Salary Hike: Good news for employees, huge increase in salary! Bonus will be available soon, offer to resigned employees, complete the process by June 15

DA Hike: AICPI index confirms! 4% increase in DA from July 2023, know how much will the money increase?
DA Hike: AICPI index confirms! 4% increase in DA from July 2023, know how much will the money increase?

Big preparations have been made for the employees. Under this, their salary will be increased. Along with this, they can also be given the benefit of early bonus. Its preparation has been started. The resigning employees have been given time till June 15 to withdraw their resignations. The salaries of the employees may increase up to Rs 5 lakh 30 thousand.

Employees Salary Hike: There is big news for the employees. On the one hand again a big increase has been seen in his salary. Every month he is offered an amount of Rs 1 lakh. Along with this, preparations have also been made to increase the salary of the First Officer by Rs 50,000 per month.

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After insolvency, GoFirst will once again start its operations on 2 May. For this, domestic airlines had suspended all their flights till 30 May. The additional salary given to the employees by GoFirst has been named as ‘Retention Alliance’. According to the email sent to the pilot, the retention airlines will be implemented from June 1.

Preparing for bonus

It’s been so long that the pilot who resigned has also been offered. Those who have left the company have also been appealed earlier that they can withdraw their resignation by June 15. Rebranded as GoFirst 2 years ago. The company is preparing to introduce longevity bonus for long term service staff.

Salary will increase so much

According to the data, the average monthly salary of the pilot of GoFirst is being considered up to 5 lakh 30 thousand rupees. The salary of the SpiceJet pilot is Rs 7 lakh 50 thousand. The same SpiceJet has increased the salary of its pilot twice. Last week, Joe First gave 30 days to submit a revival plan.

Will get additional salary

Go Air informed in the email that First Officer i.e. Co-Pilot will be paid monthly retention of allowance of 50000 from June 1 in addition to their current salary.

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