Gwalior FASTag : Big News! Cars parked at home and toll tax deducted from FASTag

Gwalior FASTag : Big News! Cars parked at home and toll tax deducted from FASTag
Gwalior FASTag : Big News! Cars parked at home and toll tax deducted from FASTag

Gwalior FASTag News: The FASTag scheme of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is causing trouble for the drivers. 

There are many people in the city whose cars are parked at their house and have not passed near any toll barrier since last one week, yet toll tax is being deducted from their FASTag card.

When the SMS reaches the drivers, they are surprised. No satisfactory reply is being given to them even after contacting the toll barrier. This makes them feel cheated. At the same time, NHAI officials try to avoid responsibility by calling it a problem of the companies.

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had made it mandatory to install FASTag on toll passing vehicles across the country from 16 February 2021.

The reason behind this was to prevent cashless transactions and recovery of more than the fixed amount. Apart from this, this system was also started to get rid of the long jam in paying tax at toll plazas.

In such a situation, the drivers got FASTag made from various banks, NHAI and private companies and pasted them on their four wheelers, but due to technical problems, the problem has started with the drivers.

There are many people of the city who have not passed through any toll plaza in their four wheeler. Still, money is deducted from their FASTag account and SMS reaches them.

This amount is also more than the amount of tax fixed at the toll plaza, Due to which the drivers have to face problems. Many times they get this amount back after registering complaints and waiting for one to two months.

Case-1- Professor KS Thakur, School of Commerce and Business Studies, Jiwaji University, received a message on Friday that his car number MP 07 CC 9501 had crossed the Chonda (Morena) toll plaza and in return received 80 rupees from his FASTag. toll was deducted. While his car was parked in the university.

Case-2- Deendayal Sharma, who works for Tour and Travels, got a message that his car number MP 07 BA 4695 has crossed the Dagrai (Datia) toll plaza and due to FASTag mismatch, an amount of Rs 355 and Rs 185 was deducted from his account. Was cut While this vehicle of his had not even crossed the toll plaza.

First of all, it seems that the car was stolen: As soon as the driver gets the message of deducting money from FASTag, he first thinks that his car has been stolen. In such a situation, the drivers first arrive to see the car parked by them. There are many drivers who get messages during the night.

In such a situation, they wake up at night to verify whether the car is there or it has been stolen. After this they understand that money has been deducted from their account by mistake.


These are the technical problems coming : Fastag mainly works on cameras and sensors. Scanning sensors and cameras are installed at toll plazas to recognize FASTag. They deduct money from the account after matching the vehicle number and FASTag.

Many a times, due to server problems, money is deducted from the account of similar numbers if the vehicle’s registration number is not scanned properly. Many vehicles have designer number plates, due to which this problem occurs. This problem is also in the knowledge of the officials of NHAI, but even after a lapse of more than a year, no remedy has been taken.

You can get money back like this: There are many ways to get money back from FASTag. Complaint can be lodged with the company from where you have taken FASTag. Apart from this, complaints can be lodged online at the help desk on the FASTag portal. If the drivers want, they can also get their money back by complaining on NHAI’s toll free number 1033.


There are cases of money being deducted from FASTag without passing any toll plaza. This is caused by a server problem. Such drivers can get their money back by calling the toll free number.




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