times. Whether to open an account with a bank, apply for a loan, fill an income tax return or get a new SIM card, our work becomes much easier by having an Aadhaar card. This is the reason that the name, date of birth and address recorded in the Aadhaar Card of any person must be absolutely correct, otherwise he may face difficulties in many things. However, if there is any kind of omission in the details entered in your Aadhaar card due to any reason, then it should be rectified immediately.

UIDAI has given the facility of correcting many details related to Aadhaar through online medium. However, you will need some documents to correct the information entered in the Aadhaar Card. UIDAI has shared the complete list of such documents through tweet keeping Aadhar card holders in mind. He has tweeted and said, “If you want to update the name, address or date of birth in Aadhaar, then make sure that the document is in your name and included in the documents listed here ….”

If you want to update your name, address or date of birth in Aadhaar, ensure that the document you use is in your name and is one of the valid documents listed here:

Let us know which documents UIDAI recognizes:

1. In the form of ID:

UIDAI recognizes passport, PAN card, Ration / PDS Photo Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Government Photo ID Card, Photo Identity Card issued by Public Sector Companies as Identity Card. Apart from this, NREGA Job Card, Photo ID Card issued by a recognized educational institution, Photo Bank ATM Card, Arms License, Photo Credit Card, Pensioner Photo Card, Freedom Fighter Photo Card, Kisan Photo Passbook, Name from Postal Department And UIDAI also recognizes documents like address book issued with photo as UIDAI identity card.

2. Address ID:

For this, UIDAI passport, bank statement, passbook, ration card, voter ID card, driving license, government photo ID, service photo ID card issued by PSU, electricity bill, water bill, landline telephone bill, property tax receipt and Accepts documents such as credit card statements.

3. Valid documents for change in date of birth

In this list, UIDAI has given birth certificate, SSLC book or certificate, passport, certificate of identity card issued by Group A gazetted officer on standard certificate format of UIDAI, PAN card, mark sheet issued by any government board or university, recognition Approved documents such as photo ID cards issued by educational institutions on which the date of birth is printed, government photo identity card issued with the date of birth.



Update your Aadhaar Card address online with or without documents. Follow these simple steps



So if you want to change your address on Aadhaar card with or without documents, the UIDAI will help you both ways.

New Delhi | Jagran Business desk: Aadhaar Card is a simple yet significant document that has spread to all spheres of life. Whether you are applying for a PAN Card or filing income tax returns or want to avail subsidy, you need this document at every step. One of the primary advantages of this facility is that it lays more emphasis on online modifications and saves the cardholders efforts to make physical visits to the Aadhaar Seva Kendra.

So if you want to change your address with or without documents, the UIDAI will help you both ways. If your mobile number is registered with Aadhaar, you can update your address either through the UIDAI portal,, or mobile app mAadhaar. In this article, we are sharing step-by-step details of updating address on Aadhaar card with or without documents

Here are the steps to update the Aadhaar card address without documents

Step 1: Visit the official website of the UIDAI —

Step 2: Click on the ‘Address Validation Letter’ under ‘My Aadhaar’ menu

Step 3: A new page will open which reads– ‘Request for Address Validation Letter’.

Step 4: Enter the valid 12-digit Aadhaar number or 16-digit Virtual ID

Step 5: Submit the ‘Captcha Code’ for verification

Step 6: Click on ‘Send OTP’ button

Step 7: Enter the 6-digit OTP received on the registered number or 8-digit TOTP

Step 8: Click on the ‘Login’ button

Step 7: An SMS will be sent to the verifier with a link on his/her registered mobile number to give consent for the update

Step 8: Once the verifier clicks on the link he/she will receive another SMS for the verification of OTP

Step 9: Enter the OTP sent on the registered mobile number and captcha code for verification

Step 10: Once it is verified, you will get a Service Request Number (SRN) through an SMS

Step 11: Now, log in with ‘SRN’, preview address, edit local language (if required). Tick mark the declaration and then click on the ‘Submit’ button

Step 12: Edit the address in the local language and click on the ‘Save’ button

Step 13: Now tick against the declaration and ‘Submit’ request

Step 14: You will receive the ‘Address Validation Letter‘ with the ‘Secret Code’ sent to the verifier’s address via post

Address update via validation letter /

Step 15: Revisit the ‘SSUP’ (UIDAI) website and click on the ‘Proceed to Update Address’ link

Step 16: Once again login with Aadhaar and select ‘Update Address via Secret Code’ option

Step 17: Enter the ‘Secret Code’. then , preview the new address and click on the ‘Submit’ button

In case you have documents, the updation can be done through OTP or a one-time passcode-based verification method via the user’s registered mobile.

If you want to update your address using documents

Step 1: Visit the Aadhaar self-service update portal and click on the ‘proceed to update address’ option.

Step 2: Log in using the Aadhaar number, registered mobile number, and OTP.

Step 3: In case of valid address proof, click on ‘Proceed to Update Address.’

Step 4: Enter the 12-digit Aadhaar number and click on ‘Send OTP.’

Image Credit:

Step 5: Enter the OTP and login to the Aadhaar account.

Step 6: Enter the new address after selecting the ‘update address via address proof’ option. One can also use the ‘Update Address vis Secret Code’ option.

Step 7: Enter the residential address mentioned in the ‘Proof of Address.’

Step 8: Now, select the document type that is to be submitted as address proof.

Step 9: Upload the scanned copy of the address proof and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 10: Aadhaar update request will be accepted and a 14-digit Update Request Number (URN) will be generated.

How to Check Status

Image Credit:

Visit the UIDAI portal and select the “check online address update status” option under “update Aadhaar”. Here is the direct link.

Enter the Aadhaar number along with either the Update Request Number or Service Request Number to proceed. Enter the one-time passcode received on the registered mobile.



PAN will not have to be linked with Aadhaar, 18 crore cards will be canceled after March 31



The central government has been continuously extending the deadline for linking PAN cards with Aadhaar. The Income Tax Department is in the mood for action. About 18 crore PAN cards can be canceled due to non-linking with Aadhaar by the deadline of 31 March. The two departmental officials, on the condition of anonymity, said that now the Income Tax Department is equipped with Artificial Intelligence, so it is ready to take action against those who conduct high-value transactions using multiple PANs.

He said the government could expand the list of high-value transactions to track the spending patterns of unscrupulous people who spend large sums on luxuries but avoid tax by citing their income as low.

The I-T law provides details of financial transactions (SFTs), formerly known as an annual information return (AIR), to track fixed high-value transactions made by taxpayers.

The department receives details of such expenditure through banks, financial institutions, mutual funds, credit card companies and other institutions.

An official said, “It is surprising that out of a population of 130 crore, only 1.5 crore contribute to income tax. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also pointed this out recently. The available data suggest that there is an urgent need to expand the tax base. ”

On 13 August, PM Modi unveiled India’s first charter about the rights and duties of taxpayers and appealed to the public that only 1.5 crore people pay income tax in a country with a population of 130 crore.

An official said that as of June there are 509.5 million (50.95 crore) PAN card holders in the country, but only 64.8 million (6.48 crore) of them file income tax returns (ITR) and only 1.5 crore actually pay income tax. He said, “Around 4.98 crore people file ITRs. But they either show zero tax liability or claim the full amount of tax paid through ITR. ”

Another official said that some unscrupulous people use multiple PAN cards to hide their high value transactions and manage to keep themselves out of the tax net. As a result, only 32.71 crore PANs are linked with Aadhaar. Until the Aadhaar link is made before the March 31 deadline, more than one-third of the PANs may come under the scanner.

Naveen Wadhwa, Deputy General Manager, Tax Consultancy Taxman, said, “If PAN has not yet been linked to Aadhaar, there is a possibility of getting multiple PANs. However once PAN is linked to Aadhaar it will not be possible to get multiple PANs. “

The official said the PAN and Aadhaar linkage will help the tax authorities to keep an eye on tax evaders who show no taxable income, but are looking for luxurious items such as buying vehicles, investing in real estate, traveling abroad and Putting money on tasks like buying jewelery. The officer said The government can expand the list of high-value transactions that the IT department tracks.

According to another officer, this list includes payment of education fee of more than Rs 1 lakh per annum, electricity consumption of more than Rs 1 lakh per year, domestic air travel in business class, jewelery of more than Rs 1 lakh or items of legal value. May include purchase, payment. Property tax in excess of Rs 20,000 per year, life insurance premium of more than Rs 50,000 and health insurance premium of more than Rs 20,000 can also be included.

The official said that these details would, however, be collected only from third parties and honest taxpayers would not be required to provide expense details in their ITRs. “The proposed step is to bring tax evaders under the tax net and not to harass honest taxpayers, as they are not required to file details of high value transactions in their ITRs,” he said.

Giving the example of a person who paid a school fee of Rs 5 lakh per annum, including donations without paying any tax, he said, “Trying to dodge the I-T system by claiming that his income is not taxable.” Has been doing. Similarly, a person, who has shopped for luxury items or has spent a large amount for hotel bills, is a potential taxpayer and should file his ITR. “

The official said, “PAN-Aadhaar will eliminate the possibility of having multiple PANs with the link. This will eliminate willful tax evaders. Aadhaar is designed in such a way that duplicate cards cannot be issued. Also, the pan-Aadhaar linkage will eliminate fake or multiple PANs held by the same person in various fake ways. ” Wadhwa also said that the government’s proposed move to expand the list of expenses will not cause any inconvenience to honest taxpayers.



There are many benefits of being linked to the bank account basis, you can check online whether your account is linked or not.



  • You can check by visiting the official website of UIDAI
  • You do not have to pay any fees for this

To take advantage of government schemes like pension and LPG subsidy, the bank account needs to be linked to the Aadhaar number. Many people do not know whether their account is linked to Aadhaar or not? If you do not even know whether your account is linked to Aadhaar or not, then you can find it right from home. We are telling you its process.

Is this the process?

  • First of all, visit UIDAI’s official website
  • After this, click on ‘Aadhaar Services’ section and go to ‘Check Aadhaar & Bank Account Linking Status’.
  • As soon as you click on it, a new page will open. Here you will be asked for a 12 number Aadhaar number.
  • First fill the Aadhaar number in the space provided. After that, a security code will also show on the screen, after seeing which the one time password (OTP) will come to your registered mobile number.
  • In this case, you must enter the OTP and then login.
  • If your bank account is linked to Aadhaar, then you will get this congratulatory message in front- “Congratulations! Your Bank Aadhaar Mapping has been done ”.

This is how SBI users can link online

  • log on to
  • Go to “Link your Aadhaar number” (add your Aadhaar number) under “My Accounts” (My Account) which appears on the left side of the screen.
  • On the next page select the account number, enter the Aadhaar number and click Submit.
  • The last 2 digits of your registered mobile number (they cannot be changed) will appear.
  • The status of the mapping will be communicated to your registered mobile number.

Note: If you are not yet registered for Internet Banking, you can connect your account with online Aadhaar using your ATM cum Debit Card details. Click here to register.

Advantages of linking bank account
with Aadhaar According to the Supreme Court ruling, it is not necessary to link your account with Aadhaar number. But the amount received under pension, LPG subsidy or government schemes now comes directly into the bank account. But to take advantage of this, your bank account needs to be linked to Aadhaar.

you will be able to avail subsidy in post office saving account, now you can avail government subsidy directly in your post office savings account. For this, you have to link the post office saving account to Aadhaar. The postal department has issued a circular in this regard that people can avail direct benefit transfer (DBT) in their post office saving account. If your account is not linked to Aadhaar yet, you can easily link your account to Aadhaar.



Want to prevent misuse of Aadhaar? Here are the steps to lock, unlock Aadhaar number



Before you lock your Aadhaar number, remember you must first generate your virtual ID. If the virtual ID is not generated by you then you will not be able to lock your Aadhaar number.

New Delhi: The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has a feature, which allows you to lock and unlock your Aadhaar number. This allows to further strengthen the privacy and security of the Aadhaar number of an individual.

Want to prevent misuse of Aadhaar? Here are the steps to lock, unlock Aadhaar number

Photo Credit: BCCL

Once you have locked your Aadhaar number, then authentication services using any method, i.e. demographic, biometric, or OTP (one-time password) based, cannot be done using Aadhaar number. Therefore, you will have to use the 16-digit virtual ID for Aadhaar to undertake any authentication services for KYC purposes. You can use your Aadhaar number for authentication services only after you have unlocked it.

Before you lock your Aadhaar number, remember you must first generate your virtual ID. If the virtual ID is not generated by you then you will not be able to lock your Aadhaar number.

Locking Aadhaar number

When we talk about locking Aadhaar, it means locking the 12 digit Aadhaar and in place of that using the 16 digits virtual ID for authentication.

There are two ways to lock or unlock your Aadhaar.

  1. Either through UIDAI’s website: If a resident wants to unlock UID he/she can do so on the resident portal. After unlocking resident can authenticate using UID, UID Token & ANCS Token for Biometric, Demo & OTP Based Transaction, and also he can authenticate with VID.
  2. By sending an SMS to UIDAI on 1947

How can resident Lock UID?
For Locking UID, the resident should have a 16 digit VID number and it’s a pre-requisite for locking. If resident doesn’t have VID can generate via SMS Service or Resident Portal.

SMS Service. GVID space last 4 or 8 digits of UID. SMS to 1947. Ex- GVID 1234.

Using website
Open Resident portal Under Aadhaar Service Click on Lock & Unlock. Select UID Lock Radio Button and enter UID Number, Full Name, and Pin Code as in the latest details and enter the security code. Click on Send OTP or select TOTP and click on submit. Your UID will be locked successfully.

How can the resident Unlock UID?
For Unlocking UID resident should have latest VID number and if resident forgot 16 digit VID he can retrieve latest VID from SMS services

RVID Space last 4 or 8 digit of UID. SMS to 1947. Ex- RVID 1234

Using website
Open resident portal under Aadhaar service click on ‘Lock & Unlock’. Select ‘Unlock’ radio button, Enter Latest VID, and the security code and click on send OTP or select TOTP and click on ‘Submit’. Your UID will be unlocked successfully.

Locking Biometrics in Aadhaar

Another option with an Aadhaar holder is to lock biometrics. Biometric ‘Locking/Unlocking’ is a service that allows an Aadhaar holder to lock and temporarily unlock their biometrics. This facility aims to strengthen the privacy and confidentiality of resident’s biometrics data.

Locked biometrics ensures the Aadhaar holder will not be able to use their biometrics (fingerprints/iris) for authentication.

How to lock/unlock Aadhaar biometrics?

Open Resident portal, go to ‘My Adhaar’ then go to Aadhaar service, click on lock/unlock biometrics. Next, enter your Aadhaar or VID number, and captcha code and get OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and submit. Your biometrics will be locked. And, similarly, you can unlock your biometrics.






Steps to Link PAN With Aadhaar Card Online And By SMS



The centre’s guidelines on the taxers dra requied to link them pan cards to the Aadhaar by 31 March 2021 to avoid the activity of thee pan, as.

Hair DRA di Step To Link Ur Pan To Aadhar By Sms Und Online:

Pan-Aadhaar Card Linking: Throw Smus

Send an SMS to IDER 567678 or 56161 from UR registered mobile number.
Follow the format: Uidpan<12 digit Aadhaar><10 digit PAN>Excel: Uidpan 123456789189 Ahsm2124m
Pan-Aadhaar Card Linking: Via Online

Visit the Income Exchange Official Website –
Click on the aadhaar link option wheat you will find on the left side.
Click on the link mentioning 0 “Click Hair0 “.
Enter ur pan, aadhar number, ur name, and the given given captch.
Acording to N India TT Report, 50.95 Krone Pan Cardus Have Bean Issued Til 29 June of WheatCh Only, 32.71 Krone Dra Linked to Aadhaar.



Lock Aadhaar in such a way that no one can abuse



Aadhaar is the most important identity verification document of our country. It is very important to protect the base and prevent its misuse. The Government of India has taken a number of measures to strengthen the security of Aadhaar and to provide control to the resident to protect personal data. One such feature is the lock and unlocking of the base to protect the base.

Lock your base like this
If you want to protect your Aadhaar from being used in any kind of fraud, you must have a 16-digit virtual ID (VID) number. If not, it can also be generated via SMS. You write the last 4 or 8 digits of Aadhaar after the space by writing GVID in the message box of the phone from your registered mobile number. After this, send this message to 1947. After getting the VID, click on the Unlock radio button and fill the latest VID. Then enter security code and ask for OTP or select TOTP and click on submit. Now your Aadhar card will be unlocked.

If you lock your Aadhaar then no one can do any kind of verification using UID, UID token and ANCS token for biometric, demographic and OTP based authentication.

Aadhar lock or unlock process

Go to the section of My Adhaar by visiting the Resident Portal ( and click on Lock & Unlock in Aadhaar Services here.
Click on the UID lock radio button and enter the Aadhaar number
After this, after entering full name, pincode and fresh details, security code
After this click for OTP or select TOTP and click on submit button
How to lock or unlock Aadhaar Biometrics

After going to My Adhaar section go to Aadhaar Service Service
In this, select the option of lock / unlock biometrics. Enter your Adhar Number or VID Number in the next step
After entering the captcha code, ask for the OTP on the registered mobile number and submit it
Now your biometric will be locked. Follow the same process to unlock Aadhaar biometric




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