State Bank of India warns customers about winning the lottery through WhatsApp

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The more we rely on internet services over time, the more the scams of online fraud grow. The miscreants are trying to fool the common people to get new traps every day. This is exactly why State Bank of India (SBI) is issuing special warnings to customers. The state-owned bank said in a tweet post that some cyber criminals are targeting SBI customers and they are spreading fraud nets on WhatsApp. How? Let’s find out the details.


We hear all the time – fraudsters try to trap ordinary people by showing the temptation of lottery or free gifts through fake phone calls, SMS or URLs. Nothing like that is happening now with the customers of State Bank. Fraudsters are somehow obtaining customers’ registered phone numbers or WhatsApp numbers. Then, they try to persuade customers to win money by lottery or some prize by calling or texting them via WhatsApp.

Fraudsters are asking customers to call a State Bank number (which is completely fake). Tempted customers who call these numbers are asked to share their bank accounts and other such confidential information. According to the fraudsters, it is mandatory to provide this information in order to receive the prize money. In fact, these fraudsters wait for customers to make mistakes. If the customer makes the slightest mistake in the process of winning money, then all the money stored in the bank will be lost in a moment.


State Bank has made it clear that they are not conducting any lottery or lucky draw scheme or offering any gifts from the bank. In addition, no official of SBI or the company ever asks customers for bank account details or personal information.

Not only that, the country’s largest public sector has warned customers not to answer WhatsApp calls or messages from unknown numbers. Because SBI does not send any such email, SMS, phone call, or WhatsApp call to its customers.




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