Waterproof Smartphone: This Smartphone will not break even after falling, it will run for 22 days in a single charge; Even water will not go, know the price


Waterproof Smartphone: Oukitel is about to launch its water-resistant smartphone. Which will come with a strong battery. The phone can last up to 22 days in full charge. Let’s know the price and features of Oukitel WP20 Pro..

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Waterproof Smartphone: Oukitel is globally launching the latest and upgraded version of the WP20 series, the Oukitel WP20 Pro rugged smartphone. The phone will be launched under the Global Premiere Sale on AliExpress at a discounted price of $109.99 (Rs 8,759). This sale will start from 22nd August and will end on 26th August 2022. Oukitel WP20 Pro adopts the best features and functions of its predecessor WP 20, but comes with various upgrades and exciting new functions. Similar to its predecessor, the phone has a lightweight body, large capacity battery and huge display. However, the Pro version comes with bigger storage space and remarkable hardware. Let’s know everything about Oukitel WP20 Pro…

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Know here, Oukitel WP20 Pro Hog Strongest

Designed to survive harsh and extreme outdoor conditions, the phone comes with an IP68/69K rating and the latest MIL-STD-810H certification, making it water and dust resistant. It can withstand a drop from a height of 1.5 meters and can also operate under high temperature and pressure. Weighing in at just 297 grams, the phone features a hand-holding sunken rear design that makes it lightweight and comfortable to use.

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Know About, Oukitel WP20 Pro Battery

The main feature of the Oukitel WP20 Pro is its powerful 6300mAh battery. It gives you 550 hours of standby, 55 hours of calling time and 60 hours of playback and comes with an OTG function that helps you charge other electronic devices. In this way the phone can be easily converted into a mini power bank if needed.

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