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Best Earphones Under Rs 2000 in India – June 2018

If you are in search of some quality and durable earphones or earbuds but do not want to splurge on the price tags pitched by bigger brands like Apple’s Beats by Dre and Bose, then you are in the right place. Check out our list of best earphones under Rs 2000 right now!

Best Earphones Under Rs 2000 in India

Good pair of earphones are essential to be able to appreciate music of every taste and genre. Here, we have listed the best earphones under Rs.2000 that have premium sound quality.

Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium In-Ear Extra Bass Earphones

best earphones under rs 2000 sony
Joining our list first are a pair of great earphones from the tech giant Sony. Sony’s MDR-XB55AP is a widespread set of earphones by the creators of the Walkman, that really takes the deep tones to a brand-new level. These earphones are what lovers’ of bass and tones dreams are molded of. The MDR-XB55AP packs powerful 12 mm neodymium speaker drivers that simply obliterate the competition when we’re talking about volume and bass. The sound is not only powerful but also quite balanced and lively. The highs and lows are splendid, the sweetness of mid-range is just to be cherished. The balance is great as the lows are not eclipsed due to that humongous bass.

The design is slightly different yet still appealing. The silicone tips derive in 3 proportions and are comfortable with a nice fit. The body is high quality and sturdy, the cord is saw-like, tangle-free and also of premium quality with gold plated 3.5 mm jack. These are a powerful pair of earphones which we absolutely are enthralled with, the worth that Sony adds in this powerful, profoundly relaxed pair of earphones are a must buy. It is one of the best earphones under Rs 2000. The microphone that comes equipped on these MDR-XB55AP’s are also decent and picks up voice with ease.

Though these earbuds are not designed for the active individual, the locked fit and durability make these earphones a competitor with the ones designed with sports and activity in mind. There is no compromise in sound quality and precision of bass. These earphones speak volumes about itself: that premium feel coupled with soul-shattering sound, makes these one of the best pair of earphones in the category. Sony MDR-XB55AP can be purchased for about Rs. 2000.

Skullcandy S2PGGY-392 Smokin’ Buds 2

Skullcandy S2PGGY-392 Smokin’ Buds 2

Skullcandy is another respectable name and today we have the Skullcandy S2PGGY-392 Smokin’ Buds 2 earphones. The design is rather radical but not that fundamentally different from others earbuds, but the snug shape, with elastic tips, allows for a more ergonomic fit and comfort in the ears. They are powered by 9 mm speaker drivers which is not ridiculously loud, but gets the job done quite nicely. The sound quality is respectable, well balanced and powerful.

The audio highs are robust, the bass is respectable and doesn’t obscure the lows. However, do not expect ridiculous bass, so If you are a bass-lover, these Skullcandy S2PGGearphones might not satisfy you to fullest. The build quality is good enough, could’ve been better. The polyurethane build is not very pleasing in terms of sturdiness. These earphones utilize off-axis technology to keep the earphones secure in your ears, which is ultimately a plus. The headphones are quite the looker nonetheless and don’t fail to embark that premium and jazzy Skullcandy look the brand is known for.

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The cable is flattened out 1.2 m, tangle free. However, we don’t find these earphones justifying the ultimate sound branding as it is not that extraordinary. The resources used are not the very best but durable. If you are a Skullcandy fan, and don’t care much for the bass, the Skullcandy S2PGGY-392 Smokin’ Buds 2 might be a great choice for you. In this price range, it is one of the best earphones under Rs 2000. You can get a pair of these sleek earphones for about Rs.1500.

Audio Technica SonicFuel In-Ear ATH CLR100iS BL

Audio Technica SonicFuel In-Ear ATH CLR100iS BL

The company Audio Technica has been making some respectable steps in the budget section in the past couple of years in the market. The SonicFuel ATH CLR100iS are an amazing budget pair of earphones offering from the renowned brand in the western world. The earphones are exceptional and pumping bass-driven, clear, accurate and balance in audio. The quality is one of the greatest one is going to find at the price. Despite the exceptional sound quality of these budget offering, the build quality has suffered a lot of compromises as It seems.

The earphones are not that reat on design quality. The sturdiness is not something we could speak of at lengths here. The earphones look decent but are not ready for over-the-top use use, so If you want to get these, keep them with good care. The cord quality is not up to par either. These are a pretty great piece of earphones in sound performance but we would have been happy If ATH CLR100iS were more solidly built. Audio Technica ATH CLR100iS can be purchased for about Rs.1200.

Sony MDR-EX155AP In-Ear Earphones

Sony MDR-EX155AP In-Ear Earphones

If you are looking for some quality big name earphones for a low-budget price, these budget hero earphones by Sony are one of the best earphones under Rs 2000, Sony MDR-EX155AP are a exceptional choice. The earphones are powered by 9mm neodymium drivers that pump balanced yet powerful and dynamic audio, that provides a wonderful experience. The bass is not top notch as you’d expect but a lot better given the price. The tonal quality is great, the lows and the highs are distortion free, even at high volume.

These are amazingly powerful headphones. On the design spectrum of things, the build of the earphones is quite respectable and the consumer won’t locate any problems with respect to building quality as the metal finish really looks spectacular. The frequency range is quite remarkable, with good levels of separation. The earphones are super light as well and come with 3 pairs of protected fitting earbuds.

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The mic on this one is decent too. The in-line set of control with a single button is not the most versatile but works conveniently. The cord is standard, 1.2m long which is of decent quality. These are one of the best earphones at this price tag. Not designed for sports, these earphones maintain an impressive sound quality and build with superb comfort. You can buy Sony MDR-EX155AP In-Ear earphones for around Rs.1100.

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