Good news for employees, will get the benefit of two increments, proposal ready, preparation to give grant to common citizen

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Complete preparations are being made by the state government for the employees. Under this, they will be given the benefit of 2 increments. A proposal has been prepared for this. Preparations have been made to give benefits to other people as well. New orders will be issued soon in this regard.

Employees Increment: A proposal has been prepared by the state government to increase the salary of the employees. In fact, proposals for one more two increments have been prepared by the state government for the employees. The Chief Minister made it clear that eligibility for financial benefits has also been fixed. Employees who fulfill the eligibility will be given the benefit of increment.

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365 days leave provided

In fact, before this, an exercise has been started to encourage the local people to have more children and stop the falling fertility rate. The government has already provided 365 days maternity leave to women in the state while 30 days paternity leave has been given to male employees as well.

In this case, Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang says that the pregnancy rate in Sikkim has recorded the lowest increase of one child per woman in recent years. The Chief Minister says that there is a need to arrest the falling levels of encouraging local people, including women, to have more children. Even before this, 365 days maternity leave has been announced by the government to the women. At the same time, employees are also being encouraged to have children.

Salary hike proposal ready

Under the announcement made by the state government, a proposal has been made to give one increment to women employees for giving birth to a second child and two increments for giving birth to two children. The financial benefit will not be made available to a woman having only 1 child. Common people will also be eligible for financial assistance after having multiple children. Preparations have also been made for this. Its details are being prepared by the Department of Health and Women and Child Development.

Grant up to Rs.3 lakh

The same Chief Minister has clarified that the government is also providing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) facility in the hospitals of the state. If a woman cannot become a mother, such a woman will be encouraged to conceive. On the other hand, if a woman gives birth to a child through this process, she will be given a grant of up to Rs 3 lakh.

Financial assistance will be provided to the general public

On the other hand, mothers who have more than 2 children and are not government employees. Financial assistance will also be provided for them. Orders for this will be brought soon. The CM has clearly stated that the decline in the indigenous population will threaten the primacy of the Sikkimese. In such a situation, it is necessary to increase the fertility rate. Explain that such a decision by the Sikkim government has come at a time when states like UP and Assam are supporting the policy of preventing people from getting government jobs if they have more than 2 children. Talking about the population of Sikkim according to the 2011 census, it is every 6.11 lakhs. In which the number of males is 323070. The same number of females is 287507.

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