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Aadhaar Card Correction (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB)

Aadhaar Card Correction (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB)

If you need to make any corrections in your Aadhaar card whether it is Name, Address, Mobile number or Date of birth, it is very easy to do the same. Here in this article we will be discussing about convenient way to solve this problem that most of us are facing.

How to Change Name, Address In Aadhar Card (Aadhar Card Update)

Making Aadhar Card correction of our bio-data gets more convenient with the online process as it eliminates the need of running around to the Aadhaar centre physically. You can now very easily make corrections to your details like Aadhaar Card name, address, mobile number, date of birth by going through few steps that we will be taking you through in this post below.

Aadhaar Card Correction Online: Name, Address, Phone, DOB!

There are many reasons pertaining to which one needs to make a change in his/her Aadhaar card. So, there is an easy way to deal with this issue which will help you change any of your personal details on your Aadhaar Card. Still not many people are aware of the process to make Aadhaar card corrections.

Please read the following steps very carefully one after another for clear understanding of the correction process.

Change of name – For changing your name or any Aadhaar Card correction you need an most recent and updated Identity Proof documents. Once you change your name officially, you will be provided with a new document of Identity Proof which you have to upload on your PC to replace your previosuly registered name with the new one. So, having Identity Proof documents is mandatory for changing your name in Aadhaar Card.

Change of address – Changing Address is also similar to that of changing name in the Aadhaar Card. However, sometimes due to one reason or other, people prefer to leave their homeland and shift base to new towns and cities for better opportunities. So, in this case changing the address in Aadhaar card becomes crucial and for doing so you will be required to upload your original registered address of your homeland.

Change of date of birth – Most of the time changing date of birth becomes important as sometimes the added date is either no correct or people want to show different date of birth for getting admissions in new academics or for some other reasons. So, for changing your date of birth in Aadhaar Card you need to have the original date of birth certificate and upload it online.

Steps to Change Name, Address, Mobile Number, Date of Birth through Online

The process of updating and correcting your name, address, mobile number, date of birth requires you to first go to this link

Before you start the procedure on online Aadhaar card correction, you need to have a registered mobile number in place. Once you have that, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, when you visit the page after clicking on the aforementioned link, you will be asked your Aadhaar number which consist 12 digits.
  • In the following column you will find the verification notification.
  • You can now easily click on “SEND OTP” button.
  • Now, 6 digit OTP will be delivered on your mobile and you can fill the password and go on.
  • You have to choose the address change field and choose the language you prefer.
  • Finally you have to upload the document of which you want to make necessary changes. Aadhaar Card Update: Check online at UIDAI website

How to do aadhar card correction online

So these are Steps that will help you to correct or update information in your Aadhar Card.

Please go through process and lets us know if this helped you do any aadhar card correction without any hassle? If you wish to share any other method for updating or correcting Aadhar, do let us know in comments below.

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  1. Hi,
    I don’t have a registered mobile number linked to my Aadhaar card.Is it a must that I should visit a enrolment centre.What if persons do not have mobiles Is their Aadhaar card invalid.

  2. Above information is insufficient, cos in the case of change in contact number, one cant get OTP. As in my case my registered contact number i had surrender 2 years back, and now using new number from last 2 years.

    Will any one can tell me how can I updated my new contact mobile number through the process given above. Cos the OTP will forwarded to my previous number only.


    • Lot of banks have stVijaysekararted Aadhar update counters recently both Private and Public sector. Search for one in your Area and change. But you have to go personnaly for finger print verificatoon

    • Go to nearby aadhar centres and fill the form, and get change whatever you want like rmobile, address etc. Then onwards you can use online updataion.

      • Hi me and my family live out side of India but we r still Indian citizens and we not N R I or P R abroad and we have an account in bank in India and bank ask to submit an aadhaar card which we don’t have and we can no come back soon in India so what in need to do ? This question not for me or only my family like me I know it’s thousands of family live abroad so plz reply what we need to do? Or Indian governments arrange some things like we go near Indian embassy and get our aadhaar card which very important for us .
        Thank you

  3. i want to link my daughter’s adhaar card with my mobile no for some govt scholarship programme ,i have updated it from aadhaar enrolment centre but then also it is showing that your request has been declined. don’t know what to do & whom to contact

  4. I want to change my name and address.what can I do because on my present address is rented house and rent lease is on my daughter ‘s name than how i change my address
    Mrs Inderjeet kaur puar

  5. How can i register mobile number with adhar card. As the number not registered at initially at the time of process of adhar preparation

  6. Sirji,

    Thanks for all your elaborated explanation for the corrections to be made ON LINE.

    My problem is…. Seven years before I made my Aadhar Card with mobile number mentioned in the application Form.

    That mobile number is no more valid with me since last six years.

    Now since last six years the new mobile number which I have with me and will be permanent mobile number… And I want to get this new mobile number registered…. ON LINE.. HOW CAN I DO THAT ON LINE…. PLEASE EXPLAIN….. IF THERE IS OTP GOES ON THAT OLD MOBILE NUMBER AS PER SEVEN YEARS OLD RECORD… I AM NOT GOING TO GET OTP… SINCE THAT OLD MOBILE US NO MORE…




    MBL 9029419780

    • You have to get your mobile number changed. This can only be done through aadhar enrolment center or aadhar update center.

      Any confusion call me at 8980015971


  7. Sorry. But out of date info. Mobile no. cannot be changed online anymore. UDAI site informs that. You have to visit an Aadhaar Kendra personally. I did this recently.

  8. Dear Sir
    I have lost my mobile no which link with Aadhar card please help me to link other mobile no link with Aadhar without OTP.

  9. Every item is ok but it is not getting linked to ration card.i made ten visit to ration office in bangalore.what needs to be done.

  10. I am at present in USA on short trip and will be returning only in MARCH2018. I want to link my AADHAAR NO. to my BANK A/C’s. as the last date for doing the same is fixed as 31-12-17, I have to link my a/c’s online or before that date.
    However I am unable to link the a/c’s online from USA since the OTP for confirmation /verification is being forwarded to my mobile No.which is defunct in USA. I am unable to change my mobile no. also.

    Then what is the procedure to link my a/c’s from here in USA Can’t they ( UIDAI )send the OTP to my email address.?

  11. I am not able to change my registered Mobil number on line. Iamnot finding the option online seems to have been removed from sept 2017.
    Aadhar centres are not Co operative

  12. My wifes surname is ganguly and my surname is gangopdhyay in pension book .In adhar card her name is gangopadhyay.In Bengal both are same accepted as same.I am afraid she may face problem after my death with this different surname.We are very old sr citizen. Pl tell us what to do.

  13. Thanks for all your explanation for the corrections to be made online

    My problem is…. 6 years before I made my Aadhar Card with mobile number mentioned in the application Form.
    That mobile number is no more valid with me since last 1years.
    Now i have another permanent mobile number… 9937362086 And I want to get this new mobile number registered….


  14. i have changed my residence from Noida sector 62 to sector-100. For change in address in aadhar card, what all documents can be loaded as address proof ?

  15. I dont have mobile number which i linked to adhar card. And now i want to change my mobile number and may name sequence. Which should be like my name is first then father name and then sirname.



  17. Good morning
    l have a correction to make in DOB but as I am unable to trace my original or photocopy. please let me know how to go about it.
    Thanking you for your help and Co operation in advance.


  18. I have corrected my address in my aadhaar card I got the corrected aadhard card through online. But I am yet to get the hardcopy of the corrected aadhaar card till date What should I do?

  19. I have lost my mobile no which link with Aadhar card please help me to link other mobile no link with Aadhar without OTP. ( new number is 8424046464)

  20. 1.When ever we are taking/ purchasing any kind of sim from the market at that time they are asking the Documents, Which we support them ,with Adhar No also, then why again & again it is require, why not asking from the Del ear.

    2. Same as while we purchasing any item from store with the help of BANK _CARD, then what is our points are..why not that is automatically attached to bank account.?

  21. The first requirement of Registered mobile itself is a hurdle. people might have changed their Mobile as such their Registered Mobile Number is no more with him. As a result he can’t modify/ correct particulars. He is therefore, dependent on Aadhar Center. What is required is the second option modification through Registered Email ID. This would result in reduction of burden on Aadhar center. .

  22. My aadar address is ok mobile number is registered only I want to change email so how I can change through online process
    Patil L

  23. 02/12/017

    Recently I changed my resident as 511, Kasba Peth, Vishal Apartments, 4th Floor, Flat No. 16
    Pune – 411 011.

    I personally, request you to change my address with my old Adhar Card.


    D. Raskar.
    Pune –

  24. For changing Address online it has been mentioned at 5th column to choose a preferred Language before uploading the Address Proof. But no such provision. This is necessary as I have shifted from Odisha where 1st aadhaar card was made to Kolkata.

  25. While getting Aadhar Card, No one was serious. For most of people, the mobile is not registered or the mobile No. available with aadhar is not with the person now.

    Kiran Sule.
    Navi Mumbai.

  26. I want to change my address.what can I do because on my present address is rented house in Ambernath and new house is vasai then change my address

    Mrs Usha Anand Pillai

  27. How, do I make corrections Like, Address Change & Mobile No , Since I do not have my Previous Mobile no Registered in my Adhaar Card. Can any one guide me in this regard.

  28. Good morning
    Just wondering as I am living in abroad and don’t have Aadhaar card is there any way I can apply online as don’t have any plan to visit India anytime soon

  29. If you have to change your mobile number, you require the old phone number for sending the OTP and then give out the new mobile number. However normally the old phone number is not available or has been lost or is being used by some one else. So how do they go about it.

  30. Sir there is a spelling mistake in my last name. but i did not find any option to request for correction in name spelling. only change of residential option is available. while heading says we can change any of address and name. please advice how i can correct my name spelling.

  31. Sir,
    I want to change my Mother’s “year of Birth”, wrongly printed in AADHAR , bearing No.939409627088, as 1937 instead of 1939 ( as per PAN, bearing No. BRZPB3244G, date of Birth is 18/03/1939.When try to link AADHAR with PAN, it can not matched, pl. help in this regards. My mother’s have no Mobiles, hence I want to get register my mobile no. as 8902000252 with my mother’s AADHAR Nos.

    Thanking you,
    Biswajit Banerjee,

  32. I have two Sims on my name. Is it possible to have two mobile numbers in my Adhaar. If possible how it can be done?. Please reply at the earliest.

  33. My mother is 62 years old and his date of birth is incorrect in Aadhar card as a result we r facing problem in his pension accounts how we can change his d.o.b and what documents we can attach,as we don’t have any specify proof for same.please suggest us

    • यदि आप के पास अपनी इंटरनेट सेवा नहीं है तो आप अपने नजदीकी आधार केन्द्र जाकर एक फार्म भरेंगे उसमें अपना मोबाईल नम्बर और ईमेल आईडी भी लिखें।आधार केंद्र का संचालक सुरक्षा के लिए आपका बायोमैट्रिक करेगा और आपका मोबाईल नं० और ईमेल आईडी डाल देगा । साथ में आधार कार्ड होना चाहिए। अन्य परिवर्तन के लिए उसका प्रमाण भी देना होगा। वह आपको एक इनरोलमेंट स्लीप देगा उसे सुरक्षित रखें 15दिनों के बाद आधार केन्द्र से नया आधार कार्ड प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। याद रखें बिना मोबाईल न० के आधार कार्ड वालों को भविष्य में कठिनाई होगी।

    • Sirs,

      My mobile number is not appearing on the face of Aadhaar card.
      Kindly suggest me how to get it printed on Aadhaar Card.
      My mobile no is 9826847183

    • Sir,
      My mobile number registered with Aadhaar card is no more operational.
      Please advice me how to register / link my existing mobile number with Aadhaar card.

    • You have to personally go to Aadhar Centre in your city and verify your bio-metric detail and fill up a form to add your Mobile Number and submit all with Aadhar official. And after 10 to 15 days your Mobile number will be added by Aadhar Authority.

    • In Adhar my mobile number is wrongly mentioned I wanted to change my number to 9449157262 against I am 98 years old.

    • Hi there how are you
      Actually am asking am in all ready in overseas . And I don’t have adhar card . Pls help me how I get adhar cards How to apply

    • इसके लिए यदि आप भारत में हैं तो अपने मोबाईल फोन से 1947 न० डायल करके सलाह प्राप्त कर सकते हैं ।
      यदि विदेश में हैं तो UIDAI की वेबसाईट पर ऊपाय खोजने का प्रयास करें यदि एक बार आधार कार्ड बन गया तो दुबारा नहीं बन सकता ।इसलिए अपनी इनरोलमेंट स्लिप संभाल कर रखें।

    • I send online application to change my address but it was rejected reason. Address porrot not proper i give address proof as per your list which light bill which in my name co is Gujarat v board which is run by govt of Gujarat

  34. How to change my photo in Aadhaar card, since i have without hair in my Aadhaar card photo. Other office/ people are getting doubt on my photo. Advice me for change of photo.

  35. sir this link not working,you said that this link will work to ,name,dob,phone no,email,but its not working.dont fool the peoples.pls give right link.

    thank you

  36. I changed my mobile number – Is there a way to change any details without my mobile number I registered with the Aadhar card few years ago

  37. My Aadhar Card no is 575466561057. MY mobile no given is wrong ND I M NOT GETING ANY UPDATES. Please can u suggest me the way.

  38. My finger prints are not getting recognised while attempting to link my AADHAAR with my mobile number at the Airtel show room. I am helpless. What should I do to correct the situation. Any suggestions? Mayur

  39. What’s the easiest procedure to link ip the fingerprints which originally taken does not show correctly when accessing the aadhar online

  40. The process of updating mobile number is not easy in case previous registred number is no more available for OTP for whatever reasons. For this situation, UIDAI needsto be more imaginative to change the mobile number by verifying online say DOB, address and any other parameter not dependent on mobile number.This is vital for people who are handicappped, pregnant women or seniors suffering from joint pains or other diseases as waitng in line at Aadhar centre sometimes in very hot sunlight as also Booth charging Rs 200 per mobile update is very unaffordable for ordinary people living in slums etc. This thought should be given.

  41. 02 December 2017
    Dear Sir,
    I am over seventy years of age. Some of my finger prints make my authentication valid and some of them make it invalid. What is the solution.
    Mr. B. N. Bhat

  42. Sir/ Madame,
    I did not find any information about linking ?Aadhar Card ” with the BANK aCCOUNTS,IF THE bANKERS HAVE NOT TAKEN THE ACTION.

  43. Solution not given for Changing mobile number. As online modification is based on OTP system where as the mobile number provided earlier was lapsed due to prolonged non use and no more used by the card holder or ware abouts of the SIM is not know.

  44. You mentioned updating the mobile number but did not mentioned how to do that. if your old number is not with you and you cant receive an OTP on that number, how can u update the new mobile number?

  45. i have Adhaar card but not updated means not entered my mobile number in it. I want add my mobile number in adhaar card……

  46. I want change mobile number, my registered mobile no is missing. Please let me know the procedure to Change Mobile no ASAP.
    Thanks & Regards
    ANIL Tikhe

  47. sir mere paas sabhi details hai aadhaar update karne ke liye. par OTP bhejne ke liye pahle wala mobile nuber nahi hai abhi latest nuber hai
    plz send the solution

  48. hi I need to change my mobile number because the number which i had linked with aadhar card does not exist anymore with me hense m nit able to get any otp number how do i change the number without the OTP

  49. I applied for change of photo on Aadhar card of my son. No action even after 5 months, multiple complaints on Toll free no, multiple complaint through mails, wrote to pm. Worst department. Nobody wants to work.
    M 9212271004

  50. Mera mobile number 9833912044 ye Aadhar Card ke liye diya hua tha. Lekin o number 2 sal se band ho gaya hai.

    Muzhe abhi address change karana hai. Lekin OTP us Number par ja raha hai.

    Isliye mei address change nahi kar pa rahi hu.

    Mera new mobile number 9769540997 hai.

  51. Is change of spelling of the name e.g Lakshminarayana to Lakshminarayanan also to be treated as change of name involving the procedure thereon?

  52. Registered Mobile Number for Aadhar Card not functional
    How do I change my Mobile Number in absence of original registered number

  53. I have changed the address in my Aadhaar Card more than one year ago but still did not get the hard copy of it. Please advise how / from where I can I get the original / signed copy my Aadhaar card

  54. I have lost my mobile no. which was in my Aadhaar Card and now I want to change that no. with my new mobile no. whenever I click in that they send OTP in my old no. and I am not able to do that.
    Please replace my old no with new no.
    Old no 9325549484
    New No 9768730302.

  55. I would like to change my mobile number in my aadhar number. I dont know which old number is linked to my aadhar number kindly suggest how can i change my mobile number

  56. I and my family is having aadhar no but we have to do some corrections there. The problem is when we made our aadhar we have not registered or mobile no. So now we cannot make any changes. Can you give us suggestion as to how we can do it.

  57. It is only possible to change any detail in the Adhaar Card online when there is your correct mobile number available there. What to do when your correct mobile number is not there and you are not able to receive an OTP for making the correction online?

    Kindly let me know, please.

  58. Nothing is feasible till you register the mobile number.
    Recently all of us linked sim card to the aadhaar number. They should have asked these mobile centres to register
    the mobile number with aadhaar authority.
    We are still left with a long queue at approved aadhaar centres.

  59. I apply in pension renewal but MAddhaar open after delete .ADDHAAR not work. again Demographics update on08.11.2017.
    req no2193/10829/22461 up to till date not notwork.kindly process.

  60. I Have Lost my Original AAdhar Card. I Have Smart AAdhar with me.
    What is a procedure to obtain Orinal AAdahr Card.

  61. Have successfully changed address in AADHAR card with current gas bill. But finding it difficult to change address of wife and sons using this document.

  62. Mera number aadhar me attach karana hai plz mera number add kara do my mobile number -9706461427
    Silchar (Assam) Dic -cachar

  63. Mera name and nambar chenge karna hai mera name dileep thakur karna hai sar ji old nambar 9300446333 mera new nambar jo aadhar me chadana hai 7879676869 sar ji plese help me

  64. In our Aadhar card my date of birth is not mention in standard format please enter as following – 01/01/1966.
    Thanks and regards
    Shyam babu pal

  65. I need change the date of birth according to my educational certificate (15/Feb/1973) and attach my mobile no. 9437926402.

  66. Mobile number needs to be changed. My old number registered at the time of enrollment is blocked and not working. My new number is 9483953303. Please change this in Aadhar

  67. Anybody can update their details through online if they have their mobile no attached to adhaar. Please tell how to attach mobile no to adhaar without going through adhaar centers physically.

  68. Mera mobile number aadhar card se link nhi Kiya hua Hai please Mera mobile number aadhar card se Link Karne ka kreepa kare mobile- 9097871705 Hai
    Or aadhar number – 586406954764 Hai
    Or Mera aadhar card men name galat Hai mujhe thik karwana hai

  69. Hi

    Please Mera number aadhar me attach karana hai plz mera number add kara do my mobile number 9810729115, 9643698506, 9810562730

  70. Mera add galat ho gya h so plz mera add sahi kra dijiye
    Name vipin Kumar s/O RAJKUMAR surana 3 modinaga ghaziabad utter Pradesh 201206 krana h

  71. My phone number which was attached to adhaar is now in use by me.But I want to attach new phone number.but it is said that without getting otp which comes on and phone number they can’t enter new phone number

  72. Everyone can understand this process to link the registered mobile number and updation but how to register at first time the mobile number now if we were forgotten to register at first time ?!

  73. I am trying to update my mobile number but mobile number change option is not coming. Only address change option is coming

  74. DEAR TEAM,



  75. Sir.

    with refrence to above matter my date of birth wrongly printed in Aadhaar card mail id is not given and my mobile no has been changed which are given in aadhaar card how to correct it.

  76. My husband is a central government servant.and facing many transfer.each Time is it to necessary changes in aadhar card for address in New place?.and what type of address proof given for address change in addhar card.UIID not accept government house letter.and moreover in house allotment letter husband name written.please help

  77. Hi…
    I had provided my mobile number while enrolling aadhar but now it is showing not registered mobile number,so how to register my mobile number by online.

  78. Mera number aadhar me attach karana hai plz mera number add kara do my mobile numbe 8750058118 aur dob ki puri karni hai 07/11/1983

  79. Namaskar!
    The basic demand of few intellet0e is that the COI should have frist enacted an Act with Rules on DIGITAL SECURITY, WHICH NEITHER HAVE THEY DONE NOR PROCESS FOR THE same initiated.
    Besides the Supreme Court in the recent Bench Judgement upheld THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY OF INDIVIDUALS.

    Needs clarification from the authorities.


  80. Want to change my mobile no. as mobile no. which was updated in Aadhaar already lost. But as per this process register mobile no. required. which is not going to help me.

  81. I wish to thank you for the work you are doing.

    I want to know or in fact want you to help me in this matter, I have lost the printout of the registration slip of Aadhar Card, I am talking about the receipt when I did my registration for applying for Aadhar card, wherein it mentioned the name, date, time, minute and seconds of registration.

    In absence of the printout of the receipt/acknowledgement, it is a horrible situation. Can you guide me as to how do I retrieve the same.I have my Aadhar card in original.I do remember the date, it was 26/06/2011 and around 09 A.M to 10.30 A.M


  83. We have taken Aadhar card of my kids when they were small. Now they are grown up and there are changes in their looks. Do I have to go to the Aadhar card centre for changing the photo? Is there any other way to do this?

    Thanks and Regards
    Sharmila Sriram

  84. My registered Mob inactive after non use of 1yr. after that took new sim from another service provider. & that no is my official used no for last 3 yrs..So how can i register with Aadhaar as my sole mob. number replacing old inactive no?

  85. How can I add my mobile number in addhaar card? When I want to update my details they need a OTP which is send to the registered mobile number. But however my number is not registered with the aadhaar number then its not possible. So any other way to registered the mobile number via online.

  86. I am an eighty years old female railway pensioner.At present I am staying with my son at Dahisar east Mumbai-68.At the time of submission of life certificate to SBI they insist for AADHAAR , which I don’t have.I tried to make it through three nearby Subidha. kendras but everyone refused.Kindly advice what to

  87. I want to add my mobile number in my Aadhar Card.
    Still I don’t have any register mobile number & email ID with my Aadhar Card please let me know what is the process to do the same.

  88. Incase my current mobile number is not same as my registered mobile number, and my registered mobile number is assigned to someone else. What is the provision for this, kindly suggest with any online approach to update mobile number apart for physically visiting the Aadhar center.

  89. I have lost my phone number attached to my Aadhaar number. So I can’t get the OTP required for the change in mobile no. Also I have to change my name and address in Aadhaar card. Please suggest me on this. What should I do to get the changes done?

  90. For every On line changes, OTP is necessary, but if registered mobile number is not in use and now using another mobile number…. then what to do ?

  91. How is it possible to get an adhar card for my old n sick mother who can’t move out……what can be arranged please advice.

  92. From few days I am trying to open the website aadhar , unfortunately it isn’t possible,every time it shows”please enter correct pincode.what can we next?

  93. How to register phone number if it is not registered while issuing adhar card initially.Since it is not registered I am not able to make any modification myself.Please guide as to how to register mobile number with out going to adhar centre

  94. मेरा नाम है अजमेर महिबुब शेख मेरे आधार कार्डके उपरका जन्म तारीख पुरी नही है.मेरी जन्म तारीख है 10/12/1990, मेरा मोबाईल नंबर भी आधार कार्डसे रजिस्टर करना है, मेरा मोबाईल नं है 9763097820

  95. If any unmarried woman having Fd and lic policy but she had aadhar card after marriage on name of her name of after marriage then what she doing

  96. I am a senior citizen.My finger prints are not ‘readable’.Like this there are lakhs of senior citizens.In Aadhaar centre I am told only way is check ‘iris’ of eyes.But nowhere it is there.What is the remedy? I cannot have any way of getting SIM for mobile.I have BSNL sim and verification is not possible.Please do something to solve this problem.May be make photo as one verification which can revised in data.

  97. My BSNL mobile 9342188229 and my Aadhaar 913298274294.BSNL is unable to link both as my finger prints cannot be read..Please link my mobile and Aadhaar numbers and send message.Thanks.

  98. I am Raheemuddin Nayeemuddin, my registered mobile number is i am not access just now, i want change my registered mobile number i have a new number,
    how can i change my new number please reply.

  99. correct my name Satish kumar Narpalsingh Jadon ,DOB,21/07/1979,Mobile No.9327122185 Aadhar name Satish kmar Jadon in verification document in udai

  100. As per the latest guidelines of uidai using self service portal you can update only address and for updating u r dob name phone you need to to go to aadhaar center.

  101. I lost my registered mobile no, how can i register new mobile no. As otp will be send to registered mobile no. Please help


  103. My photograph on adharcard is distorted
    due to the negligence of the person dealing with camera.It has no resemblance with my appearance. Kindly suggest a remedy.

  104. My update request No 1416/55970/02225 dt.16/11/2017 for change of address in my previous Aadhaar card No 567345391928 but not yet received any SMS for downloading new one.

  105. My update request No-1416/55970/02225 dt.16/11/2017 for change of address in my Aadhaar No-567345391928 but not yet received any SMS for down loading new one.

  106. I am a senior citizen with limitations of walking.i want to link my mobile no to my Aadhar CARD,but AIRTEL the mobile service provider insist that I have to go to their show room for biometrics done but it’s not possible for help me so that my mobile no is not disconnected after 6/2/2017
    Pl help

  107. I need to apply for an aadhar card but I am not in t country , will come only in June 2018 what do I do ? Pls suggest

  108. I am 65 years old. Only year of birth is recorded in Aadhar.

    No original birth certificate is available.

    Hence, how to enter day and month of birth in aadhar.

    I am having passport, 10th standard school certificate etc.
    Is it possible to update day and month of birth without original birth certificate.

  109. Hi, my son has changed his mobile number. His aadhar was registered on that mobile number which no longer exists. So, now how can I change it to his current mobile number as OTP will go to the earlier registered number which no longer exists? please help and guide. Thanks..

  110. i have to change my enrolled phone no of aadhaar card , as my phone no has been changed and now i dont have the enrolled no with me , if i process online for change of detail , then i am getting a OTP to my mobile no, but here i have to change my mobile no then , how could i do so , please guide me thanking you sir/madam.

  111. i have an aadhar card.when i applied for aadhar card,i was not asked to provide MOBILE NUMBER or email i do not have them in my aadhar do i update them

  112. I had applied for the Aaddhar card in 2015 but till date I have not received my original card. How to get that. Please advise.

  113. Dude, stop fooling people. U cant change ur mobile no or name on Aadhar card. The only thing u can change online is ur adress for tht also u need to have your mobile no. registered with Aadhar.

  114. The information is not updated. Now UIDAI allows only address to be updated via online for rest of the things you have to visit AADHAAR enrolment center.

  115. Hello,
    I would like to change my mobile number on the Aadhar card. How am I supposed to do it if the OTP is going to be sent to the outdated mobile number?

  116. Please inform me the procedure to be followed to link the Adhaar with Vodafone using at abroad presently by an Indian. I will be happy, if the information available, it may please be sent to me by SMS to my cell phone No. 9985475420.

  117. I wish to change my cell no and door no of my home. I will be following the direction to up datr. Very useful information..

  118. Hame abitak adhar card nahi Mila & Jo adhar card par mobile nu tha o bhi hame malum nahi he pls suggest kya karna apadega abhi

  119. You have to personally go to Aadhar Centre in your city and verify your bio-metric detail and fill up a form to add your Mobile Number and submit all with Aadhar official. And after 10 to 15 days your Mobile number will be added by Aadhar Authority.


  121. could you advise how does one make an AADHAAR CARD for a lady who is 93 years old and cannot move out of the house . If you can send me the contact details , it will be very helpful . The address is :
    17/1 sudhama, linking road extension, near shastri nagar, santacruz west, mumbai -400054
    tel : 9820607657

  122. I have no mobile number attached with aadhar but I want to link my current mobile no. So in this case please tell me how to link my mobile no as earlier there is no number attached with my aadhar.

  123. In my AADHAAR card mistake in my sirname printing on Aadhaar is Narendra Kumar dunarwal insisted of Narendra Kumar Dungarwal

  124. Dear Sir,

    As Per Above information please change my Name below details……

    1) Current Aadhar Name :-Mr. Maruti Wamanrao Kondhapure
    2) Change Aadhar Name:-Mr. Maarutie Wamanrao Kondhapure

    Above change the NAME immediately send the new Aadhar Card below address for the same.


    Maarutie Kondhapure
    Mbl. No.+91-942187884

  125. Mera number aadhar me attach karana hai plz mera number add kara do my mobile number 9869516757

    adhar no. 358256966139


  127. मुझे मे पापा का भी आधार कार्ड बनबाना है तो क्या इस वैबसाइट पर बनवा सकते हैं

  128. Mera number aadhar me attach karana hai plz mera number add kara do my mobile number 9427942886
    My Aadhar No. – 7350 5367 1147

  129. As per your guide line I have tried to change my mobile number but it is not happening.Then I have talked to 1947.And they have confirmed me that mobile number can change at Aadhaar center only.
    Please don’t miss guide to the public.

  130. TO
    Aadhar team
    I have lost my registered mobile no. 9922963266 ,so, as per above mentioned suggestion I cannot be able to change my mobile no..I want to update my Address also.Please advise the way out..For the same reason I am not able to link Aadhar with PAN card etc.Please help. My present mob. no. is +91 7227825072.
    Thanks in advance ,
    Your’s faithfully,
    Swapan Baidyanath Acharjee
    Aadhar no.287362142283

  131. My Aadhar Card No. is 5566 4082 7503 and the Mobile No. mentioned is 9978812974 and which is wrongly mentioned. I have sent many applications but uptill now the Aadhar Office has not corrected my mobile No. as 9987712974. I therefore request you to please do the correction my Aadhar Card No. which is mentioned above.

    Thanks Merlyn

  132. If senior citizen wants to add mobile number if he/she does not able to visit aadhar Centre what is the procedure to add mobile number and make corrections

  133. My Aadhar Card No. is 5566 4082 7503 and the Mobile No. mentioned is 9978812974 and which is wrongly mentioned. I have sent many applications but uptill now the Aadhar Office has not corrected my mobile No. as 9987712974. I therefore request you to please do the correction my Aadhar Card No. which is mentioned above.

    Unless you correct my mobile No. to 9987712974 how can I get the OTP No,. So pl correct my mobile No. to 9987712974 in your records and let me know through email at the earliest.

    Thanks Merlyn

  134. Sir, At the time of Aadhaar Card Registration, mobile number has been not uploaded, please suggest for mobile number registration online without going to Aadhaar Center.

  135. Mujhe apna mobile number change karna hai kaise karu otp to pehle ke number par ja raha ab woh number mujhe yaad nahi. Please help

  136. I want ti change my mobile no. On my aadhar card because my rajister no. Was lost for last 2 years i need to concet my new mobile no. With my aadhar card tell me

  137. My mobile no. Has been deactivated by the subscriber (MTS).so,I need to update the another with aadhar.pls,help me out.

  138. I have my Sahara card. When I went to the bank for some transaction,the could not get biometric verified despite tot effort. Again I got Bio matrix done at AADHAR Centre at Mumbai but the problem remains same. A mail to As that customer care and many Tyler calls get unanswered. Yr local main office at couple parade does not pick up in coming calls. Disgusting to find management so disorganised for such an important issue of implementing a nation wide mail,

  139. I know the process to update the Adhar card details but my mobile no is changed on which i was getting otp. It was 9033623500 and its now disabled so i want to change it from that no to 8141230033 my permanent no. please help me to do it. Any how i am unable to get OTP on 9033623500 as its disbaled.

  140. I m shifted in pune.

    My new address is
    Raghunath k dham’s wada
    Near bafna petrol pump
    Shukrawar peth pune.

    My mobile number is

    Please correction

  141. My mother is 92 years old, due to the age factor she has lost her finger prints and even not able to give pressure on the instrument gor giving the finger prints. We had tried 3 times for the same.
    Please advise.
    Chirag Shah.

  142. I have enrolled for AADHAR and received the card having number 257177045298. But none of my figure prints were detected or found matched either by the State Bank of India when I tried to submit my life certificate online or by any mobile company when I tried to link AADHAR. I also could not make a leave and licence agreement online for the said reason. I made an attempt to correct the same through an AADHAR service agency, but failed citing technical problem. Can you guide me on this issue?

  143. I got aadhaar card in 2011 with phone xxxxxxxxxx and some address. Now I have to change my address but I am not able to change because the mobile no. given earlier was cancelled and using a new number. So any changes to carried out OTP must entered. Since the old no. was not in use how can I change my new address and contact number.

  144. Sir, In my adhar card my mobile number stated is wrong and at the time of enrolement i have not given any mobile number. Now i am unable to update my number because the OTP is being sent to the number wrongly entered mobile. So i do not have any access to the number and even i do not know how the number entered in my addhar card. Now you tell me how to incorprate/ add the correct mobile number in aadhar card

  145. In my adhar card mobile number is not mentioned. email id is also not mentioned.
    How to include mobile number and email id on online.

    • Pl note my son will be Major in Age this month. His Aadhar was issued when he was 12 yrs. As the biometric have changed can You please guide how to make changes. Can u forward centre address in Goregaon West mumbai area

  146. Hi
    Iwant to add my sir because my previous sir name is not enough for cast identity but i don’t have any proof for that and exist Mobile no is also wrong by mistake

  147. Sir,
    I find it unusual that I have to register my new mobile number in my AADHAR address, but the OTP is generated on the old number which I do not have. Could you please advise me how to progress?

    How can I have my OTP on my email?
    How can I get a duplicate of my AADHAR card?

  148. My daughter is 4 years old. Her name is written wrong in Aadhaar card. And more mobile number is not registered. Please help me by guidance.
    Thank you

  149. Sir, Kindly let me know from you,how I can find out the Number of my Pan Card, from the Name,Date of Birth &Address.

    The Pan Card is with me,but got faded the Number.

    Tku &Regds,

  150. My mobile number registered with aadhar is not available now i want register other mobile number please give your dirn on my number 7027618047

  151. There is no way to change your mobile number which has been surrendered long back to a new mobile no. recently being used , online by the Aadhar card holder. can it not be facilitated by devising some online procedure with appropriate safety ?

  152. Please add on my mobile no and date of birth in my adharcard no 3605-6931-3105 date of birth is 07/06/1960 and my mobile no is 9313141562

  153. The mobile number which I gave to aadhar center at the time of issue of aadhar card is not in use at present. I want to add new mobile number to my aadhar card. Please help.

  154. How to make some correction in Aadhar card. I want to change my D.O.B. in Aadhar card which is wrongly mentioned.
    I don’t have Birth certificate. I have only school leaving certificate

  155. The mobile number which I gave to aadhar center at the time of issue of aadhar card is not in use at present. I want to add new mobile number to my aadhar card. Please help.

  156. Hi good morning whovever concern about aadhar corrrection depatment. Previous it was very best service . Now its very worst service bcz daily wag people are not able to go Aadhar enrolment center on time . So public facing this problem . If u people provide the previous service like DOB . name .Mobile Number. Email id . Updation if u people allow this service on Aadhar Portal it will help to public.

    Thanks & Regards
    Javed Mulla

  157. Now the option is only to update address, if you are using the same mobile registered with aadhar, rest all changes in aadhar card you have to go enrolment centre, as mentioned above all services are disabled

  158. In my adhar card mobile number is not mentioned. email id is also not mentioned.
    How to include mobile number and email id on online

  159. My AADHAAR number is 766914277594. My E-mail Id.and Mobile Number were not registered, though I enrolled myself in concerned center at Vijayawada in Jan.2017 (for e-mail Id. and Mobile). How can I get my e mail Id. registered by the UIDAI ? My Mobile Number is 9492584957

  160. My mobile number registered with AADHAAR is not available now I want registered other mobile number. Then I was change mobile number please contact my no. 8275774139

  161. In My Aadhar Card
    Date of Birth : 1992

    I Just Want Full Date Month & Year

    Date of Birth : 28th Februrary 1992

    Plz Suggest How Its Possible Its Very Urgent

    Kindly do As Soon As Possible

  162. i had made my adhar card in maharashtra .when there i worked .but i belongs to uttar i want to change my address .please help.

  163. Dear Team,
    In my adhar card my mobile number and email id not registered please give the alternate option if available to updating mobile number email id and other detail. also my mobile number is 8600264959.

  164. my Aadhar No is 440707585810

    and I just want to link with my mobile no 8108521947

    plz link it ASAP

    thanks & Regards,

    Ansari Mohammed Afzal

  165. Sir I issue the mob no 9551468780 . at the time of Aadhar card generation. But i lost my mob no past 3 years . How can able to change the current mob no include this aadhar no with out otp for previous mob no . pl clarify.

  166. there is no any change or add option like,dob,name,,email ,their is only address change option whi added by making fool of peoples.stop this nonsense.

  167. The mobile number which I gave to aadhar center at the time of issue of aadhar card is not in use at present. I want to add new mobile number to my aadhar card. Please help.

  168. Though the caption is Aadhaar Card Correction ( Name, Address, Mobile No,DOB ) there is NO mention as to how MOBILE number is to be corrected in Aadhar.

  169. My mobile number is not linked with aadharcard, due to which i am getting lot of issues for other work, is there any way to link our mobile number first time to aadhar.

  170. hi i have updated mobile no and mail id address in my adhar card but it is not updated in uid but when i have taken new print of adhar its showing new details it is not updated in ur data base plz kindly update my details in ur data base plz i need to open an salary account so that am facing issue because of adhar details mis macth

  171. Hellooo Sir …… I am from Nepal….. Now I live in Lucknow India………. Now Iam studying here at SRMU………… How Can I make a Adhar Card………..

  172. I want to change my date of birth iridin LLY date of birth is 4-12-1964 and in aadhar card mentioned 1-1-65 what will I do

  173. The mobile number which I gave to aadhar center at the time of issue of aadhar card is not in use at present. I want to add new mobile number to my aadhar card. Please help.

  174. I am 76 yrs old. My Aadhar biom is not tallying with any of the Tel. depts for verification. What is the alternative please

  175. How to change my name in Aadhar card after marriage. Since my registered mobile number is not in use and I don’t have any proof for name change,have only marriage certificate but in that not mention the new name.
    Please help how to move further to make changes.

  176. I want to change my old mobile number to to my Aadhar because that number in cool box MTNL. So I want to change my old mobile number from my new number. How I can change my old mobile number please help me?

  177. I want to change my this old mobile number 9868188351 from MTNL. Now It is in cool box. So i can’t take OTP number to my this old number. But now my new number is 9958462301. Please change my old mobile number to my Aadhaar. Please give me ripley.

  178. pls link my aadhar to mobile, my old number is missing so pls link in my new number.
    my aadhar number- 475772323291
    my mobile number- 7708172338

  179. My mobile no which is registered in Aadhar, is not have with me. Please tell me how to registered my new mobile no with my reply in my Email ID.

  180. The mobile number which was given at the time of registration has been changed, it has been surrendered. Now I wish to incorporate my new number, how can I do it.

    • I am still waiting for the reply of my quarry how to incorporate new mobile number in place of the old one which has been discontinued long back.

  181. mera aadhar card no se pan card no link nahi ho pa raha hai.jab ki dono me same name aur date of birth hai.aadhar aur pan link nahi ho raha hai to mujhe kaise link karana padega.

  182. The mobile number which I gave to aadhar center at the time of issue of aadhar card is not in use at present. I want to add new mobile number to my aadhar card. Please help.

  183. to change the address the english language is available but if we changed from one state to another the address changed language is not available in the uadai site

  184. Im unable to correct my name through given link as it is shown only address correction option in it. So plz help me to correct my name online.

  185. I don’t have my Mobile number registered with Aadhar Card. In my Aadhar old Number was registered which is not with me now. How can I register my new Mobile number as registered Number??

  186. In my Aadhar card I register my mobile number which is not working now so how can I add a new mobile number in my Aadhar card.pls. kindly help me out.if u have any idea pls. Reply me by my id or my mobile number 9029857848 &8425910160. thanks

  187. Some dubious people made Adhar at our address .I wants those adhar cards to be cancelled. What is the process to cancel these cards.

  188. Dear sir I just changed some mistakes in my adharcard and I am not received during the changing the operatar put my mobile no. wrong the real mobile number is 9974829167 and his put wrong is this 9975829167. so please change the my original number earlier.
    my running number is 9974829167
    Thank you very much.

    Thank you very much.

  189. My husband’s address has been changed by providing the Bank statement but in my case you are not changing the address with my Bank statement. Why ? Can you please help ?

  190. My father’s address has been changed by providing the Bank statement but in my case you are not changing the address with my Bank statement. My account in the Bank is a joint account with my father. Can you please help ?

  191. Sir,

    We are helpless to get the things done through this system of internet network. We can not argue as to why the uploaded documents sent to you is incorrect, not reliable and how to link the same address with other family members residing with us as my 1st stage Legal Heirs. You the people residing at unknown remote places out of the touch of the needy communicator not resolving any issue rather we are getting another frustration and fatigue on denial of the document in a single stroke by your good-self. I made my best endeavor to to get the changes through the rent agreement document but all gone in vain in your single bid of denial communication. Writer of this message is an advocate practicing in Tis-Hazari Court, Delhi residing in a rented accommodation in T-463 First Floor, Baljeet Nagar Delhi-08 with his family and all things are genuine and authentic still your denial of document shocked my conscience as to why i should believe on your system? If you have doubt on the document there is no problem! but what is alternative? either you make your persons to verify my address or to believe on the document submitted by me. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP PEOPLE RESOLVE THIS WIDESPREAD ISSUE DUE TO WHICH MANY LIKE ME AND THEIR FAMILY ARE SUFFERING.

    Thanking You

  192. my mother is 62 years and the date of birth is incorrect in addhar as a result we r facing problem while linking to pension account so please suggest me what I’d proof will support in this case.
    And we don’t have any specified proof for the same

  193. MY mobile number was changed when at the time i taken aadhar card know i want to change my mobile number and email address plz help

  194. The mobile no which has been mentioned in the Aadhar card is no longer in use. Please let me know the procedure to add the new mobile number to my Aadhar card

  195. I am Premananda behera but my father’s name Gopal Chandra behera.wrongly mansion there hadu Dakua.kindl