5 Best Soundbars in India – Updated List June 2018

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bose best soundbars in india

Are you looking for 5 best soundbars in India. Then you have come to the right place. Here we have curated a list of best soundbars available in the Indian market.

5 best soundbars in India

CRT based television sets are a thing of the past. Flat screen televisions are the latest trends. But these flat screen televisions do not have much space for large speakers. This has an effect on the bass response. But that does not mean that you need to compromise on strong sound and effective bass response. Soundbars are one of the best ways to enhance the sound of your television or computer or MP3 player. There are a larger number of options for soundbars in Indian market. But if you are looking out for 5 best soundbars in India then you need to go through the below list.

1. Soundbars by Bose:

bose best soundbars in india

When we are discussing 5 best soundbars in India then Bose has to feature in the list. The sound quality of Bose is absolutely amazing. The output quality is unbeatable. This makes Bose top the list of the 5 best soundbars in India. The versatility of the speakers is one more reasons for their tremendous popularity. They can be easily connected to any device like LED televisions, laptops, phones etc.
• The soundbars from Bose have unmatched sound quality which gives them a competitive edge over other companies.
• Their soundbar has dialogue mode which helps in giving better sound quality.
• The remote control can be used for television bass etc.
• You can connect the soundbar via Bluetooth
• The prices are highly competitive.
Currently the Bose Solo Soundbar 5 is very popular. It has a compact size and it is very easy to use. But as compared to other soundbars with same specifications the price is a bit higher and it does not have a wall mount unit.

2. Soundbars by Philips:

soundbars philips

We are talking about 5 best soundbars in India. So naturally the sound quality has to be the best. Philips is one name which is known to give audio products with superior audio quality. So obviously their soundbars will find a place in the list of 5 best soundbars in India. Currently the HTL1032 soundbar by Philips is considered as a very good product. With this soundbar you can stream all types of music and it has inbuilt Bluetooth system. You can connect it with televiosn, MP3 players etc.
The size of this soundbar is perfect. This makes it easy to place it in front of your television. Philips is known for its good service. They provide support for the installation of the product and also give demonstration of the product.

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The Philips Fidelio B5/12 Soundbar is alson considered to be a good option. It comes with detachable speakers and the sound quality is good. But the price is a little high.

3. Soundbars by Sony:

sony soundbar

Good quality audio products are manufactured by Sony. It is obviously one name which must feature in the list of 5 best soundbars in India. Their HT-RT3 600 W gives your real surround sound. The amazing audio quality of this soundbar makes it one of the 5 best soundbars in India. It has six speakers. The power is of whopping 400W. It has all the normal features that you find in other sound bars. But it has some unique features as well. These are:
• slim line subwoofer
• hi-res audio badge
• Spotify Connect
• Google Cast
Installation of this soundbar is very easy. The performance of this soundbar is outstanding. But the output seems to be a bit too much.

4. Soundbars by Yamaha:

soundbars yamaha

The soundbars by Yamaha Music India has qualities due to which it is in the list of 5 best soundbars in India. The Yamaha YSP 2700 7.1 Soundbar and the Yamaha YSP-500SW both are considered as good products. The first one has 44 speakers. The power is of 180 W. This soundbar has Dolby Atoms. It also has the 4 K pass through. The soundbar can be connected by Bluetooth, Wifi and Music Cast. It has dual subwoofers. The sound quality of this product is wonderful due to subwoofer and the large number of speakers. No wonder that it is in the list of 5 best soundbars in india.

The sound from this soundbar sounds real. It is 5. Channels. But the designing of the soundbar is a bit problematic. It looks bulk when you compare it with the other soundbars in this list.

5. Soundbars from JBL:

jbl soundbars

The superior quality of JBL Cinema SB250 Wireless Soundbar is one of the main reasons that JBL is part of the list of 5 best soundbars in India. The installation of this product is very easy. You do not have to do much wiring. The amplification unit is in the centre and the speaker drivers are located at the two ends of the soundbar. The important controls of the product are at the top. Remote is provided for adjusting the levels and for making changes in the audio source.
You can keep the soundbar on a stand with the help of two feet at the two ends of the device. These feet can be removed if you wish to mount the device on the wall. Overall the product has a trendy look and the price is pretty competitive.

The sound clarity is very good. It has provision to adjust the bass level separately. The soundstage is wide. The sound package is excellent. But there are certain limitations in the connectivity options. The subwoofer is very bulky and hence it requires a lot of space. Sometimes you will find a little distortion in the sound when you play it at the loudest level.
All the soundbars listed here are pretty good. They have good quality and provide value for the money you spend. Which soundbar you will ultimately buy will depend on the features that you want in your soundbar and of course your budget. Make sure that you pick the one which has a sleek design, one which has excellent audio quality and has additional features that are useful. But yes all this you can decide only once you have finalised your budget.

Hope you liked this article on best soundbars in India. Do share your views with us in the comments section below.

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