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Post Office MIS: Dhansu Scheme of Post Office! Open account of children above 10 years, will get 2500 rupees every month


Post Office schemes: If your child is 10 years old or more and you also want to make savings for him, then you can open a Post Office MIS account in his name today. You will get tremendous benefits in this account. Let’s know.

Post Office MIS Scheme: If you also want secure profit and want better return in less investment then post office scheme is best for you. Post office MIS is such a savings scheme in which you will be able to take advantage of it in the form of interest every month by investing money once.

There are many benefits of this account (Post Office Saving Scheme). It can also be opened in the name of children above 10 years of age. If you open this special account (Post Office Monthly Income Scheme) in the name of your children, then you will not even have to worry about his school fees. Let us know all the details related to this scheme.

Where and how to open account

You can open this account (Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Benefits) in any post office.
Under this, a minimum of Rs 1000 and a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh can be deposited.
At present, the interest rate under this scheme (Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Interest Rate 2021) is 6.6 percent.
If the child’s age is more than 10 years, then you can open this account (MIS Benefits) in his name

The maturity of this scheme is 5 years, after that it can be closed.

Know About the calculation

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If your child is 10 years old and you deposit Rs 2 lakh in his name, then every month your interest will become Rs 1100 at the current rate of 6.6 per cent.
In five years, this interest will become a total of 66 thousand rupees and in the last you will also get 2 lakh rupees return (Post Office Monthly Income Scheme In Hindi).

In this way, you will get 1100 rupees for a small child, which you can use for his education.
This amount can become a good help for the parent.
Similarly, if you deposit 4.5 lakh rupees, then you will get about 2500 rupees every month.

1925 rupees will be available every month

The specialty of this account (Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Calculator) is that it can be opened a joint account with single or three adults. If you deposit Rs 3.50 lakh in this account, then you will get Rs 1925 every month at the current rate. This is a huge amount for the children studying in the school.



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