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PPF Account Age Limit: Till what age can you open PPF account? check here immediately

PPF Account Age Limit: There is no age restriction to open a PPF account. Along with adults, minors can also have a PPF account.

However, in case of minors below the age of 18 years, the account should be operated by a guardian on his behalf till he attains the age of 18 years.

There is no age requirement for those who want to open a PPF account. Even infants can have accounts of their own, but the account must be operated by an adult, also known as a guardian, until the child turns 18 , after which the child can operate the account.

PPF for minors 

Opening a PPF account for minors is a great way to save money after the birth of a child. For example, suppose you have a child and open a PPF account in his name.

You have to invest a certain amount every year – let’s say Rs. 2 lakhs in this case By the time your child is in the middle of adolescence, the amount in the account increases to around Rs. 30 lakhs, which can then be utilized for their higher studies. But if they don’t need the money immediately, the account can remain in place and you can continue to invest more money, thus increasing savings for future commitments or emergencies.

Since the contribution to PPF (Public Provident Fund) is made on an annual basis, it does not burn a hole in the pocket of the investors. And the promise of attractive returns makes it a worthy investment option.

Is there any specific age to start a PPF account?

PPF accounts (Public Provident Fund-PPF Account) can be started at any time. Given that there is no age limit for opening a PPF account, it only matters that the contributions are made at regular intervals so as to earn healthy returns in future.

However, it is advised that aspirants start opening an account sooner rather than later, as opening such an account early in a person’s life opens up the possibility of a more secure future.

In case of children, parents are advised to start a PPF account with the birth of the child. For adults who have completed their education and do not have a PPF account, the best time to open an account would be when you get your first job.

PPF accounts can be opened even after your marriage if you want to have access to permanent investment options for the future. That being said, as far as PPF (-Public Provident Fund-PPF) is concerned, there is no specific timing that can be considered correct. Individuals can open the account at any time as per their convenience.



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