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Indian railways ! RPF-GRP jawans do not have this right, 5 rules of railways are of great use; very few people know

Indian Railway Rules: If you travel by train, then this news is for you only.

Today we are going to tell you about some very important rules of railways. Next time before boarding the train, keep these rules in mind, otherwise you may have to face trouble. Failure to follow these rules may not only result in fines, but you may also have to go to jail.

According to the rules of Indian Railways, only TTE and mobile squad have the right to check tickets inside or outside the train. In such a situation, RPF, GRP jawans or other staff deployed for security in the railways cannot check your ticket. If they do this then you can refuse to show them the ticket.

If your train is missed due to any reason then TTE cannot allot your seat to anyone till the next two stations. That is, at the next two stations, you can complete your journey by reaching before the train. But keep in mind, after two stations, TTE can allot a seat to a passenger with RAC ticket. But you have the option of two stations.

You must know that other people cannot travel on the ticket. But, there is a different rule regarding the family. You can travel on a family member’s ticket. But, you should have a blood relation with the person on whose ticket you are traveling. Is. For example, if there is a ticket in the name of parents, siblings, spouse or children, then you can travel on their ticket. But for this you will have to go to the station and change the name on the ticket.

Apart from family members, Indian Railways also provides ticket transfer facility to students of any educational institute. In such a situation, the head of the institute has to apply in writing on letterhead along with the necessary documents 48 hours before the departure of the train.

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The Platform Ticket entitles the passenger to board the train. With this, the passenger will have to pay the fare from the same station from where he has taken the platform ticket. While charging the fare, the departure station will also be considered as the same station. And the biggest thing is that you will also have to pay the fare of the same class in which you will be traveling.




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