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LIC Policy: Want to change your nominee in LIC policy, this is the easy way

LIC Nominee: You can easily change your nominee in the policy taken under Life Insurance Corporation of India. For this, you have to go to the branch and fill a form.

The middle class people in the country still rely on the scheme of Life Insurance Corporation of India. To get their life insurance, they take the help of LIC only. For many people, taking life insurance under LIC is the first choice. The biggest reason for investing in LIC is that it is risk free and money is safe in it.

It is necessary to choose the nominee in the scheme

There is also a possibility of getting good returns in the scheme of LIC. While taking an LIC policy, you have to choose one or more than one person from among the family members as the nominee. But if you want to change the name of the nominee in your policy, then you can easily change it.

Nominee change facility offline

By the way, LIC has started online service for most of its facilities. You can avail all the facilities online by visiting the LIC portal. However, to change the nominee, you have to go to LIC’s office only. This facility has not been started online yet.

Change the nominee in the policy like this

You can change the nominee in your policy anytime before the maturity of the policy
Where you have started your policy, you can also change your nominee
To replace it, some charge will have to be paid along with GST.
Visit the official website of LIC and download the change of nominee form
Provide information and relationship proof of the person to be nominated
Go to your branch and change your nominee there

Who is the nominee?

In the scheme taken under Life Insurance Corporation, one or more persons can be made a nominee. If you have taken the policy then the nominee will also be joint. An unknown person cannot be made a nominee. At the same time, even a minor child cannot be made a nominee.



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