Build mobile app in 5 minutes with geolocation and maps: Google


New Delhi:  In the past, Google has introduced many special features in the market to facilitate its users. Which can make the use of Google extremely special. At the same time, the company has revealed in the report that now Google has introduced a unique service for users. In which you will be able to create your own mobile app. Users can create a mobile app in just 5 minutes using geolocation and maps. That is, any person can now build a mobile app without code.

Google has announced that with the No Code Development Platform Appsheet from Google Cloud, anyone can build a custom application without writing code. Also, according to this technology, you can create a mobile app with geolocation and Google Maps in just five minutes.

Google says that the No Code Building platform of the appsheet allows you to quickly gather or connect apps and create data. ‘By including Google Maps in your appsheet application, you can create a simple geolocation app within minutes.’

Google said in its blog post that to keep track of its users, spend a little more time with this task based on the test update. Apart from this, you can also create automation applications in appsheets. The workflow functionality is tailored to your application before you test and review it. Amazon Fab Phone Fest: Samsung is offering huge discounts on these smartphones

Google stated that ‘inventory management is one of the most popular ways in which app makers not only use appsheets, but also introduce platforms. Whether you are managing inventory for an online store or want to update your home inventory process. Appsheets can help improve the development of your talent without any code. You can create an app from your Google Docs. The company says that over 200,000 app makers worldwide rely on appsheets.




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