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Vodafone Idea Money Saver Offer! Get 2GB data absolutely free by saving Rs 48

New Delhi. Vodafone Idea (Vi) has increased the prices of its plans, but even after that, they have many such plans and offers, which are very good and beat Airtel, Jio.

Now Vi is helping its prepaid users to save Rs 48 in recharge every month. This is because of the ‘Data Delights’ offer, which was announced after the prepaid tariff hike. Let’s know in detail about the ‘Data Delights’ offer …

What is Data Delights Offer
With the Data Delights offer, customers get 2GB of emergency data every month. This emergency or backup data is free of cost and can be redeemed in two steps by the customer as 1GB of data per day. Every month, the data will be reset to 2GB. Unused 2GB data will not be carried forward till next month. Let us know how you will save 48 rupees …

Vodafone Idea 2GB 4G data voucher worth Rs 48
If you want to buy 2GB 4G data voucher from Vodafone Idea, then you have to buy it for Rs 48. For many people in the country, this is an expensive amount to pay for just 2GB of data. But with the Data Delights offer, users need not pay Rs 48 for data to get 2GB data; It’s completely free.

These users will be able to take advantage of this
Note that the Data Delight offer is not applicable on every prepaid plan. Only select prepaid plans offer the benefit. According to Vodafone Idea, all prepaid plans of Rs 299 and above will come with ‘V Hero Unlimited’ benefit for customers. This includes Weekend Data Rollover Offer, Bing All Night Offer and Data Delight Offer.

These are all unique offers that are only offered by Vodafone Idea prepaid plans. There is also an over-the-top (OTT) benefit of Vi Movies & TV that prepaid plans from Vodafone Idea bundle. The Data Delight offer is good for those who need to purchase a small amount of data in case their daily data limit is exhausted. This helps them save money and is also very easy to redeem with Vi’s mobile application. The Weekend Data Rollover and Binge All Night offers are out of date, but they’re still great.



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