For mobile SIM, voter ID, passport, or license – Aadhaar is no longer needed



Aadhaar is no longer needed

For mobile SIM, voter ID, passport, or license – Aadhaar is no longer needed

This development came after the Supreme Count issuing an interim order on March 14, stating an indefinite extension of the deadline to link Aadhaar with mobile numbers, bank accounts and passports.

Aadhaar is no longer needed to get a mobile connection. Telecom companies will now be accepting other documents also, like driving license, passport and voter ID, since the Centre directed them to implement the new rule immediately.

The previous deadline was of March 31 and Supreme Court issued an interim order on 14th March which indefinitely extends the deadline for linking Aadhaar to mobile phone numbers, bank accounts, passports and other services. Dipak Misra, Chief Justice, headed a five-judge bench and mentioned that till the time no judgment comes on the constitutionality of “unique identification programme”, Aadhaar is no longer needed to be linked to these services.

  • Aadhaar is no longer needed: Times of India reported on Wednesday “To buy a mobile SIM, you no longer need an Aadhaar card”. Telecom companies have been directed by the government to accept alternative documents like passport, driving license and voter ID. Quoting Telecom Secretary, Aruna Sundararajan, it also mentioned that telecom operators need to follow the new rule immediately.
  • Supreme Court has indefinitely extended the deadline: On March 14, the Supreme Court extended the deadline of March 31 for mandatory linking of Aadhaar Card in order to avail various welfare schemes run by the government and services until the Constitution Bench delivers its verdict on validity of the 12-digit biometric number and the enabling law.
  • Extension of deadline applies to Aadhaar-mobile number linking: The deadline extension also applies to the mandatory linking of Aadhaar with mobile phone numbers and bank accounts. The Constitution Bench is hearing petitions that have challenged the constitutional validity of Aadhaar Card and its enabling Act.

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67 Responses to “For mobile SIM, voter ID, passport, or license – Aadhaar is no longer needed”

  • Ramesh.c September 15, 20182:08 pm

    Aadhaar card mobile number link

  • Syedshahidahmed July 24, 20182:30 pm

    THERE SHOULD be some good laws. to curb all sorts of mischief. We should like our country and be honest citizen. linking aadhar card is enough to passport. No use of police verification as people feel uncomfortable going to police station for unnecessary harasment.

  • Minarul hoque July 14, 201812:03 am

    Aadhar card number website me dediya

  • Minarul hoque July 13, 201811:59 pm

    Please open kordigia na

  • Minarul hoque July 13, 201811:57 pm

    Sir Many aadhar card ka fast name change Karna chatihu please open kordigia

  • B. C. Pramanik June 30, 20183:54 pm

    Supreme Court’s recent judgement regarding Aadhar Card should be gazeted in all media & news papers to save the common people from harashment

  • KADVANI JAYESH MANHARALAL June 24, 20181:44 pm

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    cheng to birt day ditel vayis

    • Minarul hoque July 14, 201812:38 am

      Many aadhar card fast name MD change Karna chatihu please open

  • swapnil kadam June 10, 20187:36 pm

    It was not compulsory since beginning. Hype by the Government of India steal information.

  • Archana June 10, 20186:41 pm

    Sim card providers are not providing the sim cards without the Adhar Card, none of them, not a single of them. What are we suppose to do?

  • shankar kumar June 10, 20186:07 pm

    due to aadhar card various poor become beg. because operator use there finger to withdraw cash without any information…………………………..

  • Syed mohmeen June 10, 20181:57 pm

    The supreme court rule is not applicable to mobile operators like Airtel,Jio,,Vodafone they are not bothered…they keep insisting Aadhar card for change of SIM,MNP etc…

  • B M CHENGAPPA June 7, 201812:23 pm

    In INDIA Thousand & one Acts& Rules are there. Its not applicable to all. But applicable to some or part of the citizen in defferent ways & means.Do you say those Acts are not required, Similarly Aadhaar is reqiired in our corrupt world

  • Bharathan June 7, 20188:22 am

    Not in the larger interest of the nation and common man

  • Ranjan June 7, 20187:38 am

    As recently as June 1st week, Vodafone is forcing to provide AADHAR for new connections; else their system does not unlock! Would the honourable SC please take it up? The company forced my mother to give it else the connection was not possible since the system would not unlock.

    At the Pune passport office managed by TCS, helpdesks instruct you to link it to AADHAR, however if you protest they allow you to go. Many people are thus being conned into linking passport with AADHAR

  • Deshmukh shriniwas June 3, 201810:56 am

    Thanks to SUPREME COURT OF INDIA. Very Good ,

  • I.H.kardar May 31, 20183:34 pm

    When aadhaar no longer needed to link bank account,passport,mobile phone or voter id.why should it be necessary to link pan card?

  • I.H.kardar May 31, 20183:25 pm

    When aadhar is no longer needed for sim why to be necessary to link pan card.

  • Ramshah Akbar May 31, 20182:39 pm


  • Arvind Kumar Chopra May 31, 20187:22 am

    India Government take decision to merge all the document like PAN, driving licences, voter ID,aadhar card ,ration card ,ID prof and etc .Issue one card all in one in aadhar card.

  • A K Rangan May 30, 20184:18 pm

    It can happen only in India. The availability of a foolproof Id with fingerprints is the need for an uniform Id for all . All countries follow this practice of using a secure Id including countries like China.
    Only those who
    Involve in money laundering
    Hoarding and other actions undermining the country , are opposing this tooth and nail for obvious reasons .
    It is an unfortunate and Ill thought out judgement , but you cannot blame them as they bend to Politicians .

    • sunil June 10, 20185:38 pm

      exactly whay should we be forced to link aadhar with SIM card and BAnk accounts and credit cards ,,,on existing accounts ,

      they have our address, our , pic, our PAN no. , our ,,,,, why do we eant to aadd a new card ????

      if we dont believe that the earlier cards and proof is adequate ,, then we should corrcet it ….
      clearly it an attempt to harrass the public on some issue or the other …

      the data in the hands of a single authority can be used for surveillance puposes ,, enough evidence that big data is misused everywhere ..

      i hope and pray supreme court does not fall prey to this kind of forceful methids to obtain data and control private lives of citizens .

  • Raja May 29, 201811:39 pm

    They focus about unnecessary stuff all kind of AADHAR CARD etc. We know how we are travelling in worst roads of india on every day. Why these lazy governament does not know about this things. 10 times we have to make them run on the same road, then atleast they realize what is the hell of roads. I want to talk to Modi, if they give opportunity and prime minister of India ready to walk with me, i will take him on my bike to educate.

  • PARESH May 13, 201811:19 pm

    need link aadhar with election card
    to reduce bogus voting

  • CD May 10, 201811:54 am

    … the data already collected by these guys ?

  • Rajashekar May 10, 20189:37 am

    I would say NO to this judgement of the government, meanwhile is there any harm in having an ID that is supreme and fool proof. Yes there are some there are some loop holes/ lacunae, where are we succeeded in implementing fool proof ideas in our administration?, currency, EPIC, even Adhara card itself. Try and make something that is not imitated next day by some smart generous.

  • Bonito May 9, 201810:59 am

    Latest news Mar 28th The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday refused to further extend the March 31 deadline for linking of Aadhaar with government schemes and benefits.

  • RAVISHANKAR May 8, 20188:51 pm

    Pretty unfortunate judgement…

    When the Govt. Is out to harness corruption in the system, the corrupt Babu’s, throw a crowbar in, and when the judiciary reverses the Govt. ruling, then the equally corrupt Janata ignites fireworks like this.
    May God rescue this corrupt country !!

    • RAjiv May 20, 201810:12 am

      Why are we so serious about linking adhar.
      World is moving towards automated technology. After few years biggest challenges would be jobs.
      And we are not even able to link driving license voter id with the adhaar. Just make them mandate to link with adhar and loose free to use which ever document could be use.
      Why Aadhar is unnecessary such a big issue.
      Its foolish.

      • Raja May 29, 201811:43 pm

        Babu Rajiv, all story is good for only suggestions. Look aadhar card clearly back side. It says through out country it is valid of identity, where if you go to other state SBI example, they won’t believe you as your are authorized person to open account. Then why this stuppid card for whole india needed. ? LOL, think bigger. Where is Online ? in india only states wont believe then what is suck with AAdhar to link. If you link then still why they ask your local address proof in many governament sectors. One address is not enough ?

  • BAJIRAO GURAV May 8, 20187:23 pm

    How use phone number to aadhar card

  • Alron May 8, 20185:52 pm

    But 14th March is not here yet… If not then which year are you talking about?

  • Parth j. Patel May 8, 20185:24 pm

    Pls…link my mobile number with my Aadharcard

  • Mayur May 8, 20185:23 pm

    Results is 30 – 70 %.

    30% – Good
    70% – Bad

    It must be mandatory….

    Good people use genuinely

    Bad people use for illegal work….

  • murali May 8, 20183:56 pm

    it is to be seen that every citizen should apply for the Aadhar card, then think of implementing.Bye

  • murali May 8, 20183:49 pm

    when 100% cards are made,then only the govt should insist for Aadhar. bye

  • Raja May 8, 201812:43 pm

    Some of the mobile network companies already forced people to link their Aadhar with their mobile number. What will be the solution for that? Irresponsible government.

    • nikhil May 9, 20185:34 pm

      i got a sim card yesterday on 09 may 18.i had to give my aadhar.the govt blatantly discredits supreme court orders.when we have to sing national anthem then the govt enforces it,very convenient.

  • Jayakumar Vasudevan May 8, 201811:18 am

    There was a E-Mail I received about misuse of Aadhar Cards for LPG Subsidy received by its beneficiaries by some strangers. Then the Central Government stopped the Subsidy to its beneficiaries. So also in other Sectors it will happen in due course of time. I think the Central Government should go through thoroughly on legality aspects of implementing IDs and the Government Schemes to help the mass of the country.

  • Dhrubajyoti Das May 8, 201810:36 am

    Government of India should instruct Paytm also not to insist for linking Aadhaar Card with the Paytm account.

  • Dhrubajyoti Das May 8, 201810:32 am

    Government of India should issue instructions to Paytm also as they’re still asking to link Aadhaar Card with Paytm account.

    • NITESH May 8, 201811:52 am

      PAYTM is not a government organisation…its a private enterprise…dont pull all your guns towards govt….it is you people who cry lot about corruption.

      Now, when govt. trying to stop or slow corruption u want to revolt…buillshit…whats the issue in getting a aadhar and linking it to various services..
      only the corrupt and the thief has issue with this…

      • nikhil May 9, 201810:30 am

        its because the corrupt rule this country, if i give them my sensitive information I’m bound to be harassed by the authorities.the cops are puppets in the hands of the powerfull.if i question the govt they will pick me up from my house and frame cases against me using my aadhar not think this is hyperbolic.rti activists who are successful are dead.unfortunately my country is not ready for aadhar.

  • Agit Soni May 8, 20189:42 am


  • Manoj dora May 8, 20189:06 am

    What about credit card ? , is it applicable for credit card or not .

    • Abdul Faheem khan May 8, 20185:07 pm


    • Abdul Rashid May 29, 20186:23 pm

      These private companies are selling your data for marketing purposes that is why they are insisting for ADhar Number and hard copies of ADhar even after getting your finger print on the said device I opened my three in one account with Kotak Mohindera Bank they took both finger prints and hard copy of my ADhar card and pan card
      These companies have no regards for Supreme Court of the country as Government of India does not take any action against these companies

  • Nand Lal Kapoor May 8, 20188:26 am

    It’s not good judgement as it will helps to increase corruption & crime rate in the country. so please change the decision immediately. it is doesn’t like better for such a good governance. Thanks & regards.

    • Tajuddin.H.M May 8, 20181:52 pm

      Aadhar is the only one to stop the corruption same as I D of UAE,Saudi Arabia etc. Robber and criminal can’t escape from the country. I think Indian Law makers should take action to protect our country financial.

      • abhi May 30, 20182:19 am

        yes like dogs and buffaloes will fly out of country by doing some robbery..right because they possess aadhar card as well. this govt just want to piss off middle and working class, nothing is happening to top knots, SC should imply some penalty in case companies are refusing to submit anyother kyc apart from adhaar

      • Biswajit May 31, 20189:18 am

        I support you….In India people think it is been targeted to some religion…

    • Nikhil May 8, 20182:28 pm

      Please honor the Supreme Court Decision and do not oppose to it. It is a Good Decision, and corruption is an attitude and nothing to do with escaping through Unique ID linking.

    • PINAKI ADHIKARY May 9, 201812:56 pm

      Very much good decision indeed by our respected Supreme Court. If our administration is run by most of the highly corrupted politicians and criminals then how could we expect for corruption less country.

  • prakash sonthalia May 8, 20187:34 am

    For KYC that to be given to bank need not to submit aadhar card, if the bank insist for aadhar card, kindly let me know what shoud i have to do

  • Rajan May 8, 20187:18 am

    Good news, people views .

  • satyam pawar May 7, 201811:31 pm

    If the supreme court’s judgement is for all those documents like Mobile SIM, Voter ID, Passport or License. Then why is it compulsary for Ration Card to link Aadhaar till now. afterall all these documents are more important than Ration card.. i suggest and request Supreme court to give same judgement for Ration card also. thanks

  • Chande4 May 7, 201811:30 pm

    Even now the mobile agency are asking for Aadhaar Card to issue new sim. It seem the govt. is siting quite on the orders of Apex Court and has not percolated the instructions to the mobile service providing agencies. The quite mod of government speed volume about the intension.

    Has any one received a new sim without Aadhaar Card, pl. intimate.

    • Abdul Faheem khan May 8, 20185:06 pm


    • Kiran May 21, 20186:23 am

      No….. yesterday only I were contacted idea n airtel for porting….. both are denied to do without adhar card even after telling it’s SC’s order…. saying they only have now arhar card n dint reached with any of such instructions from company or govt….

      Useless…. 😈👿👹

  • Anil D Kumble May 7, 20184:11 pm

    so sad. Supreme court is supporting corruption. it happens only in India.

    • Abdul Faheem khan May 8, 20185:10 pm


    • Merwin May 11, 20187:57 pm

      Dear Anil,

      I a, not really sure you have an idea what the debate is about. Aadhaar is all abut data that will be collected from your end for every primary purchase you make and sensitive information. This kind of data is not even secured yet and the Govt isnt assuring of any better security or scrutiny. So its more about data protection than corruption.

  • Satish May 7, 20183:38 pm

    Corrupt government

    • Dr.Ajai Kumar Aren May 8, 20184:29 pm

      Aadhar is not needed now for Mobile ,Passport,Voter I Card .Than why it is to be linked with the Income Tax Return.

      • jacob May 31, 201812:53 pm

        That’s a very good question??

      • Bhakt Kishore June 1, 20188:25 pm

        This is an ad ppl even cant recognised.. hahaahahha

    • Biswajit May 31, 20189:14 am

      Gov’t is not corrupt.we people are corrupt.coz of our own benefits we support all this things .who will give q at telecom and bank to link adhar is waste of time.but people have time to spend time at free wifi 📶 tower for social networking..Gov’t has to strict on some decisions which is good for Nation.


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