Big change is going to happen in Google Play Store, you will be able to buy apps without downloading

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New Delhi, Tech Desk. The Google Play Store subscription model is about to undergo major changes. This information has been obtained through the company’s official blog post. Google is soon going to market (sell) the apps on its Play Store. That is, users will be able to subscribe to any app on the Google Play Store without downloading it. After doing this, users will be able to get rid of repeated pop-ups in in-app. Currently you download any app from Google Play Store for free, but to use some apps you have to subscribe. To do this, users have to purchase the app from the in-app marketplace after installing the app. This system is going to change soon.

If understood in easy language, then suppose you have downloaded Spotify or Youtube Music app to your device. As soon as you open these apps it prompts you for a premium subscription. Although you can also use these apps for free, but premium users get some additional (additional) features. To do this, these apps keep prompting you in between. In the new change in the Google Play Store, users will get a subscription option in the App Store itself. Users will be able to subscribe to the app without downloading it.

Billing Library Version 3

Some time ago Google had mentioned about Billing Library Version 3 in its blog post, in which users can purchase any app from outside. Not only this, users can also redeem any app’s free trial and promo codes even before installing the app. Although Google has hinted about bringing these features, but has not shared any official information for how this feature will work for apps.

At the same time, talking about TechCrunch’s report, a new feature of the Google Play Store can be found on the listing page, a free trial and install button and an install button. As soon as the user clicks on these buttons, the Play Store will give the user the option to purchase or subscribe to the app. In these two options on the listing page, the user will further enter information about the details and subscription model of the app.

Trying to make marketing model transparent

It is believed that this move of Google is being taken to make the marketing model more transparent. This will make it easier for developers to create a customer base. In the current situation, there are many users who download an app from the Google Play Store, as soon as the app has any kind of subscription model, users immediately delete that app from their device. By doing this, developers face difficulty in identifying the premium users. Therefore, Google is preparing to introduce the new subscription model, so that users with any subscription app will be able to subscribe directly from the Play Store. The benefit to the user will be that there is no need to install and uninstall any subscription app. 

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