Alien corpses: Mystery unveiled! Alien’s body shown in Mexican Parliament, everyone was shocked

Alien corpses: Mystery unveiled! Alien's body shown in Mexican Parliament, everyone was shocked
Alien corpses: Mystery unveiled! Alien's body shown in Mexican Parliament, everyone was shocked

Mexico congress displays alien corpses: Till now you have only heard about aliens, but have not seen them, if you get to see the bodies of aliens then you will be surprised, a ufologist showed the dead bodies of two aliens in front of the Mexican Congress.

Alien corpse news: Various claims are made about aliens. Recently a news came that NASA had seen an alien on Mars but accidentally shot it down. Amidst all this, two dead bodies were shown in the Mexican Parliament, which were allegedly claimed to be aliens.

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Jamie Mawson, who studies aliens, revealed that the bodies being shown to you are about 1 thousand years old. Both these bodies were recovered from Cusco, Peru. Mawson claimed that scientists doing research on this topic at the Autonomous National University have helped in creating DNA evidence through radio carbon dating. According to Mexican media, the video was shown under the title UFOs and Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena.

Display of alien bodies

Several clips of corpses surfaced on the social media platform ‘X’, where the bodies of two small non-humans were displayed in window boxes. During the show, experts testified under oath that the specimens were not part of our terrestrial evolution. “These are not the creatures that were found after UFO debris.

They are diatoms (algae),” Mawson said, as reported by TOI. were found in mines and were later fossilized. He was addressing the Mexican government and officials present during a congressional hearing and explaining his findings. He said DNA samples from both bodies were tested and other The DNA samples were compared and it was found that more than 30 percent of the DNA samples were unknown.

When the bodies of aliens were shown in the Mexican Parliament, X-rays were explained in detail. It contained eggs inside a body with rare metal implants. Ryan Graves, executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace, was also involved. However, Americans do not agree with this. Mawson has been linked to fake claims of aliens before.

Even though he was giving information about two dead bodies during the entire demonstration in the Mexican Congress. Experts say that till now there is only so much information about aliens that there is a world beyond this earth where some different types of people live. Most of the claims about aliens have been made by western countries.

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