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Smartwatch ! Google going to ‘screw’ with Apple! Going to launch own Smartwatch, know amazing features

According to the news, Google may soon launch its first smartwatch. This smartwatch has been given the codename ‘Rohan’ and it is being said that Google can directly compete with Apple Watch. Let’s know about this smartwatch. 

Now after its Pixel smartphones, Google can soon launch a smartwatch of its own. According to the news, Google is working on its first smartwatch which has been codenamed ‘Rohan’. According to a source in ‘The Verge’, Google will directly compete with Apple Watch with this smartwatch. Let us know in detail about this new product of Google.

Google is launching its own smartwatch 

According to a report by Insider and a person associated with the matter, Google is about to launch its first smartwatch in 2022. This watch has been given the codename ‘Rohan’ and Google’s Pixel Hardware Group is working on it. Let us tell you that this hardware group has been bought by Google this year and it is different from Fitbit.

Google will give competition to Apple 

According to the Insider report, it could not be ascertained whether this smartwatch will be called ‘Pixel Watch’ or not. This kind of guess is also being made because this smartwatch will also do the same thing that Pixel smartphones do for Android. Talking about the price, it is expected that this smartwatch will be more expensive than Fitbit and will give a direct competition to Apple Watch.

Features of Google Smartwatch 

Google has not given any information about this smartwatch, that is, officially there have been no disclosures about this smartwatch. But according to news and reports, this smartwatch will be equipped with basic fitness features like step counting and heart rate monitoring. It is also being said that Google may also bring Fitbit integration in the Wear OS of this smartwatch.

Not much information has been revealed about the release of this smartwatch, but it is being speculated that Google can launch this smartwatch by next year i.e. 2022. Let us see how long the information comes from the company about this device.




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