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Here is how to link Aadhar to mobile number

Here is how to link Aadhar to mobile number 

Aadhaar has now become an important document not only to register your identity and avail the government’s social security schemes but also for financial matters like filing tax returns, opening a bank account or keeping your bank account active and so on. There are many benefits to link Aadhar to mobile.

You can e-verify the income tax return using your Aadhaar number wherein an OTP is sent to the linked mobile number. You can easily update your personal details online using your linked Aadhaar by entering an OTP sent to your mobile number. The copy of e-Aadhaar can also be downloaded where in verification is required to be done via OTP send to your linked mobile number.

There are other advantages of linking your mobile number to Aadhaar too.

In order to link Aadhar to mobile, there is a possibility of the below two scenarios:

1. You are linking your number it for the first time

2. You have changed your mobile number and want to update your Aadhaar data by replacing the old number with the new contact number. Aadhaar Card Update: Check online at UIDAI website

Steps involve to link Aadhar to mobile for the first time are mentioned below:

This need to be completed offline. Almost all the online transactions are authenticated via OTP (one-time-password) wherein the OTP is sent to the registered mobile number. Obviously, online authentication is not possible in this case as you are going to link your mobile number for the first time. In order to do this offline you need to follow these steps:

Firstly you need to get the Aadhaar Update/ Correction Form. You can either visit the Aadhaar centre or download the form from the UIDAI website.

Fill out the form properly; submit it to the concerned person at the centre and mention on the form that only mobile number needs to be added.

While submitting the Aadhaar update form, along with photocopy of your Aadhaar card you also need to submit a photocopy of your Identity proof document such as PAN Card, Passport and Voter ID card.

Post submission your biometrics will be verified at the enrolment centre. If you remember, while applying for Aadhaar your biometrics were recorded and to authenticate the changes, they needs to be verified.

Once the biometrics are verified, you will be given an acknowledgement slip. Usually it takes 2-5 working days for the updation process to happen but as per the UIDAI helpline the completion time for the updation is 10 days.

Below is the process described to update your mobile number online:

If you wish to update your mobile number on your Aadhaar online, you need to make sure that your existing mobile number is very much working and handy before you go for the online update. The reason behind this is, the OTP to authenticate the updation would be sent to your existing number you wish to change. Please note, the new mobile number will be updated only after the OTP sent on your old number is submitted.

There is an option on the UIDAI website under the Aadhaar Update tab, clicking upon which the user will be redirected to the Aadhar Self-Service portal.

There you need to enter your Aadhar number and the Captcha text to request for OTP.

The OPT will be sent to your existing mobile number and after submitting it you’ll be redirected to a new page, where you can update the required details.

Under ‘Select field(s) to update’, select ‘Mobile Number’

Now enter your new mobile number that you want to record in the database and proceed to submit.



  1. I am interested in going from Mumbai to Delhi along with my wife on 22nd November to attend the Pan IIT program at Greater Noida from 24-26th of November. We plan to return from Delhi to Mumbai on 28th of November. I shall confirm, once I register for the PanIIT. I am waiting for authorities to declare concession to senior citizen alumni.

  2. I have linked my mobile number with my adhar through an agency during the month of May 2017.
    But till date the message regarding getting linking of mobile number has not received.Kindly expedite the case.


  3. F I am unable to link my adhar card with mobile number. I am old 78 years age and lines on my palm are not clear due to aging. Vodafone people are helpless. They are askig me to wait till government changes rules for cases where lines on palm are not clear. Pl.tell me what I shoild do.


    • Myself n spouse went to Airtel gallery in Borivali (West) to link our Aadhar Cards with our respective Mobile phones, however, after no.of trials of biometric fingerprints they could not link our Aadhar Cards with our respective Mobile phones. We were told to go to Aadhar centre for new biometric fingerprints. Please let us know where is Aadhar Centre in Borivali (East) or Borivali (West) where our Biometric fingerprints can be renewed.

      • Sir it is the fault of Airtel biometric machines. It is same story all over the country. It happened with me also. And they trouble the customers by asking them to go for new biometric fingerprints.
        My advise for you is that before you go for the whole process of new biometric fingerprints, please go to another airtel center and try again. Dont tell them about your previous airtel visit.
        but still if you have to go to the aadhar center, these are the two centers in Borivili. But please call them before you go there:
        1. DENA BANK IAP COMPANY Pvt. Ltd Aadhaar Kendra, 101,1st Floor,Shreeji Shopping Center,Dena Bank,M G Road,Borivali East, Mumbai Suburban, Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400066 Contact person: Ajinath Nagannath Shelke PH: 8108931339
        2. CSC e-Governance Services India Limited CSC SPV Tejas Aadhar Center, aaple sarkar seva kendra, 3, surve chawl, near new fish market, kajupada, borivali east, mumbai, Mumbai Suburban, Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400066 Contact person : Tejas Prakash Dalvi PH; 9768493029 / 9004596426

    • Same issue for me also
      During linking mobile no with aadhar authentication failed is coming after pressing thumb
      Authorities forming rules only without solution

  4. Suppose a person is in possession of more than one mobile number and he links all his number with Aadhar as mobile service provider is asking for linking with Aadhar.In this case what will happen ?

  5. 1. If you go to an agency for Adhar Updatation , after seeing the condition, I doubt whether confidentiality of data would be assured?

    2. Since PAN and Adhar are linked compulsarily at the time of filing return, why the same input can not be ported by government to update the Adhar and linking with mobile No?
    3. Can any other means be thought to avoid the present agency system where excessive russ is there. They say one has to come and stand in que at 0700 hrs and then one data entry operator or some body will come and verify your entire documents as if you are going for new Adhar. Then they assign some date. On that date you have to again visit the centre.
    4. Any additional facility/help for Senior Citizen ?

  6. Many people do not have mobile phones, bank accounts, PAN cards but they may have Aadhar card. If Aadhar is linked to Bank accounts the same should be linked to mobile linked to bank account. If the linking is mandatory why can’t mobile company send their representative to houses and get the Aadhar linked from all the members in the family instead of asking 125+ crore poeple to go to respective mobile centers to link the numbers. Why so much of cost on customers. Biometric details should not be allowed to verify by franchise centers. If we have valid Aadhar number, we should be allowed to link this number where ever it matches the name, father name and address thru online process.

  7. Dear all this facility is very good for all users, i did change my DOB and address, so it is very useful to all of us…..make changes any time any were …..t h a n k y o u .

  8. It took me half a minute to link my PAN and Aadhaar. Since my mobile number is registered with PAN and ITax data, Aadhaar should accept it straightaway. In my case, mobile number was given while applying for Aadhaar, but the foolish clerk did not update it. Why a senior citizen should suffer from someone else’s mistake?

  9. I want to update my aadhaar card..but the mobile no which was linked to aadhaar card at that time is not active can I continue updation process?

  10. Suppose a person is in possession of more than one mobile number and he links all his number with Aadhar as mobile service provider is asking for linking with Aadhar.In this case what will happen ?

  11. We need to locate Aadhar Centre for renewal of our Biometric fingerprints as instructed to us by Airtel gallery authority. Where is Aadhar Centre in Borivali East or West.

    • Sir there are two permanent centres you can try: But call/check before you go.
      1. DENA BANK IAP COMPANY Pvt. Ltd Aadhaar Kendra, 101,1st Floor,Shreeji Shopping Center,Dena Bank,M G Road,Borivali East, Mumbai Suburban, Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400066 Ajinath Nagannath Shelke PH: 8108931339
      2. CSC e-Governance Services India Limited CSC SPV Tejas Aadhar Center, aaple sarkar seva kendra, 3, surve chawl, near new fish market, kajupada, borivali east, mumbai, Mumbai Suburban, Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400066 Tejas Prakash Dalvi PH; 9768493029 / 9004596426

  12. the phone number which was registered in adhar number if it is lost then how i will register the new phone number? GDA entry is also lodged against those missing phone number.please let me know how i will register the new phone number?

  13. My Aadhaar Card issued on 2012 contains already my mobile number. I have already linked my PAN with my mobile phone number. Airtel wanted me to again link my mobile phone number to my Aadhaar card. But my finger prints could not be read due to age related fading as I am 80 years age. I requested them to check my biometrics using my Iris scan. But this facility is not being provided by them. I have ported my mobile phone number to BSNL; but again there’s no Iris scanner provided in BSNL. I don’t know what am I supposed to do? VENKATARAMAN R

  14. I am aged 80 years and 9 months. My finger prints are not getting authentication by Aadhaar repeatedly. No Iris scan for authentication is being provided by Airtel and BSNL and other cellphone service providers. I think persons aged more than 75 or 80 years should be exempted from biometric authentication. I understand Incometax dept., have already exempted Persons of age 80 years or more from linking PAN with their Aadhaar card.

  15. A person is in possession of more than one mobile number and he links all his number with Aadhar as mobile service provider is asking for linking with Aadhar.In this case what will happen ?

  16. It is all very tedious and people at top just kill time in sending irrelevant replies to queries sent. It is strange that the first instant we have given all details like mobile no. , mail ID etc.but the same are not reflected.

    Nothing could be done without OTP.

    Almost more than year back I sent forms duly filled with all relevant proofs to Chhindwara office but the authotire s keep on replying that the same is not received and for reply it took more than months with sugar quoted words !!
    Very strange . If we go aadhar centre they charge exorbitantly and also time there is long queue ? when all such probles are being resolved ?? before forcing something compulsory ???

  17. My bank account is already linked to Cell number, PAN card and Aadhaar. When it is linked in one domain where is the need for linking everywhere. Can’t they use that data. What for this technology?

  18. It very nice of our country protection but many mobile company’s retailer shop take 10 to 20 rs charge for link adhar link for mobile number so what is the reason Govt take action for that

  19. Now many people link adhar for their mobile number first adhar card company earn lots of money and now mobile company do the same thing that is the big problem for people of our country not to tell that hard work but if you earn small amount and this type of govt projects became beggar because govt did not know howmany rupees earn mobile company through link adhar with your phone number it is a very harmful for us and govt also and mobile company’s now get lots of money Jio Bhai jio

  20. For updating mobile no first time it is required updating form, aathar card but why require other identity proof?
    If Aathaar card is not identity proof then what is it?

  21. The linking of Adhar to mobile phone might be good in many respect, however following problems need authentic response:
    (01) If a person possesses more than a single mobile phone, is there any way out to link all those numbers, to Adhar?

    (02) Fingerprint problem is common with seniors, so what’s the remedy for it?

  22. Thanks for the very innovative to identify a person by liking AADHAR with PERSONEL MOBILE ! But the authorities not imposed any ‘moral code’ for a[[lying and obtaining additional mobile phone. The Authorities shall make sure the ‘same cell number’ will be active always..!! This will lead to huge confusion in future when the activation discontinued with no active reason from the mobile owner!! Why every one should have common SOURCE OF HIS/HER mobile no??

  23. Same problem as referred to above by some aged folks . My husband (84) & I(79) both could not link our phones to Aadhar , because the lines on our fingers( all 10) have faded with age. Pl. advise what is to be done.

  24. Since last 7 years …i am not getting my Aadhar card… I stand up in Q many time..but every end of 30 days I get reply of ” your application is rejected without any reason….also wrote many letters to UDAI banzara hill Hyderabad..
    But no use. Can I go to court….?????
    Pls.gide me.
    With regards.

  25. My wife Anita Raj is having Aadhar Card ,which was got in 2013. But is no aware that whether she has given which mobile number. Therefore ,whenever I tried to up date her Aadhar card with new Mobile number OTP status is not known.

    Is their any other method to known the mobile no. And from where she can get update on.

  26. When I took my Adhaar Card , mobile number in that card is showing incorrect. How I can rectify this mistake. Please advice. Now I am in Dubai.

  27. Dear All,

    The Govt is behaving too foolish by inking Adhara to PAN
    ,to Bank A/c .
    to Mobile ,
    TO Driving License
    to Passport.
    to ATM
    What else

    This is mere waste. Total information will be leaked and it creates lot of problem for the individual.

    Lot of money is looted recently by culprits.

    So many people lost money..

    What the Gvt has taken action.

    No action .nothing.

    People lost lot of Money.

    In my view /opinion it is better to stop all this nuisance and don’t make such efforts by the useless Govt.

    Please awake don’t do Tughlak works:you are doing like Old Raja – Mohammedbeen Tughlak

    Govt is thinking they can do any thing.

    This is unnecessary.

    People will revolt

    This is Democratic Country.

    Stop non-sense immediately

    Dont make linking to anything to Anyone.

    Otherwise after some time it will happen very difficult to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    with very bad egards

  28. Dear sir, when I went to Suvidha Kundra in phase 11 , Mohali , my finger prints and also thumb impression was not visible and after several tries I was told that your finger and thumb impression has no impression coming up pl advice what shall I do now .

    • I was facing similar problem. I visited Aadhar centre and tried updating the finger prints. Initially it didn’t work since it seems that unless impression exceeding 50% is captured, it doesn’t get updated. Subsequently I came across a guy at a different centre who somehow managed to capture finger print which exceeded 50%. ओ had specifically had explained him my problem, and he managed.

    • Iam in USA How to link Aadhar card with my mobile no.
      Is fingerprinting necessary to link aadhar with my mobile?
      Is there any other method to link my mobile no with aadhar card without attending
      airtel office in india
      kindly help

  29. My Name is Mr.Esak Budhanbhai Shaikh, having Useing land Line Number 022-27561687.
    Mobile Number:-09920719587 / 09967488317 / 09969414566 / 08652454212

    Pls. Link My All Number with My Adhar Card.No.9385 9143 1783 this is Navi-Mumbai Base Addhgar-Card.

    Thanks/Best Regard
    CBD Belapur (W), Navi-Mumbai-400614.

  30. I have registered my residential landline phone No. 0291-2754656 to my Aadhar Card. Now I m facing a lot of problems as I don’t get my OTP number. Hence you are requested to either guide me or update my mobile number 91-9867789721 to my Adhar Card.

  31. I need to link my mobile no in Bhubaneswar, Odisha with my Aadhar no, which is of Jharkhand, so unable to link mobile no with Aadhar at Bhubaneswar. Help me to resolve this prob in Bhubaneswar.

  32. Dear sir/madam,
    I lost my mobile which was registered on adharcard. I want to changed mobile number but as per instructon above the OTP will be sent on registered mobile number so how can i changed?? And how much charged for this one of the private centre charging 150rs for this modification. Is actual charged ?? please help me

  33. It is unfair for the adhar authorities to insist a person to visit adhar centre to change the mobile number or include mobile number. It should have been possible purely online. At the time of getting adhar people have given land line number or mobile number. There was also a possibility that some body does not have mobile number at that time or changed the number now that had at that time. Now visiting adhar centre is hell of a job and it is a herculean task as of now because of the large Que. Before insisting mobile change they should provide sufficient adar centres otherwise it is like troubling common man. Let the authorities do something to address this problem.

  34. Dear Team,

    I have two sim card BSNL and Airtel, Bsnl no already activated. I also wants to activate Airtel no with same Adahar card.

    Please provide me Website so I can activate the same. Currently I am in working outside India.

    Please share any related information to my personal ID.

    Thanks in advance.

  35. I have four SIM three from three service provider like Him, Airtel, and Vodafone ..
    Whether it possible to link all against my Adhar Card ?

  36. My daughter Aditi Thorat is having Aadhar Card ,which was got in 2013. But is no aware that whether she has given which mobile number. Therefore ,whenever I tried to up date her Aadhar card with new Mobile number OTP status is not known.

    Is their any other method to known the mobile no. And from where she can get update on.

  37. What if I lost my old no. And its not in service from last 2 years and now I want to update my new number. What should I do now.? You and your system management… Sucks

  38. Hi Sir

    I do have vodafone no too . kindly advice how do I link my aadhaar to my mob no. I would like to link both the Mob Nos to Aadhaar card. Is it possible. Kindly Advice.


  39. I am in abroad & my ph no is also with me. It is not possible to present myself at customer service center with doccuments, please tell me how can i add my no with aadhaar card .

  40. No finger print came when i went for aadhar card centre. I got my Aadhar card as the person taking details, said, “it is fine”
    Recently I went to get it linked to my cell no. I eas told it is not possible to link.
    What can i do?
    Senior citizen 75 age.

  41. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am a retired person aged 64 years. Please inform me all the social benefits which I am eligible to receive from the Government and how to avail them.

    Please also inform what benefits I will receive by linking Aadhaar number to Mobile number.


  42. Two weeks ago i have linked my aadhar number with phone number in retail shop. But still i didnt get any update , suppose if i try to update again “already has been done” is coming .

    how do i check when it will link ?

  43. Uidi center in Bandra W. Told always syestms band hai. Kabhi phone attend nahi karte. Uidi centers is to long distance from my resident. What will I do now. I want updates my aadhar.

  44. The mobile number will be updated only when the existing mobile phone number is in-activated by the company. When the existing phone is unable to receive OTP how to log in to adhar card

  45. Not able to link Aadhar with Vodafone numbers as fingerprints not being recorded for both mine (79yrs old) & my husband’s(84 yrs old) We tried in 2centres.Kindly advice urgently.Vodafone is keeping on sending SMS ,but I don’t know what to do!

  46. I will never link anything to aadhaar. This is the government’s way of taking complete control over ones privacy. Especially from that worthless Modi. He is untrustworthy and a complete moron

    • i want to link mobile with aadhar card sent form at Hydrabad but my mobile was not registered only message received on mobile.How to register mobile no.with aadhar card procedure should be simple

  47. I want to link my Aadhar to my mobile nos. I have three Airtel connectios . All in my name. I visited Airtel retailer, but my fingures could not be scanned due to my old age. I am physically disabled. Pl help me

  48. It’s a good move about the Adhar where a UID is required in a country like ours.But using substandard cameras, most of the time server problem due to poor network the Biometrics are not recorded properly.
    Recently when I visited Vodafone centre where my Biometrics cannot be traced. I was asked to get a updated Adhar card. I being a senior citizen how much time and energy I have to waste because of the sub standard service.

  49. I have visited the Airtel office several times and while scanning my finger prints they are not matching or not readable.
    How to overcome the situation? They do no have an eye scanner to complete the formalities.. Is it possible to reload my figure prints and update the data?

  50. My old no 9429609918 is linked with aadhar. This is blocked and issued to someone by bsnl as I was not useing it for 6-8 months. Now I want to register my new no 9429025813. Earlier I was send a physical form to uidia but they have been not updated my new no. I am unable to walk as my age is 77. Pl advice what to do.

  51. hi i want to change my mobile no. but old no. is not with me now. as per above mentioned process of updating mobile no with Adhaar i need to have my old no. because OTP will come on that only. pls guide

  52. Please link my mobile no. And email to aadhar no 922500921445 please add to mobile no.-9136232119
    Mobile no.-9210889566
    Mobile no.-8010773419


  54. I tried linking my Aadhar with my phone number/pan number and pension account several times but unable to do that. I have updated biometrics two times in Sept. and second time in Oct. I am still not able to link my Aadhar with any of the above as everytime message received is “linking of Aadhar failed due to biometrics problem’ please help.

  55. I’m residents of Thane dist, suburban of Mumbai and holding Aadhaar card in this address. My first number of Maharashtra circle is already linked to Aadhar. I’m having one more number of Karnataka circle under my native address. I couldn’t not link this number since in both places saying Aadhaar and mobile is of two different state. What is the remedy. I want to retain both number. Please help me

  56. I am a partner of M/s. Atlantic Shipping And Transport Co. Having Office at “Vardh Vinayak Apartment Office No.3, Ground Floor, Near Parsik Sahkari Bank Ltd, Sector-29, CBD Belapur (W), Navi-Mumbai-400614. Tel;-022-27561687.
    Mobile No.9920719587 / 9967488317/ 86524543212 / 9969414566.Pls. Arrange to all Number with Adhaar.
    Mail / / /

  57. Dear sir, i want to ask one query that i am a person is belongs to Gujarat state and working in a Maharashtra state since last 08 years and i have a Mobile no. Of Maharashtra state.
    In this condition how can i Link my mobile no. With aadhar no. ??
    My aadhar card is Belongs to Gujarat and want to link Mobile no. Of Maharashtra state?

    Please Suggest.

  58. If adhar card so important then why not opting simple procedure. So many people’s mobile number are being blocked by telecom authority if they don’t use SIM. Rule should be made that SIM card no.should not changed at any cost once it is issued to any one. If it missed same number SIM should issued to person.
    It will become very convenient to keep mobile number linked with adhar permanently.

  59. Kamini Srivastava is my wife . Her Aadhar No is 7678 9406 3419 ,it is link with mobile no. 8860240578 .
    She has obtained a new mobile no- 9891546525 .
    Kindly arrange to link her new mobile no. with her Aadhar.
    Thanking you

  60. This is ridiculous to link even aadhaar to mobile numbers. Insane rule in India by Modi. I remember Modi saying he will bring all Black Money from Outside India which he failed and now started saying that its people who have black money and made note bandhi which was a total failure. He’s Just making everyone’s life Hell.

  61. Please sent my aadhar card and i have done two times.My figures are not qualifed in Vodhafone shop or etc.Now give me solution for matter and my mobile number 9757349314

  62. To change my mobile number in my AADHAR , I followed the same path as suggested by you BUT the option of selecting Mobile number ( Under ‘Select field(s) to update’, select ‘Mobile Number’) is not provided. Only the option of address change is there. Please help……

    • Respected sir,
      My Aadhaar no 792234609412 I give mobile no 9659305761 this number no activate so please ADD my Aadhaar active mobile noumber 7502778801.


  63. Dear sir please link my mobile no. 9880321754/8277116181 to ADRLINK # IS 388954926603 I HAVE DONE WITH AIRCELL RECHARGE CENTRE KEERTHANA ENTERPRISES HE COLLECTED RS. 20X2 RS.40 ALSO
    MBL # 9880321754/8277116181
    adhar #388954926603

  64. At the time of activation of a mobile phone Copies of Aadhar card and PAN are furnished to the dealer.Then why it should be necessary to link mobile with Aadhar or Pan ?

  65. My husband’s Aadhar card was linked to his official mobile no. He has since retired and had to return the mobile to his company. He would like to link his personal mobile no to his Aadhar card. How do we go about it as the old mobile no is no longer in use by the company either so even if the OTP goes to that no it does not help
    Look forward to yr urgent response.

  66. I have wrong phone number mentioned on my aadhar card please update my correct phone number 8880208811 in my aadhar card number 254411039502

  67. i have applied for change in my mobile no on 22/8/17 thro adhar sevakendra but still it is not carried to change the my new mobile no.

  68. My aadhar registered mobile sim is cancelled by Airtel due to not using for more than three months as was in USA.
    I will not get OTP. how I can register my new mob no

  69. I don’t remember the Mobile number registered at the time of getting the Aadhar card and now , when I tried to register a phone number with Aadhar it becomes very difficult since the Aadhar updating is handled by a private agency at Mira Road area (Thane Dist., Maharashtra). The agency representative comes only for 1 hour at Dena bank premises and only 15 people are allowed to submit the application and that too those who takes a token in the previous night by giving his/her name to the Bank security man. For the convenience of general public, this activity should have been assigned to the municipality or some govt agencies. The concerned authority may look into it.

  70. My name is Tapash Debnath, my aadhar no is
    546541728329, my mobile no is 9402166998 plz sir my aadhar no linked my mobile no

  71. Respected sir,
    My wife JAYANTHI SELVARAJ Aadhaar number 682611203244 give mobile number 9659305761 no activate so ADD her Aadhar active mobile number 7502778801.


  72. Linking of your mobile no. to Aadhar card is tedious process and it cannot be done online because linking of Aadhar card to your mobile service provider is part of KYC and this can be done by going to your service provider’s store where the facility is available. However linking your mobile no to your profile database is a herculean task as you to personally visit a Adhar facilitating centre and take token. I say it to be difficult because the centres are limited and the have a daily quota and many times they do not work due to technical problems. The problem will not be solved unless no of centres are increased.

  73. I have my adhar no. Unfortunately the mobile no. Which was mentioned in adhar card was lapse due to changes of RIM. TO smart at that time I was hospitalized therefore I can’t retain my that no.
    Now my question is that how could I change my mob. No. Becoz the oTP will be sent to that registered no

  74. I want to change my mobile number as existing number is not in use.
    The OTP sent on existing number is not workable, as such advise the process to change my mobile number, without OTP on existing mobile number.

  75. I am senior citizen.I submitted Adhar card photocopy to SBI few months back.I draw my pension from my SBI s/b account. I stay at a distant place and my account is at a distance.How to be confirmed whether my account is Adhar linked or not.If not what I should do.
    How to link my telephone No.with Adhar number.

  76. My old mobile number is not in use so company has been stopped my service. Now how can I update my mobile number and date of Birth. Please inform me by email
    Thanking you

  77. My Aadhaar Card No. is 315405903533 and the mobile No. is 9873545200 which is registered in the name of my son Amit Shrimali. Please let me how to registered this mobile No. to my Aadhaar Card. Due to non registered I am facing a lot of problems. Please advise.


  78. Dear Sir, My mobile number is already linked to Aadhar. I have one more mobile number . Should I link this also to Aadhar and if so what is the proceedure.

  79. Sir my brith date aadar card.1982.. h
    Is tiny knew Keira pre Shi date.05*11*1982
    My aadar card no is 341076148289
    My contact no-8447433123
    My Name is Anurag Singh

  80. Dear Sir, My mobile number is already linked to Aadhar on this number 9901311199 i have one more mobile number 9591324035 Should i link this also to Aadhad and if so what is the proceedure.My Aadhar 288910180669

  81. Sir my name is JakirHusain mansuri my Aadhar card number is 701022154935 please add mobile number my Aadhar card OTP my mobile number is 8128666636

  82. Ive lost d registered mobile can u pliz update this new no.9582006370 and my Aadhar no is 902099577012..

  83. Hi,
    My name is venkata rami reddy munnangi
    Please link my number with Aadhar
    Aadhar No.-672827484113
    Mobile- 9502884042)

  84. Hi
    i want change my DOB
    Actual DOB:01/01/1986
    Expected DOB: As per DOB certificate should be like this :20/06/1989

    can you please change as per DOB certificate .



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