These are great tricks from Google, you will not even know about them


New Delhi: Currently most people use Google to know about anything. Obviously you will also do. If you are asked how many tricks of Google you know, you will hardly be able to answer this. Today we will tell you about some of the tricks of Google, about which very few people know. Let’s know …

Barrel roll

As soon as you search by typing Barrel Roll on Google, you will see many links. Open the first of these links. Here your screen will rotate 360 ​​degrees. If you write 10 in front of Barrel Roll, the screen will rotate 10 times.

Askew tilt

If you search by typing Barrel Roll on Google, you will get many links. Open the first of these links. Your screen will be curved here.


If you search Google by typing Festivus, you will see an aluminum pole in the left side of your screen. Which is not usually seen.

Zerg rush

As soon as you search on Google by typing Zerg Rush, you will see many links. Open the first of these links. Here on your screen rings of many colors will simultaneously fall from top to bottom and gradually whatever is written on your screen will be deleted.

Google’s new feature

Google has recently come up with an amazing feature, with the help of which users can convert their 2D photos to 3D. Google has said that machine learning tools will be used for cinematic photos, which will measure the depth of the photo to make a photo 3D. This will be possible even when the camera in your original photo will not recognize the depth of the photo. However, with the help of a virtual camera, an animated smooth panning effect is created. Similar effects are seen in films.

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Google Photos automatically creates a cinematic photo for you. To use this app from Google, it is necessary that your app is fully updated. This feature will be available at the top of your photo grid as recent highlights. Users will be able to share cinematic photos with their friends and family. The updated collage design from Google will start rolling out early this month. Artistic design, superb layout will be provided to the user using AI in the recent refreshed collage.



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