7th Pay Commission : Good news! It is clear how much DA will increase for central employees in July

7th Pay Commission : Good news! It is clear how much DA will increase for central employees in July
7th Pay Commission : Good news! It is clear how much DA will increase for central employees in July

7th Pay commission latest update: Dearness allowance of central employees and pensioners is increased twice a year across the country. The last increase was implemented from January (DA Hike). Also, now the employees are waiting for the next increase. Let us tell you, recently the Labor Bureau has released the data determining dearness allowance. Let us know in detail in the news how much DA can increase this time –

Good news has come for central employees regarding dearness allowance. The data of dearness allowance to be increased in July 2024 has come out. It is clearly visible from this that once again a big jump can be seen in the dearness allowance of the employees (DA Hike latest Update).

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The Labor Bureau has released the data determining the dearness allowance. Data for three months has been released together. According to the current trends, there can be a jump of up to 3 percent in dearness allowance (Dearness allowance Hike). The data for two months is yet to come, after which the actual number will be known. At present, dearness allowance has reached close to 53 percent.

AICPI index rose

The numbers from the AICPI index decide how much the dearness allowance can be increased. Based on the numbers between January and June 2024, it will be decided how much dearness allowance the employees will get from July 2024. So far (AICPI index kya hai) the numbers for January, February, March, April have come. The number for May will be released at the end of June. Let us tell you, till now the central employees coming under the 7th Pay Commission are getting 50 percent dearness allowance. Now this dearness allowance will increase in July. In January, the index number was at 138.9 points, due to which the dearness allowance (basic salary hike) increased to 50.84 percent. After this, the index was at 139.2 points in February, 138.9 points in March and 139.4 points in April. On this pattern, dearness allowance has reached 51.44 percent, 51.95 percent and 52.43 percent by April.

Dearness allowance will increase by this much

If experts are to be believed, only 3% revision is visible in dearness allowance. According to the index, dearness allowance is at 52.43% till April. The numbers for May and June (DA latest revision) are yet to come. If the index increases by even 0.5 points in June, it will reach 52.91%. After this, the index will have to reach 143 points, only then there is a possibility of 4% dearness allowance. But, such a big increase will not be seen in the index. Therefore, this time the employees will have to be satisfied with 3% only.

When will the next revision in dearness allowance take place?

The next revision in dearness allowance (DA Hike) for employees is to be implemented from July. But, it is announced by September or October. Actually, the June figures will come by the end of July. After this, it will be decided on this basis how much increase is to be made (7th pay commission update). After this, the file will reach the Finance Ministry from the Labor Bureau and then the Cabinet will approve it. That is why there is a delay in it. But, by September or October it is confirmed that the dearness allowance to be implemented from July will be approved. After this, the increased DA will also be paid from the salary of the month in which the approval is received. The payment of the intervening months is done through arrears (8th pay commission Update).

Calculation of dearness allowance will continue

The dearness allowance of the employees will not be zero. The calculation of dearness allowance will continue. There is no fixed rule regarding this. Last time this was done when the base year was changed. Now there is no need to change the base year and there is no such recommendation either. Therefore, further calculation for central employees will be done beyond 50 percent.

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