Santa Claus will be able to track online, NORAD and Google will help


New Delhi:  People are still following social distancing due to Corona infection. Meanwhile, now December 25 is coming and everyone is waiting for Santa. You can track Santa sitting at home on Christmas. North American Aerospace Defense Command NORAD and Google have been monitoring Santa for the past few years. This time also, following the traditions of Christmas, NORAD and Google have activated their radar. After which it can be found out when and where you are going at Christmas. Both these websites will have many fun games and activities for children keeping Christmas in mind.

NORAD Tracks Santa has been in operation for the last 65 years. NORAD’s tradition of tracking Santa began in 1955 when a young child accidentally dialed the unallocated phone numbers of the (then) Continental Air Defense (CONAD) operations center, in a newspaper advertisement calling for children to call Santa Was asked for The director who answered the phone instructed his staff to give the children a ‘current location’ for Santa Claus.

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Every year, NORAD reports Santa’s location to millions of children and families around the world on 24 December. This year also, information will be available on the website. Apart from this, children will be able to play new games every day till December 24 on the website. These include Polar Plunge, Hyper Hockey and Holiday Marbles among others. There is also the website ‘Music Stage’, which includes Christmas hymns, many of them performed by US Defense Academy bands.

Talking about Google Santa Tracker, this website also tracks Santa and tells children where Santa has reached. This website was launched in the year 2004. It also has many games for children on the occasion of Christmas. This year, due to Corona on the website, you will be seen in Santa Mask.



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