Salary Hike : Big news for employees, announcement of increase in salary, other benefits will be available, 7.5 lakh rupees will come in the account

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There is great news for the employees. Actually his salary has been increased. Along with this, the salaries of the coaches have also been increased at a proportionate rate. Not only this, they will also be given the benefit of remuneration reward. With this, now Rs 7.5 lakh will be made available to them as salary per month.

Employees Salary Hike: There is big news for the employees. In fact, once again there has been a big increase in the salaries of the employees. Along with this, he will be provided Rs 7.5 lakh as salary every month. There is great news for the employees.

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Salary increase

Not only this, a corresponding increase in the salary of the coach and first officers has also been announced. This increase will be applicable from 16 May 2023. On Tuesday, the flight company SpiceJet has completed 18 years. After which the increase in salary has been announced. Pilot’s salary will be increased to Rs 7.5 lakh per month for 75 hours of flying. The increase will be implemented from 16 May 2023.

At the same time, the loyalty rewards program has also been explained in detail in the announcement. A tenure linked monthly reward of up to ₹100000 per month has been announced for the pilot. This amount is believed to be more than his monthly remuneration.

There was an increase in November

Earlier, the salaries of pilots were revised by the airlines in November 2022. The captain’s salary was increased to 7 lakh per month for 80 hours of flying. SpiceJet has announced cheap airfares on its 18th anniversary. Domestic budget airlines have announced the launch of UDAN tickets at Rs.1818.

Big ticket announcement

Gurugram HQ Airlines has also announced a special sale for one-way domestic fares starting at Rs.1818. This offer will be available on routes like Bangalore to Goa and Mumbai to Goa. Passengers can avail this sale from May 23 to 28. The same flight can be booked under the offer from 1 July to 30 March 2024.

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