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How the Jio phone exchange offer could transform the Indian telecommunication sector?



How the Jio phone exchange offer could transform the Indian telecommunication sector?

Here comes the most lucrative deal for mobile phone lovers. The Jio Phone exchange offer, also known as the Monsoon Hungama offer, has been opened for all retail partners. As per the offer, mobile users can pay a sum of INR 501, and switch to a Jio Phone. What’s more interesting is that the amount of Rs. 501 is refundable once 3 years is completed from the date of purchase. According to the official communication, the interested customer has to pay Rs. 594 for availing unlimited data and voice calls for six months. Therefore, an user needs to pay a total of Rs. 1,095 for availing this offer.

All you need to know about the offer

The recharge amount of Rs. 594 includes six repeated recharges of Rs. 99. Jio has recently launched a new Jio Phone recharge coupon. This Rs. 99 power pack offers its users unlimited voice calls, daily 0.5GB of 4G data, as well as 300 SMSs, valid 28 days. Users need to deposit Rs. 594 in advance and forget about recharging every month. Instead, the telecom giant will ensure the timely recharge of the same, equally distributed over the next 6 months. Each of those automated recharges would individually cost INR 99, which ends up to be INR 594, for 6 months. Additionally, Jio users would also receive a bonus of 6GB data voucher worth Rupees 101. This will provide the user data benefits of 90GB for the next 6 months.

Different plans available for JIO phone users

Presently, there are two Jio Phone exchange plans available. One with Rs. 49 and the other for Rs. 153. The Rs. 49 plan can be considered as a trial plan. This particular plan provides 1 GB monthly data. On the other hand, the Rs. 153 plan provides its subscribers with 1.5 GB data every day. Clearly, the 153 plan sounds interesting for those who have an higher appetite for internet consumption.

Eligibility criteria for availing Jio phone exchange offer

To elaborate on the publicly launched Jio Phone exchange offer, the phone exchange can be executed at any authorised Jio outlet. The exchange would be valid with any old 2G/ 3G/ 4G phone, but your existing phone must be less than 3 years old. You must also ensure that the old phone is in working condition. Besides, you must also provide a charger, compatible with the device. Handing over the phone to any authorised Jio dealer would make you eligible for the deal. However, you might not be able to avail this offer in case your old phone doesn’t meet the criteria.

Can you use your existing SIM card?

You should also get a new Jio SIM card with your new Jio Phone. However, if you wish to port your existing number into Jio, such an option is also available. But keep in mind, if you wish to use your previous Telecom service provider in your new Jio phone, that would not be possible. Besides, you would be paying for data and voice calls on the Jio platform. Therefore, it is advised to either port your existing connection to Jio or else, get hold of a brand new Jio SIM card.

Why buy more data, when you can use less?

Jio’s introduction to the telecom space has certainly changed the scenario from day 1. Now everyone has ample of data to use every day. However, there are many users who do not require too much data. They seek lesser data plans to fit their needs. As they use less data, they also expect the price of their data pack to be less than usual. Keeping their needs in mind, Jio has introduced the ‘Rs. 99’ plan, which comes with unlimited free voice calls, along with 0.5GB data each day as well as 300 SMS, valid for 28 days. Such a plan is helpful for those who wants to spend minimum of their hard earned money on internet and calls. As you already know, there are no additional roaming costs associated with Jio network. Neither do Jio charges it’s users for long distance phone calls. Keeping these features in mind, we believe the introduction of this latest Jio phone exchange offer is all set to benefit the middle class population.

JIO on its way of acquiring 100 million users

Now most people might be wondering about the reason why Jio has suddenly reduced their service costs. Afterall, it doesn’t happen too often that a leading Telecom company like Reliance reduces the price range of its phones, that too for such a lucrative price tag. The initial cost of a Jio Phone has been declined from INR 1,500 to INR 501, which is a big reduction fir sure. Such an event is putting spotlight on the RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani’s vision of universal digitisation of our nation. Even at the Annual Meeting of the Reliance Group, Mr. Ambani mentioned his purpose behind making Jio phones available for such a low cost. It is clear that Jio’s purpose is to aid the acceleration of India’s digital revolution. The extreme affordability of owning a Jio Phone is a perfect step towards achieving their goal. With the cheap price offerings getting affective, theoretically citizen of India has the opportunity of accessing the Internet, no matter where he live or what income stream he has. With such an offer rolling into the market, enjoying digital life is a dream come true. Besides, Jio’s wide network across the length and breadth of the country along with extremely strong pan India retail presence will make it easier for the company to acquire more customers. It is also to be understood that such a lucrative deal such as the the Jio Phone exchange offer was just dream. Availability of such an offer is all set to attract potential consumers, given that they would be entitled to do many features for less than their children’s school fees. Now that enough buzz has been created around the launch of their most awaited product offering, the Jio team envisions of acquiring 100 million users within the shortest time span possible.


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Reliance Jio Phone Delivery Second Phase of Pre-booking Begins



jio phone booking

Reliance Jio Phone delivery Second Phase of Pre-booking Begins

As per the recent reports, Reliance Jio has started the sales of its ambitious JioPhone again. The telecom company has started sending messages to customers with an attached link to buy the advanced 4G VoLTE feature phone. The link has a code which the customer is required to show at the nearest Jio outlet to get the Jio phone.

For those who are not aware about Jio phone, the 4G-enabled feature phone is priced at Rs 1,500 which is refundable after a duration of three years provided the user returns the device. One more important thing to know about pre-booking is that at the time of booking the person needs to pay Rs 500 upfront and the rest Rs 1,000 at the time of delivery.

As far as specifications are concerned, JioPhone offers smart features such as – voice assistant, the ability to support Jio apps like JioTV, etc. It gets a 2.4-inch QVGA display and is a single SIM phone. The phone also supports a micro SD card slot, torchlight, FM Radio and SOS option. There’s also a 2 MP rear-facing camera and a 0.3 MP front camera. The processor is dual-core SPRD 9820A/QC8905 one and there’s 512 MB RAM onboard, along with 4 GB storage, which is expandable to 128 GB. The device is backed by a 2000 mAh battery inside.

Jio Plans Updated: Here is the Full List of New Prepaid & Postpaid Recharges




Jio Plans Updated: Here is the Full List of New Prepaid & Postpaid Recharges


    • Jio’s revised tariff is applicable for new and existing users from Diwali onwards
    • Validity of many plans have been reduced
    • The post-FUP speed has seen a dip from 128kbps to 64kbps

As a part of Diwali tariff revision Jio plans have been updated as that telecom operator declared a fortnight ago. The revised Jio plan is applicable on both prepaid and postpaid plans and came into effect on the day of Diwali from October 19. While some plans have been discontinued, others have been added to the list, but the biggest shocker is that there is a rise of 15% in the price of Rs.399 plan. Postpaid users will also get validities for shorter duration under the new Jio tariff revision and the 64kbps post-FUP speed is now down from 128kbps for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Here is the full list of new Jio plans that you get, even those that the company has not mentioned in its list of plans on the official website.

Jio prepaid plans

Rs. 9,999

This one is the costliest Jio plan for prepaid users, the Rs. 9,999 recharge pack gives customers 750GB data for 360 days, without any daily FUP. However, the package includes free voice calls and SMSes and complimentary access to the company’s apps.

Rs. 4,999

With validity of 360 days the Rs. 4,999 pack gives the user 350GB of high-speed data. There’s no daily limit on the data consumption with this plan too. Also the plan includes unlimited calls (on roaming as well), 100 free SMSes per day, and free subscription to its apps with the pack.

Rs. 1,999

The Rs. 1,999 plan with validity of 180 days offers buyers 125GB data, without any consumption limit cap. Freebies such as the free calls and SMSes and apps subscription are also included in this plan.

Rs. 999

Jio’s Rs. 999 plan comes with 60GB of data which can be used for 90 days, again, with no limitations on how much data is used in a day. The freebies stay here too.

Rs. 799

Available for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus customers, the Rs. 799 recharge comes with 3GB data per day and validity of 28 days. This plan is not mentioned on the official Jio website, but can be found in the MyJio app or the recharge section of the site.  Free calls and other freebies are also included with this pack and become eligible for the 70% iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus buyback offer that Jio is giving to the users.

Rs. 509

The Rs. 509 Jio plan is the costliest one with a daily cap – you will get 2GB of 4G data per day valid for 49 days. This amounts to 98GB data for the validity period. Free calls and SMSes and Jio apps subscription is also a part of this plan.

Rs. 491

At Rs.491, this one gives you 91GB data for 91 days at 1GB per day. You will not be able to find this plan on the Jio website in the list, but can be found in the recharge page for sure. You will get the free calls, SMSes and Jio apps if you avail this pack.

Rs. 459

The newest plan on the block, the Rs. 459 Jio plan provides the user with 1GB data per day and the freebies, valid for 84 days. The new plan provides almost the same benefits that the Rs. 399 plan but at a higher price.

Rs. 399

With the tariff revision, instead of the 84 days the company is now giving 70 days of validity. Other details, like 1GB data allocation per day and freebies is same as in other plans.

Rs. 309

While this Rs.309 plan is not listed on the company’s official website, the Jio Rs. 309 plan can be still purchased from the MyJio app and the recharge section of the website. It still comes with 1GB data per day and the other free items, but the validity has been reduced from 56 days to 49 days.

Rs. 149

Valid for 28 days, the amount of data the company is bundling with this Rs.149 plan is just 4.2 GB. Additionally, there is a cap of 150MB on high-speed data consumption per day. In place of 100 SMSes per day, only 300 free text messages are included in this plan, along with the calls and apps access.

Rs. 98

Available with 14-day validity, the Jio Rs. 98 plan comes with 2.1GB data, doled out in tranches of 150MB per day. Free calls and subscription to the company’s apps is there. But for the entire validity period, free SMSes are limited to 140 texts for the users.

Rs. 52

Then there’s the new Rs. 52 pack with 7-day validity with 150MB daily high-speed data cap, totaling 1.05GB data. Buyers will get 70 free SMSes, free calls and access to Jio apps with this recharge pack.

Rs. 19

Another one which is not listed on the official website, this pack comes with 150MB data and validity of one day. With this pack, users will get free calls, 100 SMSes and apps subscription for the day.

PriceValidityDaily FUPBundled Data
Rs. 191 Day150MB150MB
Rs. 527 Days150MB1.05GB
Rs. 9814 Days150MB2.1GB
Rs. 14928 Days150MB4.2GB
Rs. 30949 Days1GB49GB
Rs. 39970 Days1GB70GB
Rs. 45984 Days1GB84GB
Rs. 49191 Days1GB91GB
Rs. 50949 Days2GB98GB
Rs. 79928 Days3GB84GB
Rs. 99990 DaysN/A60GB
Rs. 1,999180 DaysN/A125GB
Rs. 4,999360 DaysN/A350GB
Rs. 9,9993600 DaysN/A750GB

Jio postpaid plans

Rs. 999
The Rs. 999 postpaid plan included 60GB data and no limitation on how much data be used in a single day. As with the prepaid packs, subscribers of this plan will also get free calls and text messages, as well as the acess to Jio apps. The security deposit for the plan is Rs. 1,150.

Rs. 799                                                                                                                                                                                          
A new plan in the list, the Rs. 799 Jio postpaid plan provides customers 90GB, with daily cap of 3GB a day. Of course, all the freebies like free outgoing calls and SMSes are part of the plan also. But to get access to this pack, the user will have to pay a security deposit of Rs. 950. As with the prepaid plan, it is available only for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus customers.

Rs. 509
With a Rs. 600 security deposit, Jio users will get the Rs. 509 postpaid plan, which provides 2GB data per day. This totals to 60GB data for the complete billing cycle. Additionally, the user will get free calls, texts and access to the company’s apps with the package.

Rs. 409
Another new plan launched with the tariff revision, the Rs. 409 pack comes with 20GB data and has got no limit on how much can be consumed daily. The calls, SMSes and apps are free here also, and the security deposit is Rs. 500.

Rs. 309
With a security deposit of Rs. 400, jio plan provides 1GB data per day to the users. Of course, the other freebies, such as the calls, texts and the apps subscription are also included this plan too.

PriceValidityDaily FUPBundled DataDeposit
Rs. 3091 Billing Cycle1GB30GBRs. 400
Rs. 4091 Billing CycleN/A20GBRs. 500
Rs. 5091 Billing Cycle2GB60GBRs. 600
Rs. 7991 Billing Cycle3GB90GBRs. 950
Rs. 9991 Billing CycleN/A60GBRs. 1,150

Good news: JioPhone booking to resume post Diwali




Good news: JioPhone booking to resume post Diwali

“The second phase of JioPhone booking will start after Diwali. As confirmed by a Reliance Retail channel partner, the booking will most likely start from October-end or November first week,”

New Delhi: Reliance Retail will kick-start the next phase of booking for JioPhone post Diwali after finishing delivery of approximately six million mobile devices that were booked in the month of August, an industry source confirmed.

“The second phase of JioPhone booking will begin after Diwali. Most likely from October-end or maximum from November first week,” a Reliance Retail channel partner confirmed.

When the company opened bookings of the 4G feature phone from August 24, about million Jiophones were booked by people in just three days.

Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani had announced that the 4G handset  will be “effectively free” for customers, but to prevent misuse of this scheme JioPhone buyers will need to pay a one-time deposit of Rs 1,500 which will be fully refundable.

The deposited money will be refunded to buyers after usage of the phone for 36 months.

The company has further brought some relaxations to the refund scheme.

Under the new terms of partial refund set by Jio for the buyers, a refund of Rs.500 can be claimed if a customer returns the device in the first year, provided he/she has made recharge of Rs.1,500 during the term of their usage.

However, customers do have the flexibility to reach the Rs.1,500 per year usage figure as per their convenience by choosing among the various tariff plans launched by the company.

Likewise, if the phone is returned in the second year, the customer will a get refund of Rs.1,000 and in the third year total amount of Rs.1,500 will be refunded to the customer.

The delivery of JioPhones was started by Reliance Retail in small towns from the time of Navratri festival.

“The shipments started in metro cities very recently. The target is to complete all shipments around Diwali,” the channel partner confirmed.

JioPhone not Free. Rs.4500 to be spent on Jio plans & Rs.1500 refundable only after 3 years



JioPhone not Free. Rs.4500 to be spent on Jio plans & Rs.1500 refundable only after 3 years


There is a very famous saying: “There is no free lunch” – You can apply this to JioPhone as well. Yes, JioPhone is also not free. Well it was never free as many presumed it to be. However it was effectively free and the case remains the same now as well. But as per the recent announcement by Jio, it has clarified that if you are planning to use the JioPhone you should be ready to spend at least Rs.1500 for using the phone yearly for three consecutive years. So, in total you will need to spend Rs.4500 in a duration of three years, out of which Rs.1500 will be returned to you after three years of device usage as a security that you have deposited earlier.

The latest details can very well be seen on the Jio website, wherein they have updated the terms and conditions for the JioPhone to make them more clear for the general public. The site says:

“The JioPhone is available for continual use on the Recipient purchasing telecom recharge vouchers of an Authorized Carrier (presently Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited) from the Company or any of its authorized retailers for use in the JioPhone of a minimum value of Rs. 1500 annually for the duration of 3 years from the date of the first issue of the JioPhone.”

In simple words, it means that JioPhone user will need to pay a minimum of Rs.1500 on Jio data plans every year. The device will be paired with the Rs.153 monthly plan. This will allow user to access 512 MB 4G data and can make unlimited VoLTE calls and text messages. Using this plan also means that the user needs to pay atleast Rs.1500 in a year on Jio, which is a basic condition to use the JioPhone.

Jio has time to time spelled it out that a user will have to spend a minimum of Rs.1500 on the phone every year for three consecutive years. Previously too the company has said that the JioPhone user will be to shed some bucks on Jio plans to be able to use the device.

New terms and conditions has made a couple of things clear for the general public, which are:

– The weekly Jio plans, which are no doubt very cheap, should be used by JioPhone users on a temporary basis. However, if you are planning to get a JioPhone, it is almost mandatory for you to use the Rs. 153 plan or any plan of higher value.

– Jio doesn’t want people to take the JioPhone and then stop using it. If you are getting the JioPhone, you have to use it regularly. For that very purpose the refundable security deposit will be refunded only after three years of device usage.

In a nutshell, device users will have to shed Rs.1500 on Jio every year, the company has also said that they will have to use the phone for at least 3 years before they get Rs. 1500 back. A user can only claim the refund against the device after using it for 36 months but before 39 months. Also, one needs to make sure that while returning the device, the phone should be in a working condition with no damage.

However there are some slabs of refund designed for users returning the device before three years. Below is what he or she will have to pay:

– Returning before 12 months: Full fee of Rs. 1500 will be forfeited

– Returning between 12 months to 24 months: Rs. 1000 will be charged

– Returning between 24 months to 36 months: Rs. 500 will be charged

Yet again, there is nothing new that Jio is saying in its recent announcement. When the JioPhone was launched Mr.Mukesh Ambani has clearly stated that the users will get their refund of Rs.1500 back after the device for three years. But a lot of people were confused whether it was ‘after three complete years’ or ‘within three years’. But Jio has made it very clear in its recent announcement that the fee of Rs.1500 is refundable only after the device usage of 3 years.

Jio Phone Bookings Offline and Online: How to Pre-Order the Mobile, price, the Documents needed, and More



Jio Phone Bookings Offline and Online: How to Pre-Order the Mobile, price, the Documents needed, and More

Phone bookings of Jio have started in various offline retail stores in the Delhi-NCR area, much before the scheduled date of August 24, announced at the Reliance AGM. If there is an offline retailer who is taking Phone bookings of Jio right now, it can be ahead of the millions who are expected to buy the handset when bookings officially open. Gadgets 360 spoke to a retailer to know the details of the process for pre-ordering, how many units a person can order, the documents needed, delivery date and when the Rs. 1,500 refundable security deposit needs to be made. Read the complete article to know everything about the Jio phone booking.

Jio Phone booking with Aadhaar number

In order to book JioPhone, Aadhaar card needs to be submitted at an authorised Jio retailer, whether it’s a Reliance Jio outlet or is a store around the corner. As an individual consumer, only one unit can be availed per Aadhaar card across the country. As a result multiple orders cannot be placed in the hopes of getting more than one unit from different stores. After submitting the Aadhaar card, the details will be uploaded into centralised software that will assign a token number, which needs to be cited while picking up the phone.

Jio Phone Bookings Offline and Online: How to Pre-Order the Mobile, price, the Documents needed, and More

Jio Phone price

At the July 21 event, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced that effectively, the JioPhone will be free, with a Rs. 1500 refundable security deposit. Now, during the offline booking, nothing needs to be paid after submitting the Aadhaar number. The payment of Rs. 1500, will have to be made only when the unit assigned is picked up from the offline retail store. According to Jio, this sum can be reclaimed after 36 months of using the handset.

Jio Phone delivery date

The JioPhone date of delivery will be between September 1 and September 4, for those placing the order right now. As the number of bookings are going to shoot up over the coming week, the delivery date is likely to swell up. Hence, it is better to order the device in advance at the earliest. No specific date has been mentioned by Ambani at the Reliance AGM, though the device would be available in the month of September, he said. According to him, the company aims to deliver 5 million units a week to consumers.

It is not yet clear whether the bookings will be opened in phases or has started at all offline retailers right now. The clarification on this will be updated soon by the JioPhone team. The online bookings for the handset via the MyJio app will begin on August 24.

Jio Phone specifications, features

The JioPhone, at the entry-level will come with unlimited voice, texts and data. A monthly pack of Rs. 153 (Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan) will give the customers free texts, voice, free access to Jio apps for 28 days and unlimited data (high-speed data capped at 500MB per day). Ambani, at the 40th AGM, also announced an accessory called Jio Phone TV-Cable. This will allow any kind of television sets to be connected to the users phone. In order to connect phone to TV,  users will have to recharge with a monthly pack of Rs. 309.

Coming to the features of Jio Phone, the device comes with 2.4-inch display with QVGA display, an alphanumeric keypad, torchlight, FM radio and microSD card slot. The phone will be a single SIM handset which will work only on 4G VoLTE networks. The phone supports 22 Indian languages and voice commands. There is a panic button as well. During the keynote presentation, a short demo was showcased, of the voice command feature on Jio Phone. The device, via Jio music was able to play music.

As mentioned above, the handset will have a panic button. Long-pressing the number 5 will enable it. The phone has NFC support enabling digital payments. This will be rolled out to the users via OTA software upgrade. The feature phone will have the chips of Qualcomm and Spreadtrum. At the moment, the phone does not support WhatsApp. Though during the unveiling at the Reliance AGM, there is a glimpse of Facebook, Web browser, and PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat broadcast.

Get ready for new Reliance Jio Phone for Free. You can get it in two variants.



Get ready for New Reliance Jio Phone for Free. You can get it in two variants.

Jio Phone pre order booking (online and offline) starts from 24th August’2017

Though Jio Phone has already launched, but it is nowhere close to hitting the market at present – you might even have to wait for a couple of months before you can get to own the device. The main reason is that the Jio-branded phone will be available for beta testing on 15th August’ 2017, but this will most likely be for a very small section of the market. If your slot doesn’t fall in the beta trials bracket, you will have to wait for 24th August’2017, when the Jio Phone bookings start. It is up to the customer to either make the Jio Phone booking online or offline (through a retail outlet). This beta trial system is almost similar to what the company did an year ago with its telecom network, when it held a beta trial for select users for a few months before opening it to the public in September.

Jio Phone booking online

Jio Phone is free, according to Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani. But, the user has to make an upfront payment of Rs.1,500, which is refundable after a period of three years. Regarding this security deposit of Rs.1,500, he said at the AGM, “The security deposit is necessary to avoid any potential misuse of data.”


Titled as “India Ka Smartphone”, the buyer will have to shell out a deposit of Rs. 1500 which will be refundable, making it to be free. The amount, however, will be returned once the phone is given back after three years. This move is to increase the subscriber base, which is estimated to about 50 crore feature phone users who have not been able to join the Jio 4G bandwagon because of the high costs associated with smartphones.


The new phone will have 4G VoLTE and have in-built apps such as apps like JioCinema, JioTV, and JioMusic. The pre-booking of the phone will start from 24th August from the MyJio app and offline Jio stores. Those who pre-book will be able to buy the phone from September onwards. The phone will be available on first come first serve basis.

Data Plans

The data plans begin with Rs.153 with 500mb/day data availability. If one does not want to use monthly packs, then there are two sachet packs, at Rs.24 for two days, or Rs.54 per week.


The exact specifications are not officially out, but there will atleast be two versions of the smartphone. One with the Qualcomm processor, and another could come with a Spreadtrum chipset.

The screen can be mirrored on a LED or CRT TV, via a cable. This will also support UPI payments, and debit and credit card payments, Facebook, Jio Browser.

Mukesh Ambani Said,

“There are 78 crore mobile phones in India. Out of this, there are more than 50 crore feature phone users, who have been left out. They can neither afford the cheapest LTE smartphone, nor the steep cost of data.”


By targeting the common man, Reliance Jio has completely changed the face of the telecom industry. Advanced smartphones and 4G data usage is no longer a distant dream fort them. This will force other telecom players in the industry to renew their strategy to prevent the monopoly of Jio in the market by coming up with innovative schemes for the users.

Looking to buy Reliance JioPhone in bulk? There is a dedicated form for registration



Looking to buy Reliance JioPhone in bulk? There is a dedicated form for registration

Reliance Jio ‘s JioPhone will soon hit the market. Reliance Industries, at its annual general meet on July 21, unveiled the cheapest phone in the country that will be capable of running 4G internet and perform voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls.

Mukesh Ambani has gained a lot of attraction when he announced that the JioPhone is effectively priced Rs 0. Though the idea of getting a refund might be a stretch after three years, the device is still priced reasonably well at Rs 1,500. This price point has excited individual buyers who can get the device once it’s available for pre-booking from August 24.

However, Jio doesn’t want to stop at that. The company has launched a new ‘Keep me posted’ page for businesses as well. On this page, businesses interested in purchasing the device can order in bulk. The buyer will also have to select the number of devices they’ll need.

The landing page when you click on “Keep me posted” on the homepage banner asks you to register as an individual. But if you are looking to place a bulk order, then you would have to select “Business” and fill your details such as contact name, company name, pincode, PAN or GSTN number, contact email, phone number and lastly the number of devices you require.

Whether it is JioPhone or JioFi, enterprise request can be filled out for both devices for 1-5 units, 6-25 units, 26-50 units or 50 and above. When submit your interest, a message will appear thanking you and an email will be sent to your email address, which reads “Greetings from Jio! Thank you for your interest. We have received your details and our team will soon contact you. Thank You, Team Jio.”

Reliance Jio clearly has the intention to sell its JioPhone for businesses and it is likely a separate pre-booking option will be given to enterprises later this month. While the phone is effectively free, i.e Rs.0, JioPhone buyers would need to deposit a fee of Rs.1,500 which will be refunded after returning the used phone in three years.

To avoid fake registrations, the buyer is also required to input the GSTN or PAN number, name of the company as well as e-mail addresses for further correspondence.

No special price or offers are mentioned for businesses. However, it seems that these devices will be sold with a corporate package.

JioPhone is being publicized as ‘India ka Smartphone’ as it is aimed at the major feature phone market, which still captures a decent size in the phone market. The company also launched exclusive data plans for the device.

If you are still thinking whether to pre-book the JioPhone or not, here are the main factors to consider before you make the purchase:


Secondary phone
Owning a second hand feature phone that is capable of assessing 4G internet is not a bad idea for the buyers. When Reliance Jio came up with its 4G network in India, the brand registered a steep growth in customer base. However, there was no visible decline in the market share of top players in the telecom industry. Many users made Reliance Jio as their second SIM, as most smartphones these days, come with a dual SIM slot. Also, the phone offered by Reliance Jio might not be able to replace smartphones but they can definitely co-exist as an efficient secondary device.

Voice calls
Voice calls are one of the main reasons why people would want to buy feature phones. For people who prefer to make long calls, JioPhone might be one of the best investments. During the AGM event on July 21 this year, Mr. Mukesh Ambani clearly mentioned that voice calls will always be free on JioPhone. However, it is still unclear that these calls will require a working internet connection at all times.

Battery life
One of the biggest downfalls of smartphones is battery life. No matter how aggressive the growth in terms of processing power, features and design be, the smartphone industry has failed to provide a permanent and effective solution for short battery lives. The best in the industry can hardly survive two days without a charge. Feature phones on the other hand, don’t use heavy processors or anything power intensive.
With JioPhone, however the company did not mention about talktime that the device can offer but considering there is no touch screen panel to consume all the battery, the device should offer a decent power back up.

The JioPhone comes with a small 2.4 inch QVGA display on the front and instead of a touch screen it has a small physical keypad. In the era of smartphones and phablets, a phenomena of small compact design has become rather rare. JioPhone is similar to other feature phones, because of its compact size. But at the same time, it still has the capability of accessing 4G internet unlike other feature phones.

The biggest advantage that the JioPhone has is its capability of operating on 4G network, despite being a feature phone. As per the company, JioPhone users will also get a cheaper data plan at almost half the price of the existing Rs.309 plan. However, buyers using this plan will have an FUP of 500MB per day when compared to 1GB per day that can be availed with Rs.309 plan.

The feature phone can also become a streaming device for the television. JioPhone needs no smartTV either and can connect via a simple cable.

During the AGM, there was a slight mention of NFC in the JioPhone. According to the company, the NFC feature will be seen on the JioPhone later during this year. NFC as a payment method is still at a nascent stage in India. JioPhone can connect to debit, credit cards and UPI accounts for payments and can be used by just tapping on point of sale devices.

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