LIC Pension Plan : Good News! Invest once in this plan of LIC, then you will get pension every month, know details

LIC announces profit of Rs 9444 crore, dividend of Rs 4 on every share
LIC announces profit of Rs 9444 crore, dividend of Rs 4 on every share

LIC Saral Pension Plan can be seen as a retirement plan. After depositing the lump sum amount in this, you start getting pension, which continues throughout your life.

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), the country’s largest government insurance company, has policies for people of every age group. Many of these schemes are very popular and along with safe investment, they also give tremendous returns on the investment amount. We are talking about such a policy of LIC, which guarantees you pension every month. The special thing is that you have to invest only once in this and with this you start getting pension. The name of this policy is LIC Saral Pension Plan.

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The age limit for the scheme is 40-80 years.

This LIC Saral Pension Scheme, which guarantees pension throughout life, can be purchased by a person between the age of 40 years to 80 years. You can take this scheme alone or along with husband and wife. In this, the policyholder is also given the facility to surrender anytime after six months from the date of commencement of the policy. Similarly, in case of death benefit, if the policyholder dies, the investment amount is returned to his nominee.

Popular as a retirement plan

LIC Saral Pension, which gives fixed pension every month, is also seen as a retirement plan. Actually, this scheme fits perfectly into post-retirement investment planning. Suppose any person has recently retired. If he can invest the PF fund received during retirement and the money received from gratuity in it. Then he will continue to get the benefit of pension every month throughout his life.

No maximum limit for investment

In LIC Saral Pension Plan, you can buy annuity of at least Rs 12,000 annually. There is no limit on maximum investment, you can get pension according to your investment. In this screen, any person can get pension on annual, half yearly, quarterly or monthly basis after paying the premium under this plan. He can buy annuity from this lump sum investment. According to LIC Calculator, if any 42 year old person buys an annuity of Rs 30 lakh, then he will get Rs 12,388 every month as pension.

Loan facility also available

In this pension policy of LIC, loan facility is also provided to the policyholder. Under Saral Pension Scheme, policyholders can also take a loan after six months. Another special thing in this simple pension scheme is that the amount of pension you start getting, you will continue to get the same amount throughout your life. To buy this plan online, you can visit the official website of LIC

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