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Indian Railways Luggage Rules: Do you also carry more luggage in the train? Know the rules of railway, otherwise fine may be imposed

Every day in India, lakhs of people travel by railways. Indian Railways provides the facility of traveling to every class of people.

This is the reason that even today railways are considered as the most convenient resource for travel. If you also travel by railway, then you must take care of some things related to it. So that you do not face any kind of problem during the journey. If you do not know much about this then there is no need to panic.

Today we will tell you some rules of the train. If you do not follow these rules, you may also face trouble. There is no problem in the train even in carrying a large quantity of luggage, but a limit has been fixed for this too, due to which the railway does not allow carrying more luggage. Let us know what these rules are.

How much luggage can you carry?

Just as the limit of carrying luggage has been fixed in air travel, in the same way a rule has been made by the Railways, under which passengers can carry a maximum of 50 kg of luggage with them. For carrying more luggage than this you will have to pay a separate fare for it.

For those traveling in AC coaches, this limit has been kept at 70 kg, while those traveling in sleeper can carry up to 40 kg of luggage without any extra charges.

If a passenger is carrying a large luggage, the railway charges him separately. For this, a minimum fee of Rs 30 has to be paid. Apart from this, the Railways allows any patient to carry oxygen cylinders and stands etc. with them during the journey.

According to the rules of the Railways, passengers are not allowed to carry explosives or inflammable substances with them. In such a situation, that passenger may face trouble as well as he may have to pay a heavy fine.



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