LPG Gas Cylinder Price : Good News! In the joy of Holi, the price of gas has become cheaper, like this, book a quick look from the mobile.

LPG: Government's big decision, giving 3 LPG cylinders free annually to every family, know how
LPG: Government's big decision, giving 3 LPG cylinders free annually to every family, know how

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LPG Cylinder Price: If you want to book cylinder before Holi then there is good news for you. Customers are getting a chance to buy LPG cylinder for just Rs 634. In this era of inflation, the state-owned oil company Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has brought cheap cylinders for the customers.

Lightweight and cheap cylinders.

New Delhi: Talking about the specialty of this cylinder, it is light and cheap too. The name of this cylinder is composite cylinder. It is lighter than the 14 kg cylinder. It can be lifted with one hand and it looks great too. Its design will be liked by the customers.

Composite weight of 10 kg.

Recently, Indian Oil Corporation Limited had given information in this regard by tweeting. Let us tell you that the specialty of this cylinder is that they are transparent. And their weight is 10 kg. That’s why their price is also low.

Cylinders can be easily moved here and there.

Due to the lightweight of the cylinder, it can be easily carried from one place to another. Composite cylinder is a good option for small families and bachelors. Its actual price is Rs 633.5.

There is no rust in the composite cylinder.

According to media reports, this cylinder has many more features. It is anti-rust. It does not explode. Since these are transparent cylinders, then seeing this LPG gets to know how much is left and how much has been exhausted.

Let us tell you that on March 1, the price of LPG cylinder was increased. Gas companies had made a big increase in the price of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 105. Its price has now gone up to Rs 2,012 in Delhi, Rs 1,963 in Mumbai and Rs 2,095 in Kolkata.


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