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How much is the charge due to delay in credit card bill, every bank has a different account

Credit Card Interest Rate: If a credit card is needed somewhere, there is also a show off. There is a very fine line between appearance and need.

Anyone who is able to see the limit of this line, they take advantage of the credit card. Otherwise, most of the people go on getting stuck in the quagmire of debt. Therefore, it is important to use the credit card only when absolutely necessary and keep paying its bills on time.

Credit cards give you the freedom to make purchases. It becomes a support in times of financial crisis. Negligence in its use can be costly. Because if you do not pay the credit card dues on time, a person can fall into the debt trap. Banks charge hefty interest on credit card bills.

Different banks charge different rates for delayed credit card bills. And this charge is taken on a monthly basis. Many banks have changed the late payment fee of credit cards in the new year. Banks charge up to Rs 1200 per month for outstanding amount of Rs 50,000 or more.

State Bank of India Charges (SBI Credit Card)

No additional charges will be levied for payment of less than Rs 500 on SBI Credit Card. There is a late payment fee of Rs.400 for bills up to Rs.501-1000 and Rs.1,300 for bills up to Rs 1,001-10,000. A cash advance fee of 2.5% is levied on SBI credit cards.

HDFC Credit Card

If you have HDFC Bank credit card then there is no late payment charge for less than Rs.100. Late payment fee is Rs 100 for Rs 100-500 and Rs 500 for Rs 501-5000. Above this Rs 600 for up to 5001-10000, late payment fee of Rs 800 for 10001-25000 is charged. For up to Rs 25001-50000, the late payment fee is Rs 1100 and for more than 50 thousand, the late payment fee is Rs 1300.

ICICI credit card 

If there is a payment of less than Rs 100 on the credit card of ICICI Bank, the major private sector bank, then many charges will not be levied. In case of outstanding between Rs 100-500, a charge of Rs 100 will be charged. A late payment fee of Rs 500 is charged for bill outstanding up to Rs 501-5000, Rs 750 in case of balance up to Rs 5001-10000 and Rs 900 for arrears up to Rs 10001-25,000. In case of outstanding from Rs 250001 to 50 thousand rupees, 1000 rupees and in case of more than 50 thousand rupees, 1200 rupees will be charged as late payment charge.



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