These are the top 5 cheap plans of Jio, in which daily 1.5GB data will be available, see full list



Telecom giant Reliance Jio has introduced postpaid and prepaid plans in almost every category for its users. The good thing for the users is that here you will easily get plans with more data at a lower price. Many other benefits are also provided with the plan. In such a situation, subscribers can choose the best plan keeping their convenience in mind. Here you are talking about the top 5 prepaid plan of Reliance Jio, in which you will get 1.5GB of data daily.

Rs 199 plan

If you want to get a low price plan, then Jio has a prepaid plan of Rs 199. In this plan with a validity of 28 days, you will get 1.5GB data daily. That is, during the validity you can avail a total of 42GB of data. Apart from this, free calling is being provided on any network. Also, free subscription of Jio apps is also available.

The validity of this plan is 56 days and during this time you can avail the daily 1.5GB data. That is, you will get a total of 84GB of data for 56 days. Also, free calling is being provided on any network under this plan. There is also a free subscription to Jio apps. Up to 56GB data with free calls, Jio, Airtel, Vi and BSNL top plans under Rs 250

555 rupees plan

1.5GB daily data is being given in this plan and its validity is 84 days. During this time, a total of 126GB of data can be availed. Along with this, free subscription of unlimited calling and live apps is also being given.

777 plan

In this plan also you will get 1.5GB daily data, along with unlimited calling and subscription of free live apps is also being provided. The validity of this plan is 84 days and during this period, you will get the benefit of a total of 131 data.

Rs 2,121 plan

The price of this plan is of course a bit higher but its validity is 336 days. Daily 1.5GB of data is being given in it. In addition, unlimited calling facility can be availed on any network. Also, free subscription of all Jio apps will also be available.

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