How To Buy Jio Coin Online – JIO Coin ICO Launch Date, Price Prediction



How to buy jio coin

How To Buy Jio Coin Online – JIO Coin ICO Launch Date, Price Prediction

Since more people are investing in the new age Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethreum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and others like alt coins, it becomes important to know in depth about these crypto currenciesas they are now investing lakhs and crores in Digital Currency. Today we will be discussing about JIO Coin and its features like Price and How to buy jio coin and jio coin launch date.

Reliance Jio which earlier announced that they are coming up with their own cryptocurrency considering the bulling trend worldwide will soon become the talk of the town in the areas of popular options of cryptocurrencies. This ambitious project is supposed to be launched by Akash Ambani who is the son of Mukesh Ambani. It is reported that around 50 people team is working on the blockchain technology to work on the development of Jio Coins. This blockchain technology is a popular technology to to protect the transactions from the hackers and provide a safeguard for the digital wallets having the coins. Jio also plans to use this Jio coins for its supply chain management logistics.

Most of Indians have already shown tremendous interest in cryptocurrency like bitcoins, Ethreum, etc. Bitcoin Price has Increased to 20,000$ in past 2 months thus making cryptocurrencies as one of the most bullish investment of today’s generation.Obviously, JIO Coin Price will be much lesser before listing. i.e JIO Coin ICO Price.

Jio Coin ICO

Though there is currently no official announcement on Jio Coin and its ICO but as per the popular murmur from various sources on this it is expected that JIO coin will have an expected price of 1$ which approximately equals to INR 64 when converted to Indian currency.

JIO Coin Launch Date

As per various unknown sources, JIO Coin ICO is expected to release in mid of February, 2018 though we are yet to get anyofficial confirmation from Company regarding the same.

How To Buy JIO Coin Online In India With INR & USD?

As per the popular reports from sources, JIO Coin will be sold from the official app of MyJio or separate app developed specifically for this purpose for safety concerns. Initially the Jio Coins could have been purchased from the MyJIO app at the launching phase, however later it could have been purchased on popular exchanges like Koinex, Bittrex etc.


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