New pay commission: Big news for employees! Benefits of new pay commission will be available soon, important meeting on May 26, pay revision soon, allowances-leave-pension will be amended

7th pay commission: Good news! There will be an increase of Rs 21000 in the salary of central employees, know the update
7th pay commission: Good news! There will be an increase of Rs 21000 in the salary of central employees, know the update

There is great news for the employees. Soon they will be given the benefit of the new pay commission. For this an important meeting will be organized on 26th May. Many important preparations can be discussed in this meeting. It is believed that soon the matter of salary of the employees will improve. Along with this, there will be an increase in leave along with their salary and allowances.

New Pay Commission, Employees News: There is big news for the employees. Actually a new pay commission will be constituted for them. Preparations have started for this. The government has constituted the Seventh Pay Commission to revise the pay scales of state government employees and prepare new pay structure etc. An important meeting has been called on 26 May.

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Important meeting on 26 May

The important meeting to be held on May 26 will be chaired by Sudhakarrao. Seventh Pay Commission has been appointed on 19th November 2022 for the review revision and report to the government regarding the secretary of the seventh pay commission state pay allowances and others. In this meeting, important information will be given on salary and allowances of government employees, employees of aided educational institutions, employees of local bodies and non-teaching staff of the university.

Replies and Demands will be received by the Commission

The replies on behalf of the Union in respect of the questionnaire will be received by the Answer and Demands Commission. The same commission will discuss the demand request opinion of their association. An important decision will be taken on this in the meeting on 26 May 2023. According to the information, this meeting will be held at 12:00 noon in the Vidhansabha Class VII State Pay Commission, Third Floor, Old Stone Building.

Salary allowance will be discussed

It has also been informed in the meeting that a presentation will be presented by the union covering all the points. Answers to the questionnaire will be briefed on demand and other matters. Along with this the information on 10 aspects will be prepared objectively and uniquely.

6 months extension in pay commission tenure

Let us inform that earlier the tenure of the Pay Commission was extended. According to the order issued by the Karnataka government last week, the tenure of the Seventh State Pay Commission headed by Sudhakarrao has been made for 6 months from May 19, 2023. Along with this, more delay will be seen in the salary revision of the employees.

Rani Korlapati, Secretary of the 7th State Pay Commission, has written a letter to the President of the Karnataka State Government Employees Association in this regard. In the letter, the subject of the meeting with the Head of the Department has been selected on the feedback demands of the departments. This letter has been written with reference to the Seventh Pay Commission’s constitution order dated 19th November 2022, memorandum no. 17th January 2023 to the officer and 10th February 2023 by the President of the Karnataka State Government Employees Union.

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