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Big fall in share market, Sensex-Nifty crashed, foreign markets also broke

Share Market New Update: There has been a lot of ups and downs in the stock market these days. At the same time, the market gave an opening in the red mark today.

Share Market Tips: After Monday’s boom, now on Tuesday 28 June, there has been a decline in the Indian stock market. Market is open in red mark. At the same time, there has been a decline in foreign markets as well. The US market showed a decline. On the other hand, the Sensex has broken more than 300 points, while the Nifty has fallen by more than 70 points.

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On Tuesday, the second day of the trading week, the Sensex fell by 315.02 points (0.59%) to open at 52,846.26. On the other hand, Nifty has also seen a decline. A decline of 74.60 (0.47%) has been seen in Nifty. With this, Nifty gave an opening at the level of 15757.45.

fall in foreign markets, New Updates

Asian markets declined in early trade on Tuesday. In fact, the US market also saw a decline on the previous day. Also, oil prices climbed after last week’s fall. After which there has been a decline in the markets of many countries. In fact, oil has seen an increase in view of the economic slowdown as well as concerns over the loss of Russian supplies amid sanctions related to the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

The market remained like this on

Monday, on Monday 27 June, there was a boom in the market. On Monday, the Sensex closed at 53,161.28 with a gain of 433.30 points (0.82%). There was also a jump in Nifty. Nifty jumped 132.80 points (0.85%) on Monday. With this, Nifty closed at the level of 15,832.05.

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