Ration Card Benefit: Ration card holders will get 3 months wheat, date extended for e-KYC, complete the process by 30 September….

Ration Card Benefit : Relief news for ration card holders, 'Gift Hamper' will be available with extra grains, sugar, flour and oil will be available.
Ration Card Benefit : Relief news for ration card holders, 'Gift Hamper' will be available with extra grains, sugar, flour and oil will be available.

There is big news for lakhs of ration card holders. On one hand, they are being provided the benefit of 3 months wheat. On the other hand, due to technical problems, the beneficiaries are not able to avail the benefit of cheap ration. Not only this, the dates for KYC have also been extended. Which will benefit the beneficiaries.

Ration Card Benefit: If you are also a ration card holder and are taking advantage of the government’s free ration scheme, then this news can be very useful for you. The date of e KYC verification for ration card holders has been extended by the government. Bad news is coming out for the ration card holders from Punjab.

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In Punjab, the family associated with the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana is now facing a big problem in the growing issue of wheat at the ration depot. Lakhs of families and depot holders across Punjab associated with the scheme are facing huge problems. Due to a technical fault in the biometric machine in the ration depot wheat case, the work of wheat is currently stuck in limbo. The eligible families associated with this scheme are facing a big loss due to this.

3 months free wheat benefits from July to SeptemberThe ration depot holder belonging to Ludhiana district has a huge outstanding quota of wheat, but due to malfunctioning of the biometric machine, the depot holder is facing a lot of trouble in distributing it to the eligible families for the last one week.

From time to time, the food and supplies department was informed by the depot holder to the employees of different officers about their problems, but so far no solution has been found to the technical problem.

Families are making rounds of ration depots but due to the machines not working, the benefits of wheat are not being made available to them. Let us tell you that during the present time,

the benefit of 3 months of free wheat from July to September is being provided by the Central Government to the benefit eligible families related to Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. It is believed that the problem will be resolved soon.

e kyc verification date extended 

Major preparations have been made by the Himachal government. Under this, the date of e-KYC verification has been extended for the ration card holders, the ration card holders who are deprived due to any reason can complete the work of e-KYC by 30th September, e-KYC verification is mandatory for the ration card holders, otherwise this should not happen. In such a situation, they may have to face problems related to ration.

Earlier, August 31 was fixed as the last date for eKYC verification in the department. However, due to the increasing number of consumers not doing eKYC verification, the date has been extended once again. Ration cards of consumers who do not do e-KYC will be closed and they will not be able to get the benefit of cheap ration under the public distribution system.

Earlier, due to heavy rains in the entire state since July 10, a situation of waterlogging had arisen at many places. There was interruption in electricity and internet due to which e-KYC verification was not done. The date was extended, giving great relief to the ration card holders. If verification is not done by 30th September, the ration cards of the concerned consumers will be closed.

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