Bank Locker New Agreement: RBI issued a new guideline regarding bank locker, some rules have changed, check details here

Bank Locker Agreement Renewable : Important news for bank locker customers, RBI made a big announcement, issued new instructions
Bank Locker Agreement Renewable : Important news for bank locker customers, RBI made a big announcement, issued new instructions

Bank Locker Rules: Now it will be easy for the customer to handle the locker and the responsibility of the bank will increase. Along with this, in case of any recall, it will be easier for the bank as well.

Bank Locker Rules Changed: If you have taken the facility of a bank locker, then you might have received information about the new locker agreement from the bank. If you have not received any such information till now, you can get it soon. Many people use the locker facility provided by banks to keep their valuables like jewellery, property papers, FD documents etc. safe. For this, banks charge an annual charge or rent. The Reserve Bank of India had issued new guidelines related to the last Khal Bank Locker. This has changed some rules.

Now it will be easier for the customer to handle the locker and the responsibility of the bank will increase. Along with this, in case of any recall, it will be easier for the bank as well. Now banks also have to keep in mind that they cannot add any unreasonable condition or rule in the locker agreement. Also cannot keep difficult conditions. Overall, now the safety management of the locker, rent and verification will have to be done. Explain that usually the bank provides three types of lockers to the people such as small, medium and large.

Now the agreement will have to be renewed

If you have not made the agreement till now, then you can know about it by going to the bank and by filling a new form, you can make a new agreement on the duty stamp paper. Both the parties will have to keep its copy with them.

Banks can take term deposits

Now, according to the new rule, banks can take term deposits only at the time of giving new lockers. It can cover rent for three years. Also, the charge for breaking the locker for any reason, but banks cannot compel old customers to take term deposits or those who are already running the account satisfactorily.

If there is shifting of locker

If the branch of the bank is merged with another branch or is closed or has to be shifted, in which the location of the physical locker has to be changed, then the bank will have to publish a notice in at least two newspapers. The customer will have to inform about this two months in advance so that he can decide to continue, discontinue the locker facility etc. If the locker rent has already been taken, the refund will have to be given to the customer.

Make a nominee

Often we make the mistake of not making anyone a nominee in a bank locker, but do not do this, make your locker a joint name or make someone a nominee. Many such cases come to the fore when after some untoward incident happens with the owner of the locker, later the family members have to face many difficulties in accessing that locker or their account.

Locker will break only after 2 years

If a locker is not in use, the time limit for legally breaking the locker has been made 2 years because many times the customers neither pay the rent to the bank nor use the locker. Here, if the locker rent continues to come but the customer who has taken the locker does not come to operate it for a long time, then he can give his goods to the legal heir or nominee, but this will be done in a transit way.

Banks will have to increase the safety of lockers

Banks will have to make adequate arrangements for the security of the locker. Bank will be liable up to 100 times the rent of the bank locker in case of fire, theft, robbery, robbery or building collapse due to negligence or neglect of the bank. However, in the case of sky lightning, flood, earthquake etc. which are not in the work of the bank and which are called act and ass, the bank will not be responsible for them. RBI has clearly said in the notification that banks will have to increase the security in their campus.

will get notification

Customer will get SMS and Email notification every time the locker is used. This will reduce the worry of locker in their mind. If your email and phone number is not updated in the bank, then definitely get it done. The Bank is responsible for the security measures in case the locker is operated through electronic system. If the customer forgets the password, the bank will provide a new password. If the locker key is lost, inform the bank immediately.

keep these things in mind

  • Do not keep all the things in one place, if you want, you can also keep your valuables by dividing them in half. Whether that husband and wife can take separate lockers or keep some less valuable things in the locker at home. Due to this, complete loss can be avoided due to any untoward incident.
  • Usually people open the locker only once in a year. Now they are not allowed to do so that they keep paying the rent of the locker and do not physically check their locker by going to the bank. Banks may say that paying only the rent is sufficient. Also, never forget to pay your locker piece or locker charges on time.
    When you sign the bank agreement, read it thoroughly first. Do not forget to keep a list of all the goods kept in the locker kept with you along with your advance by keeping a copy of all the customer orders.
  • Usually people take out jewelery etc. from bank lockers during the wedding season. In this case, whatever jewelery you remove, update it in your list. Update the list again when the jewelery is deposited back in the locker.
  • While taking the locker, do check its size so that it can be known whether your documents are coming in it or not. Do not take a smaller locker to save on the rate. If the option is available, then keeping the security in mind, take a locker that is higher than the ground.
  • If water gets filled in the locker room due to some reason, then the documents can get damaged due to water going into the lower line locker. If you keep your documents in the above line, then you will be able to save them from moisture.
  • After putting a lock on the door of the house, just like you check again whether the lock is on or not, in the same way, whenever you close your locker, then check properly that it is completely closed.

Locker will not be misused

No customer can now keep cash or currency in his bank locker. Also, cannot keep any kind of chemical or any explosive. If ever the bank has any kind of doubt, it can contact the customer. In such a situation, the customer can be prevented from accessing the bank locker, but the customer will be given a chance to open the locker in front of the committee through the entire legal process.