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Post Office’s best scheme! This is how you will get 14 lakhs on investment of Rs 95

New Delhi: From the point of view of security, the investment made in the post office scheme is considered the best.

Post office schemes (post office scheme benefits) are going to give good returns. Today we are telling you about the most profitable investment plan of post office. In this scheme, you have to invest only Rs 95 and on maturity you can get a fund of Rs 14 lakh. Let us know about this scheme.

Best for those living in rural areas
This investment scheme has been brought by the post office for the people living in rural areas. Its name is ‘Gram Sumangal Rural Postal Life Insurance Scheme’. In this scheme, you can save up to Rs 14 lakh by saving Rs 95 daily. Also, in this scheme, on the survival of the policy holder (Post Office Life Insurance Scheme), the benefit of money back is also available i.e. the amount you invested will be fully refunded.

This is the age limit to take the policy
In Gram Sumangal Yojana, the policyholder also gets bonus on maturity. This scheme can be taken for 15 years and 20 years. The age limit for taking the policy of Gram Sumangal Yojana is from 19 years to 45 years. Its most important thing is that any Indian citizen can take advantage of it.

Bonus on maturity and 40% money
In this policy, the holder gets a sum assured of up to Rs 10 lakh. If a person survives till the maturity of the policy, then he gets the benefit of money back. This benefit of money back is available three times. Under this, 20-20 percent money back is available on the completion of six years, nine years and 12 years in a 15-year policy. On maturity, the remaining 40 percent of the money including bonus is also given.

This is how you will get the benefit of money back after 20 years
Those who take a policy of 20 years, they get money back at the rate of 20-20% on the terms of 8 years, 12 years and 16 years. The remaining 40 percent of the money is given on maturity along with bonus. On the death of the policy holder, the nominee is given the sum assured along with the bonus amount.

installment will come
If a person of 25 years takes this policy for 20 years with a sum insured of Rs 7 lakh, then every month an installment of Rs 2853 will have to be paid. That is, about 95 rupees will have to be saved daily. In this case, the annual premium will be Rs 32735. If someone wants to pay it in six months, then it will become an installment of Rs 16715 and Rs 8449 in three months.

Bonus will make lakhpati
In this policy of the post office, 1.4-1.4 lakh rupees will be available in the 8th, 12th and 16th year at the rate of 20-20 percent. In the 20th year, the benefit of sum insured of Rs 2.8 lakh will be available. In this, annual bonus of Rs 48 per thousand will be added, which will be Rs 33600. On totaling, the bonus was Rs 6.72 lakh over a period of 20 years. On adding all the installment and bonus amount, you will get a profit of about 13.72 lakh rupees.



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