How the Jio phone exchange offer could transform the Indian telecommunication sector?



How the Jio phone exchange offer could transform the Indian telecommunication sector?

Here comes the most lucrative deal for mobile phone lovers. The Jio Phone exchange offer, also known as the Monsoon Hungama offer, has been opened for all retail partners. As per the offer, mobile users can pay a sum of INR 501, and switch to a Jio Phone. What’s more interesting is that the amount of Rs. 501 is refundable once 3 years is completed from the date of purchase. According to the official communication, the interested customer has to pay Rs. 594 for availing unlimited data and voice calls for six months. Therefore, an user needs to pay a total of Rs. 1,095 for availing this offer.

All you need to know about the offer

The recharge amount of Rs. 594 includes six repeated recharges of Rs. 99. Jio has recently launched a new Jio Phone recharge coupon. This Rs. 99 power pack offers its users unlimited voice calls, daily 0.5GB of 4G data, as well as 300 SMSs, valid 28 days. Users need to deposit Rs. 594 in advance and forget about recharging every month. Instead, the telecom giant will ensure the timely recharge of the same, equally distributed over the next 6 months. Each of those automated recharges would individually cost INR 99, which ends up to be INR 594, for 6 months. Additionally, Jio users would also receive a bonus of 6GB data voucher worth Rupees 101. This will provide the user data benefits of 90GB for the next 6 months.

Different plans available for JIO phone users

Presently, there are two Jio Phone exchange plans available. One with Rs. 49 and the other for Rs. 153. The Rs. 49 plan can be considered as a trial plan. This particular plan provides 1 GB monthly data. On the other hand, the Rs. 153 plan provides its subscribers with 1.5 GB data every day. Clearly, the 153 plan sounds interesting for those who have an higher appetite for internet consumption.

Eligibility criteria for availing Jio phone exchange offer

To elaborate on the publicly launched Jio Phone exchange offer, the phone exchange can be executed at any authorised Jio outlet. The exchange would be valid with any old 2G/ 3G/ 4G phone, but your existing phone must be less than 3 years old. You must also ensure that the old phone is in working condition. Besides, you must also provide a charger, compatible with the device. Handing over the phone to any authorised Jio dealer would make you eligible for the deal. However, you might not be able to avail this offer in case your old phone doesn’t meet the criteria.

Can you use your existing SIM card?

You should also get a new Jio SIM card with your new Jio Phone. However, if you wish to port your existing number into Jio, such an option is also available. But keep in mind, if you wish to use your previous Telecom service provider in your new Jio phone, that would not be possible. Besides, you would be paying for data and voice calls on the Jio platform. Therefore, it is advised to either port your existing connection to Jio or else, get hold of a brand new Jio SIM card.

Why buy more data, when you can use less?

Jio’s introduction to the telecom space has certainly changed the scenario from day 1. Now everyone has ample of data to use every day. However, there are many users who do not require too much data. They seek lesser data plans to fit their needs. As they use less data, they also expect the price of their data pack to be less than usual. Keeping their needs in mind, Jio has introduced the ‘Rs. 99’ plan, which comes with unlimited free voice calls, along with 0.5GB data each day as well as 300 SMS, valid for 28 days. Such a plan is helpful for those who wants to spend minimum of their hard earned money on internet and calls. As you already know, there are no additional roaming costs associated with Jio network. Neither do Jio charges it’s users for long distance phone calls. Keeping these features in mind, we believe the introduction of this latest Jio phone exchange offer is all set to benefit the middle class population.

JIO on its way of acquiring 100 million users

Now most people might be wondering about the reason why Jio has suddenly reduced their service costs. Afterall, it doesn’t happen too often that a leading Telecom company like Reliance reduces the price range of its phones, that too for such a lucrative price tag. The initial cost of a Jio Phone has been declined from INR 1,500 to INR 501, which is a big reduction fir sure. Such an event is putting spotlight on the RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani’s vision of universal digitisation of our nation. Even at the Annual Meeting of the Reliance Group, Mr. Ambani mentioned his purpose behind making Jio phones available for such a low cost. It is clear that Jio’s purpose is to aid the acceleration of India’s digital revolution. The extreme affordability of owning a Jio Phone is a perfect step towards achieving their goal. With the cheap price offerings getting affective, theoretically citizen of India has the opportunity of accessing the Internet, no matter where he live or what income stream he has. With such an offer rolling into the market, enjoying digital life is a dream come true. Besides, Jio’s wide network across the length and breadth of the country along with extremely strong pan India retail presence will make it easier for the company to acquire more customers. It is also to be understood that such a lucrative deal such as the the Jio Phone exchange offer was just dream. Availability of such an offer is all set to attract potential consumers, given that they would be entitled to do many features for less than their children’s school fees. Now that enough buzz has been created around the launch of their most awaited product offering, the Jio team envisions of acquiring 100 million users within the shortest time span possible.


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