ITR Filing Documents : Taxpayers should keep these documents ready before filing ITR, otherwise there will be a big problem

ITR Filing : Your refund gets stopped due to these 2 mistakes, know about these mistakes.
ITR Filing : Your refund gets stopped due to these 2 mistakes, know about these mistakes.

ITR Filing Documents: The Income Tax Department has made the process of filing returns easier. But, it is very important for taxpayers to give correct information in the ITR form. Filling the wrong information can lead to the Income Tax Department declaring your return as defective

ITR Filing Documents: The deadline for filing Income Tax Return (ITR) is near. Experts say that taxpayers should not wait for the last date i.e. 31st July to file returns. There is a possibility of making mistakes in filing returns at the last moment. Secondly, there is a problem due to increased traffic on the e-filing portal. To avoid this, this is the best time to file returns.

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Entering wrong information in the form can make the return defective

Now filing Income Tax Return has become quite easy. You have to log in to the official website of the Income Tax Department. Before doing this, you need to collect some documents. This will help you fill in the correct information in the income tax return, so that there is no fear of your form being rejected. If you are a salaried taxpayer, Form-16 is most important. Your employer must have uploaded it on the employees website. You will have to download it from there.

Collect these documents including Form-16, AIS and 26AS

It will be better to collect documents like bank TDS certificates, bank account statement, Form 26AS, Annual Information Statement (AIS) in advance. If you have worked abroad, then foreign bank account statement will also be required. If you have invested abroad, then its transaction statement is also required. If you have paid tax abroad and want to claim its credit, then Form 67 is necessary. However, you will be able to claim this credit only when the country where the tax has been paid has an agreement with India to avoid double taxation.

There should be no mismatch in the data of Form-16, AIS and 26S

If your income is more than Rs 50 lakh and you want to use ITR-1 to file returns, then details of your assets and liabilities will also be required. It is important to keep in mind that while submitting the return, you do not have to attach any document with your ITR form. These documents are necessary only so that there is no mismatch in the data of Form-16, Form 26AS and AIS. In case of mismatch, the Income Tax Department can ask you questions. If you already have all the documents, you will not have any problem in answering.

These proofs are necessary for Section 80C, 80D and 80CCD (1B)

If you have invested in ELSS of mutual funds, then you should have its statement. If you invest in National Pension System, then you should have proof of contribution. You should have the receipt of life insurance premium payment. If you have bought a health policy then it is also important to keep the proof of its premium payment.

Income Tax Notice : If you make more than this amount in cash while purchasing a property, you will definitely get an income tax notice

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